Effective Ways to Care for Your Kids Teeth

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Parents always want what’s best for their children, but it isn’t just about their safety and general health, it also includes their teeth. There are many foods that can contain hidden sugar that can cause damage to a child’s teeth if they don’t look after them adequately. That’s why it is important to teach your children good habits for their teeth from an early age. Here are some of the ways you can help your child care for their teeth.

When to Start

Good tooth hygiene and habits should start from when they get their first tooth. You should brush twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste to get them used to how it feels. There are many children’s toothpaste brands on the market, so you will be sure to find one that they like. For babies and kids below three years of age, they only need a thin layer of toothpaste on the brush.

Keeping a Good Diet

Although you are encouraging your children to brush their teeth, they can still get problems if their diet contains too many unhealthy foods. Food with a high sugar content is particularly bad and should be eaten in moderation. The worst types of food are sticky foods because they leave a thin layer of food on the teeth. If you know that you are going to be eating this type of food, it is important to brush your teeth afterwards. Another good way to clean your teeth if you cannot brush them is to eat something that will rub and scrape them. These can include apples, nuts, and celery.

Get into a Good Routine

Brushing effectively is all about routine and brushing correctly. You can teach your children early on how to brush them, and you can use an egg timer to make sure they brush for the full two minutes. Get them to look into a mirror while they are brushing, because they can then see what areas need to be cleaned and it helps to keep them to focus on the job in hand. They shouldn’t run around when they are using the toothbrush as they may have an accident and damage their mouths.

Get Regular Check-Ups

You can take your child to a dentist such as www.northbrookdentistoffice.com/ as soon as they start to get their first teeth. It can be a good way to get them used to the sights and sounds of the dentist so that they don’t become afraid of the experience. For older children that have issues with their teeth, the dentist can use a fluoride varnish to coat the teeth and make them stronger. It can be reapplied every six months and can help to prevent cavities. After their adult back teeth have come through, the dentist can also apply a thin film of plastic to them to protect them, which can last between five and ten years.

Getting your children into a good routine is vital to protecting their teeth as they grow older, so make sure they start from an early age.

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