Drawer Decor- Product Review and Giveaway

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Are you tired of having messy drawers that you can’t find anything in?  I found the perfect solution for you.  Drawer Decor!!!  The Drawer Decor system features a stay put rubber base mat and 3 different sizes of self sticking rubber “divitz” which are all dishwasher safe.  The base mat and the divitz all stick to each other but they are also washable and can be repositioned  time and time again to suit your needs.

The first step is to cut the base mat to fit inside your desired drawer.  Once you cut it to size you simple lay it down in the drawer and it stays in place.  Then you place your desired utensils and other items in your drawer and use the divitz to hold the items in place.
The Drawer Decor system comes in several colors and can be mixed and matched.
I love how when I open my drawer, everything stays in place where I put it.   Drawer Decor is especially good for utensils that don’t fit into standard drawer organizers.
You can get the Drawer Decor starter kit for just $25.99 from the Drawer Decor website.
(Note- In the photo above I didn’t cut the base mat because the drawer I plan on using the Drawer Decor in was being repaired.  We just moved into a new house 2 weeks ago so my kitchen is still a work in progress.  I plan on moving the Drawer Decor base mat to my wider kitchen drawer soon.)

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