EZ Paint- The Mess Free, Fun Way To Paint

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ez paint3
Do your kids like to craft and paint but you don’t like the mess that is usually involved?  If so, I have the product for you.  EZ Paint looks like it would be a bottle of nail polish but it is non-toxic, washable paint that is so easy to use.  It comes with the brush right in the bottle so there is no set up.  No need to have a cup of water to rinse the brushes.  Just open the bottle and paint.  Plus EZ Paint is clean, too.  If you accidentally knock over the bottle it doesn’t spill.  Yes, I said it DOESN’T SPILL!!!  Now of course if you turn it upside down some of the paint will spill out but most of the mess from paint is when it gets accidentally knocked over.  No worry about that with EZ Paint.
ez paint4
EZ Paint comes in several different size packages that each include various colors of paint as well as adorable designed pages to paint.  My girls (and I) had such a good time painting our designs. If you run out of designs before you run out of paint you can also order more design pages.
ez paint
Normally you can’t bring paint to play with to a doctor’s waiting area but with EZ Paint, you can take the paint with you.  My girls had an appointment and I decided to take EZ Paint with us to keep them busy while we waited.  The only “mess” was having to wait a few minutes for the the “wet” pictures to dry so we could take them home with us but they really dried pretty quickly so even that wasn’t a real “mess”.  Look at all of our beautiful creations: ez paint2

The gumball machine painting below is mine.  I have to say that it was quite therapeutic and relaxing to paint with EZ Paint.  It really is good for ages 3 to 103!
ez paint5

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