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Have you ever given a gift, “Just Because”?  It’s a great feeling to surprise someone for no reason so I’ve gotten together with several of my blogger friends to have a “Just Because” giveaway of a Nook with a Nook Case.
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  1. Cindy Thurman says:

    would love to win this!

  2. I offered to carry a baby for my best friend who cannot have children.

  3. Lucy De Guzman says:

    Didn’t understand the whole “pay it forward,” deal until I actually saw the movie last year. =P Decided to test the theory (consciously) a few days after seeing the movie and went through my local starbucks drive-through. Gave the cashier a $10 (all I had extra at the time) and told him to use it for the next person. Around the same time the following week, I went to get my usual triple shot and was greeted by the same person who had helped me the week before. He was so eager to tell me that my “paying it forward” concept was cycled through three other guests soon after myself. We’ve always been charitable to others and hearing about this cycle (that actually happened) makes me smile each time I think about it. So, pay it forward y’all! =D

  4. dug plants up for someone who couldn’t do it for themselves, but was worried about them.

  5. Kristy Wehry says:

    I set flowers to a friend who was down

  6. I make extra dinner and store it in containers that my husband can take for lunch.

  7. brittany m doerfler says:

    i fixed an extra plate just because my neighbors son came over and they were out of food

  8. I give my co-workers rides to and from work even if they are out of my way.

  9. I always try to do for others when I can. Helping family friends, or even a stranger. I do somethings through my blog for my readers and help with other causes as well.

  10. valerie zavala says:

    I am a nurse who takes care of many patients daily. Almost everyday I get closer and closer to family members and day by day it’s like we become friends who’ve known each other for years. Well, one of my patients wife is elder. She visits her husband everyday and literally won’t miss a day without seeing him. She rides the city bus to get across town before 9am. I have no idea how she does it everyday but she’s there. It’s funny because this happened yesterday and I’m now writing about it. But anyways, as i walked in the room to say bye to my patient yesterday, the wife had a long sad face. She didn’t have a ride back home because she had forgotten her bus money on the table. I told her,” you know what, my shift ends in less than 10 minutes, let me give you a ride,” she looked at me with watery eyes and said,” really?” I told her really and you know what i’ll give you a ride back to the hospital so you won’t have to waste any money. She said thank you so many times, gave me hugs and kisses. I hadn’t done this because i felt bad, i did this because she manages to get up everyday to ride the bus across town just to be with her husband. That my friends is love. She handed me a banana as a thank you lol and told me God returns favors to those who do things for others. Little did she know that moment before she handed me the banana and way before I had seen it I was craving it haha. It’s funny how things work. I even offered my money to her for today’s ride to the hospital. She kindly refused, but I was glad that I had asked and offered anyways. I did all that just because….and I felt good about it too.

  11. Karen Glatt says:

    I helped and elderly neighbor get their newspaper because the delivery person threw is in the bushes, and I also helped the neighbor bring in their groceries. It gave me a good feeling to help out!

  12. Rebecca Calvo says:

    I babysat for a friend’s sister for an entire Saturday for them to have their first visit to Disney World.

  13. I gave an instrument to a girl who really needed and wanted it.

  14. Cathy Tougher says:

    I left a small gift in a hospital dressing room for the next patient.

  15. I take an elderly person to doctors appointments and to the grocery store.

  16. Amanda Hoffman says:

    gavee away baby clothes to someone in need

  17. I send friends envelopes of free item coupons when I can.

  18. Katrina A. says:

    I love picking flowers from my g-mas garden and arranging them in a vase for her, just because.

  19. I give gifts to family and friends often just because.

  20. Jessica Cashen says:

    I gave money to a friend that was struggling and told her she didn’t need to pay it back when she started telling me she didn’t know when she would be able to pay me back!

  21. heather eg kaufman says:

    I buy beggars hot lunch & gatorade when I get a chance.

  22. Jennifer Young says:

    I like to stock up books in our local free library.

  23. Jenny Shea says:

    I will rub my husbands feet for him (I hate feet).
    I rub them for him because he works so hard to help take care of myself and our 1 year old daughter.
    Not to mention our dog and 2 cats. He owes me nothing in return for those rubbings, I just love him, and do it “just because”

  24. Molly Hearn says:

    I have adopted puppies.. I just gave some excellent condition cloths to a new friend who needs them more than me..

  25. Sandy Mann says:

    I paid to get my sister’s car fixed. She didn’t ask.

  26. Cindy Bowling says:

    We share the vegetables from our garden with our neighbors.

  27. I surprised my daughters once with their favorite Lindt chocolate. They were so happy. 🙂

  28. I suprised my boyfriend with NFL football tickets (with really good seats). Just because I knew he would love it. <3

  29. This summer we had so many apples from our apple trees that I baked 8 apple pies and gave them to our neighbors. Just because.

  30. Natalie Cline says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this Nook & Case!

  31. Loaned out some of my kid’s video games to a child with a broken leg.

  32. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    My husband and I are both medically disabled. Him from a fall he took as a Volunteer Firefighter. Me from medically problems that came about from a car accident plus I have Fibromyalgia. We go to a pain specialist every month and Many times there are others there outside that are waiting for rides hone when we arrive and are still there when are leaving. We always ask is we can give them a ride home. Which we have given a few of them rides home.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  33. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I give toys to my best friends kids because I like to

  34. I went and cleaned my brothers house for him after he had to be in the hospital for awhile.

  35. jessica june hughes says:

    Just because I Love my family so much I moved 500 miles away to be closer to them

  36. Toni Cosgrove says:

    Seen a Mom with 3 real young kids..she was trying to pay for a few groceries, kids were crying..so I pulled stroller through and kept kids busy while m son ran and got some kid meals….and one for mom too…it made her smile and you ould tell it meant a lot to her.meant even more to me and my son

  37. I cleaned my sons apartment while he was at work “just because”. He was going through a tough time and I wanted to help in any way I could.

  38. I gave someone my last 30 bucks because they needed it more than I did.

  39. Theresa Reed says:

    I surprised my Mom and bought her an owl candle holder.

  40. jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I won a pack of Luvs diapers and gave them to my teenage daughter’s friend to give to her older sister who has a toddler and one on the way.

  41. LaNette Beck says:

    Got a new puppy!

  42. Lynn Wittner says:

    Bought my daughter in law 2 cases of diapers for their baby.

  43. I pet sit for my neighbor when she goes away. No one else will do it because she is a vet tech who takes in fosters so she always has 6-10 dogs, 8 or more cats, a flock of duck geese and chickens and varies small critters like ferrets, guinea pigs and rats

  44. I buy random “wish” things for my family…….. there’s never a real reason why. Just because!!!

  45. I buy flowers just because. She loves flowers and they are a treat for her.

  46. Akkira Foster says:

    I’ve let homeless women come in, use my shower and eat.. and sit on their feet in the AC, just because.
    Texas summers can be harsh.

    • WOW! That is so kind of you! I’m sure they appreciate it. Please just be careful and don’t do it when you are home alone.

  47. Let a girl and her toddler move in with us in Boulder, Colo because they had nowhere else to go – tiny house, busy toddler……………judy because…….

  48. rhonda hagy miller says:

    Took in my step daughter and 4 boys when they had no where to go….just because.

  49. I donate money and time to charity and have adopted animals in need. I hope to teach my son to pay things forward and to help those less fortunate

  50. BlackAsphodel says:

    I gave a friend a pair of shoes. The company sent the wrong size and instead of returning them, I gave them to her.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  51. Carolina Dhabolt says:

    I donated a year’s worth of pasta noodles to the church across the street just because they are always helping out others and it was my turn.

  52. I saw a homeless man on the street during the Thanksgiving holiday a few years back. he looked cold, hungry and was alone. We brought him a blanket, a coat, and a plate of thanksgiving dinner to enjoy (he refused to come with us to celebrate at our house) and he was very happy.

  53. Jenette Gardner says:

    when i find samples i think my neighbors will like i make sure i get them and find a way to give them without them knowing the gift was from me.

  54. Betsy Marmon says:

    Last week while driving home at night, we passed a biker trying to fix his bike on the side of the state highway and there were no street lights. I turned around and pulled up behind him with my hazards on. I was terrified someone would hit him! Turns out, his tire patch blew and he would have ended up walking home after biking 100 miles that day. We gave him a lift home and made sure he was okay. Just felt like we were in the right place at the right time!

  55. Marsha Webb says:

    Held a benefit to raise money for a friend to have heart surgery.

  56. Mary Collins says:

    I assisted an elderly lady in finding and reaching some items while I was grocery shopping.

  57. Missy Spivey says:

    Sent my daughter flowers, just because. <3

  58. Antoinette Hooper says:

    I have bought groceries and gifts and left at the door step of a family that I knew was struggling with some things..

  59. Jean Holland says:

    We paid for a young couple’s (probably 18 or 19 years old) entry into an amusement/theme park. They were shocked and suspicious at first, but we assured them there were no strings attached.

  60. i dont count my situation a pay it forward thing but my family needs me my old brother is vision impaired my hubby counts on me more daily for strength, we here at home help each other my daughter who is amazing helps daily .and my family bonds together to help each other daily,we give each other inspiration when times seem deem. i would help most anyone and have been helped by others, to say im paying it forward is not the way i view things, i like to think im treating others the way i’d like to be treated. no payment required.

  61. I try to take the kids out for fun outside the house at least once a month, just because!

  62. Annette Palmer says:

    Paying It Forward doesn’t feel like its paying it forward because I love helping others. I am a 20 year 4-H advisor and I pay for my 4-H kids passes and projects if their family cannot afford it. I have always asked them to do something for their community or someone needing help like taking out trash, raking leaves, etc. As a family, we pick someone who is having a hard time and surprise them with gifts for Christmas or a birthday, recently a friend who needed gas to get back and forth to a doctor 2 hours away so I got our local Lions to give him $100 gas card. He has worked hard all his life and now has MS and just really suffering financially, spiritually and in every way you can imagine. His Pay It Forward is praying for others in need, because physically he can’t do anything. If everyone was nice to others on a grander scale this would be a better world indeed.

  63. Marshawn Stevens says:

    Thanks Cori!

  64. Entered this contest to try and win someone else a nook!

  65. I stopped on the way home today and bought my son a pumpkin latte 🙂

  66. Rebecca harris says:

    For many years my son and I take as many kids as we can off from our local tree at our bank during Christmas time. My son knows he will not get as much because I cannot afford it. He loves to buy gifts for other kids who will go without otherwise.

  67. bought formula for a homeless woman and her newborn while she waited for her aid to kick in

  68. I’ve started stocking up on Christmas decorations for my sister who had a housefire in January. I know the loss of handmade ones from my late grandma are one of the things she mourns the loss of the most.

    • I am so sorry about your sister’s house and your grandmother’s decorations. That’s so sweet of you to be thinking ahead and getting her new decorations to make her home pretty this year.

  69. I call and check on my 84 year old grandma every day, just beause she’s alone and I might be the only call she gets all day. 🙂

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