Everything You Need For An Easy Bedroom Makeover

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While the weather is warm and dry, you may be thinking about making some changes around the home. Many of us tackle painting and decorating when we can open the windows all day to dry the paint and get rid of the smell. In a bedroom, the problem of smelly paint is much worse because we want to be able to sleep in there comfortably when we’re finished.

Thankfully, paint smells are far less offensive than they were years ago. But it is still a good reason to go with wallpaper in the bedroom instead. Some wallpapers have very little drying time so your room can be good to go in a jiffy. For this season, silvers and blues are making a comeback, creating a great partnership. This serene combination is perfect for the bedroom so look for swirly patterns in these colors for your bedroom.

Curtains are very important for the bedroom. They block out the cold in the winter, and the extra daylight in the summer. For extra protection against cold, heat and light, why not add a blackout roller blind? They are very quick and easy to install and provide privacy without having to unfurl the curtains. Shinier fabrics for curtains are on trend this season. Silk and satin finishes are very popular. Check out some bold colors too.

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. It is also an important piece of kit when it comes to your health. Good sleep is key to cognitive and physical function so make sure you pick a mattress that will help you sleep well. Visit websites like thebedroomstore.com/brands/broyhill.html to see what choices you have to maximize your comfort. For a bed frame, choose something that makes an impact, but also provides practical storage solutions.

A dressing table is so handy for us girls to stow all our bits and pieces in. A good mirror on top helps us get to work on those pesky imperfections that crop up from time to time too! Position your dressing table in front of the window, so you get the best of the natural light. Don’t forget you’ll need easy access to the electrical sockets for your straighteners and hair dryer. Finally, add a colored table runner across the top to tie in the color theme of the room.

You can also place runners or fabric mats in the same color on your bedside tables. This helps bring the room into a theme or color scheme. Your bedding should also be in this color. Decorating your room this way makes changing colors much easier to do. You don’t have to paint anything or buy new furniture. Just change the covers or the runners.

2717771604_23a1204f17_zThis pic thanks to Flickr

Revamping your bedroom doesn’t need to be a big job. For most of us, a quick change to feature or accent wall might be all we need to do. If you are starting afresh, buying a good bed is the most important task on your to-do list. Enjoy your new bedroom.

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