Essential Checks You Must Make Before A Long Car Journey

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Got a long car journey ahead of you? If so, there are some essential checks you need to make before you set off. It’s a great way to travel, but unless you want to end up risking problems half way through, you need to prepare well first. Here’s everything you need to do.

Check your tires

Make sure that your car tires are pumped to the optimal level. You’ll find the correct pressure in your owner’s manual, so get some air into them! Not only will it help you drive in a more efficient way, but it will also reduce the risk of an accident. While you are looking at your tires, you should also check the threads to see if they are worn anywhere.

Refresh your toolkit

At a very basic level, you should have a spare wheel, jack, and wheel removal tool. On long journeys., statistics suggest that you are more at risk from a puncture or a wheel blow. You should also consider the time it will take to change your tire. Torque tools will help you remove those nuts faster than a standard hand tool, which you will be happy about if you blow a tire in the middle of nowhere at night.

Top up your oil

Use your dipstick and ensure there is enough oil in there.If there isn’t, top it up. If the oil runs dry in your vehicle, it’s going to spell major engine problems – and you may end up needing a brand new car. Also, check for the last time you had your oil and filter changed. If it was a long time ago, it’s best to replace them before you set off on a long drive.

Water and coolants

Water and coolants are vital to your car’s health, so check that you have enough to last the distance. On hot days, you should also check this more often. If it’s cold, make sure that your antifreeze levels are high enough, too. It will help stop the coolant freezing over when you make pit stops.

Wiper check

Your windscreen wipers might be the last of your worries but make no mistake, you will need them. And, of they don’t work, it could have you in all kinds of trouble. Whether it is pouring down with rain or you hit a dust storm, it’s going to be bad news if you can’t see out of your windscreen. Also, take this time to inspect your windscreen for any little chips – they could turn into dangerous cracks on your journey.


Make sure that your lights are working, too. If you don’t make this simple check, you could have an accident.Even if you don’t, you are just asking to be pulled over by the highway patrol. It’s going to save you a long time, in the long run, so the sensible move is to check them.


This one could be the most important on the list! If you have kids, it can be tough for them – and you – on a long journey. To help them get through it, make sure you have plenty on hand to keep them entertained.

Enjoy your trip!

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