Essential DIY Home Security Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore

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Though the figures state that crime is going down, it is of little comfort to those who have been affected by it. Even a tiny theft can leave people devastated and feeling unsafe in their home, so it is vital that we all take what steps we can to deter thieves and intruders. If your property presents difficulties or obstacles to them, burglars will move along to a softer target. It’s as simple as that.

There are DIY improvements that we can make to the security of our property. You don’t have to employ engineers to install the latest integrated security systems if you can’t afford them. Here are a few essential home security tips you can’t afford to ignore.

Start With The Basics

The first line of defense between your belongings and a burglar is a suitable lock. Three lever mortice locks are easier to pick than five lever alternatives. They are easy to swap if you can use a screwdriver, but a locksmith will not charge much to change them for you. Follow these instructions to change it yourself:

  • Remove the handle from one side of the door. It is held on with four screws.
  • When the handle is off, withdraw the square section metal bar that runs through the door into the other handle.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the lock into the door and remove it.
  • Install the new lock in the reverse order.

As you can see, it is a simple and straightforward job.

If your window catches do not have locks, you can replace them with aftermarket products. They fix to the window frames with a couple of screws and are enough to deter a burglar because they will have to break the glass to gain access. That makes an unwanted noise from their point of view.

DIY Burglar Alarm

You can protect your property with a wireless alarm kit. They are widely available online or in stores and are simplicity itself to fit. The PIR detectors are powered by batteries and connect to the control panel wirelessly. All you have to do is fix them in position. In only one day, you can be the proud owner of a sophisticated system that will alert the neighborhood if someone causes an activation.

Security Lighting

If you know how to fit a plug on a cable, you can install a security light with an integral PIR detector. The fittings use five-hundred watt halogen bulbs that are powerful enough to make it look like daytime in your backyard. Intruders prefer to carry out their dirty deeds under cover of darkness. You must connect a piece of 1.5mm flex to the fitting. There are three connections; live, neutral, and earth. When you have done so, drill a hole through the wall and push the cable through into the house. Once inside, put a plug on it and insert it into a socket. It’s a satisfying DIY job because the light is extremely useful in the evenings.

If you take these small steps, those who are up to no good will move elsewhere, and your property will be safe and secure. It will lift some of the anxiety that crime causes and help you sleep better at night. When you consider the low cost of these improvements, we have no excuse for ignoring them any longer. Have you heard the phrase about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? Don’t be a victim of crime.


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