Easy Money : Your Finances Don’t Have To be Nightmare

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So you have the kids to dress, feed and entertain, and the house to look after, and that’s all outside of the time that you spend in work. In fact, you are so busy that if your finances are anything but easy, they just don’t get done. But don’t fret, below are some tips and tricks on how to turn your finances from a difficult nightmare into an easy dream.

Little and often

One of the best ways of turning your finances into a dream instead of a nightmare is in the simple act of keeping on the top of them.

That doesn’t mean pulling out every financial document that you have received in the last three years and pouring over them. In fact, it means that every few days, or at the end of the week you check what is left in your current account and what is still left to go out.

If you compare these against each other, you will then see that any money left is spare. Which can be put to good use in the savings, or even for having a fun day of out with the kids.

Fancy planners

Now some folks think fancy planners are a waste of money, but they can actually really help you get organized if it’s not your strong suit.

In particular, financial planners or planning sheets give you a structure. So you know exactly what to look for, record, and check every time you look at your books.

They also keep all the information all in one place. Which can be a godsend if you need to find some information a rush.

Pinpointing your debts

Now, not many people like knowing exactly how much debt they owe. They are worried that they will end up thinking about it all of the time. Or that it will become a millstone around their neck, just bringing them down. But there is no sense in ignoring what you owe, as this will just lead to trouble.

In fact, it’s much better to know what you have left on your car to pay off, and what the outstanding loan amount on your mortgage is.

This is because not only does it make you more careful with the money that you do have. But it also allows you to put any spare money towards paying your loans off early, saving you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Joint accounts


Lastly, if you are still working on separate accounts in your household between you and your partner, this really needs to stop. At least for the bills, you will need a joint account. So it’s as simple as possible to track what is going in and what is coming out.

Otherwise, you end up having to transfer all sorts of money here, there & everywhere, and it can become a messy, overwhelming nightmare. Which is going to mean that your finances suffer and probably your relationship as well. Why do that to yourself?  


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