Explore New Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Dog

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Having a dog as a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. They offer not only friendship but also love and companionship. However, just because dogs are loving and faithful pets, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work at the relationship.

If you’ve adopted a new dog who’s had a difficult past, you might have to earn your dog’s respect and love for them to feel safe and happy. There are ways that you can start to develop a stronger bond between you that will last a lifetime.

Start Training Together

One way that you can start to build a good relationship with your dog is to participate in positive reinforcement training. You need to show them that you are a good person and that they can come to you for all things good.

You should make the training fun and also positive, by giving rewards for good behavior, and you will encourage your dog to enjoy being good for you.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

It might sound unusual, but your dog needs time with you just like any other member of the family. Just sitting there with them and giving them some attention can be the perfect thing for your best friend.

You can make it part of your walking routine to sit down on your walk and share some peaceful time together. Or, you can take them with you while you train – it will certainly make a big impression on your dog.

Make Food Part of the Training

To reinforce the bond you both have, you need the dog to know that you’re the giver of food, and treats as well. There are some great companies like PawsIQ that offer healthy treats for dogs that you can use.

By using meal times and treats as ways for them to see you as the food giver, you will strengthen the bond. It will also work to reverse any negative experiences they may have had with previous owners.

Earn Their Respect

Dogs are just like people in the way they need to see that you respect them. If you show them that you won’t do anything to hurt them, they will soon become a lot closer to you.

If there’s something that they don’t like, then try not to do it. That way, they will see that you respect them and understand what they want.

Try and Make Experiences Positive

There are times when you will need to do something your dog hates. Whether that’s having a bath or going to the vet, they’re going to look to you for support. Try to give them their favorite toy or a treat if they do well, as a way of offering comfort.

The bond between a dog and its owner can be extremely strong, to the point where they will never want to leave you. It’s this relationship that makes dogs such good friends and pets.

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