Don’t Relocate… Renovate!

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As tantalising a prospect relocating can be, it is really the right move for you? If you want to move away and find yourself, or create a new version of yourself, then yes, relocating may be for you. But if you don’t want to, and you are just in need of little shake up or spice of your life, then why not take to focussing your efforts, and finances, on renovating your home into a fresh and uplifting space?

For instance, a kitchen renovation can do wonders for any sagging spirits. When a kitchen is renovated into a uplifting and fresh feeling space it can really brighten up even the darkest of mornings, and you can add colour to your kitchen on a budget too. Your first port of call when doing so should be to add a vibrant backsplash to sit behind your appliances which could entail a colourful mosaic of tiles. However, you should always seek to ensure that the cupboards and other areas match this colour or style; in the venture of adding a splash of colour to your kitchen it is easy to become carried away and go overboard with the different colours chosen. Wall decor is also a great way to inject a sense of fun; you will always be able to find a style of art to hang on your wall that is your cup of tea to look nice whilst you are drinking a cup of tea.

contemporary-kitchen-backsplash-ideas-with-dark-cabinets-foyer-Gym-Farmhouse-Medium-Furniture-Cabinetry-Home-ServicesA mosaic in the kitchen

But it’s not just the kitchen that should receive a dose of freshness, the whole house deserves it too. For instance, in any bedrooms that need bringing to life you could revamp the walls by adorning them in colourful stripes. Colours like orange, pink, yellow and white make for the perfect combination when it comes to adding a much needed splash of colour and vibrancy to a bedroom, although it would probably be best suited to a girl’s room. But it’s not just these colours that can be combined to add life to a room: surprisingly, primary colours can be assorted in a way in which they don’t compete with each other, but they work together to uplift the spirits of whoever walks in the room. For examples of how you can play with the primaries, and other ways to add vibrancy to a home, make sure to click here.

But it’s not all about adorning your home in colours and decorations; to make a home feel fresh sometimes fresh things need to be bought and brought in. For instance, if your everyday appliances are making noise then you should take to eradicating the problem by trading them in for a newer model. Replacing the old things in your home with new things is a great way to shake up your home; so the next time you come to treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy, remember it’s for a good cause and don’t let feelings of guilt stop you!

2188522576_572e9c9a8d_bTreat yourself to a new fridge

By injecting your home with vibrancy and freshness you are adding spice to your own life — remember that the next time you start to feel bored or restless.


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