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Want to know the secret to getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies?  Check out Today I Ate A Rainbow.  This unique kit includes 1 Today I Ate A Rainbow Chart, 4 Sets of Colored Magnets (for up to 4 children), 4 Achievement Magnets, 2 Fridge Magnets, 1 Color Coded Shopping List Pad, The Rainbow Bunch Children’s Book, and 1 Rainbow Bookmark.

Children place their special color coded magnets on the Rainbow Chart each day as they eat a fruit or veggie from that color category.  When they ate something from every color group they earn the achievement magnet that says “Today I Ate A Rainbow”.  The chart also lists examples of fruits and veggies from each category.

My girls were excited to try to eat a rainbow everyday.  The color coded shopping list pad helped us make our grocery list.   My girls each added fruits and veggies from each color group to our list.  I loved how they were excited to try new fruits and veggies.

This program helped us to discover that my younger daughter likes yellow, orange, and red peppers and my older daughter likes spinach.  It’s great to have children who are actually asking to go into the veggie section of the grocery store.  Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t eating every veggie, but they are at least trying them all which is a big step.  They really want to try to eat a rainbow everyday!

Check out Today I Ate A Rainbow to order your kit, get tips to help with picky eaters, recipes, and more!  Plus they have adorable videos of their daughter, Hannah, cooking vegetables with her mother.  I love the outtakes that they have at the end of the videos!

Here is just one of the adorable videos on their website:

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