Fame Us Game- Name Your Claim To Fame!

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Looking for a fun game for the 10+ set?  Check out Fame Us.  In this fun “bluffing” party game, players play Description cards to define characters – real or fictional.  Be careful when you call the other players bluffs as they may be your “secret” Divas or Celebs teammate. This is a great game for a group because you can play with 4 to 8 players.  It would be a great slumber party game.  Pop some popcorn and start guessing.

Hummmm…. Non-American, Popular With Your Parents, Blond, DJ/VJ… Can you guess who I am? If not you better be able to bluff your way out of it! Test your skill at identifying a famous person or character based on the descriptions given on the cards. You’re stumped? No problem! Just don’t get caught!

•Cards that are thought-provoking and other that are just plain funny!
•Game of bluffing and “secret” Team play
•Hourglass available to control the length of players turns.

Ages 10+
4-8 Players
Average Game Time- 10 Minutes

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