Fin Fun Mermaidens Collection Mermaid Tales- Save With a Special Coupon Code!

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The holidays are coming and if you have mermaid lovers on your gift list, I have the perfect idea for you. The Fin Fun Mermaidens collection features tails based on the beloved Mermaiden Princess characters, each with a unique personality and story, which can be found on the kid-friendly site.

How gorgeous!

My older daughter LOVES all things mermaid. Like most girls, her love for mermaids started with The Little Mermaid. Now that she’s almost a teenager, her favorite show is a show about a group of friends who turn into mermaids. It’s her dream to be a mermaid. Of course she knows that she’ll never turn into a real mermaid but with the Fin Fun tails, she can get pretty close!

For mermaids who desire an entire wardrobe of stylish, eye-catching tails, Fin Fun offers an amazing selection of high-quality mermaid tail designs inspired by the beauty of the sea and nature. The Limited Edition collection combines fantasy with nature’s beauty in spectacular designs that have a shimmery, shiny look and feel.

The patented Fin Fun Monofin (available for separate purchase) provides natural mermaid motion for smooth swimming at the pool, lake or beach. Feet are not strapped in, making removal of the Monofin easy, with just one tug and a kick. The open tail bottom makes it easy to insert and remove the Monofin (required for swimming), while also avoiding trapped air and allowing mermaids to walk on land.

These award-winning Fin Fun products are designed for a realistic mermaid experience that also provides maximum safety, comfort and performance. The premium quality and attention to detail has made them a celebrity favorite, as well as the best-selling mermaid tail brand in the world! More information at

For mermaid fun on land they also offer a blanket tail version.

My readers get to save!
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