Family Den Review- Check Organization Off Your To Do List!!!

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Organization is usually the one thing that we can all improve but mostly procrastinate on and it gets even more complicated when you attempt to organize the entire family.  Have you ever tried to keep your errands and appointments in check along with your husband’s reminders and your kids’ school functions, sports, and dentist appointments?  Yeah….

Well, you may now see the light at the end of the tunnel because now you have FamilyDen
FamilyDen is an app/website that allows you to be in control of your entire schedule.   You can set up to do lists, make grocery shopping list, set up reminders, etc. I know what you’re thinking- doesn’t  every organization app out there do the same?  NOPE! FamilyDen allows you to sync your to do list with your husband and every member of your family.   Maybe you went grocery shopping in the morning but you forgot something and you need someone else to pick up on their way home.  All they have to do is go on their FamilyDen, see what you missed out on and they are good to go.   No texting back and forth, no confusion and no excuses!
Spring break vacation anyone?  Could it be any harder to get your kids organized and packed for vacation?  With FamilyDen you can make your kids to-do list, give it a specific importance or urgency, select which members of your family you want the list to go to, even assign it a due date for when you need it complete and VOILA!  With a little supervision, your kids should have their bags packed and rooms clean!  But maybe not all the members of your family have smartphones, its ok!   With FamilyDen you can also log into through any computer or tablet, so whether your husband is on his computer at work or your kids are on their tablets, they can get their assignments, to do list and homework reminders for their one-time or recurring scheduled times everyday!

Don’t take my word for it, its complicated and hard to capture the magic of  FamilyDen by just writing about it, head to and watch the videos to see all these amazing features in action.
So what if 2013 is 3 months in, start using FamilyDen now and scratch “organization” off your New Years resolution list!
With so many great features saving time is easy, and here’s how-
· Grocery List Categorization- quickly and easily navigate the isles of the grocery store.
· Connect with other FamilyDen members- decide who will bring what to the next Team Soccer Game by using the discussion feature
· Task Lists- to send your family a Weekend To Do List
· Recipe Connectivity- to automatically add items on your recipe to your grocery list
· Social Media Monitoring – to help parents keep an eye on their children’s social media activity
· GPS Check Ins – to help give you peace of mind knowing that your children are where they should be
Try FamilyDen today and let us know what you think!
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I was compensated for performing this review however the statements expressed by me in this post are my own personal and honest opinions of this product.
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