Don’t Let Your Home Show Its Age

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A home that looks old and behind the times can be a serious problem. On the most basic level, it might just cause you to feel embarrassed. After all, when you have guests over to your home, you want them to be impressed by your design choices and the layout. That’s just not going to happen if your home looks like it’s stuck in the nineties or even the eighties. It can also be an issue if you’re hoping to get the house ready for sale.  

When people sell their home, many assume that buyers will be interested in the land and the building rather than the design of the property. After all, most of the features that make up that design will be removed during the move. While this might be true, buyers are often swayed by the design of a home. Don’t forget, that when you sell a property, you’re really selling them a dream. You’re showing them that this is a place that they would love to live. It’s hard to do that if you can’t show your home offers the modern luxuries from a contemporary design.

To make sure your home doesn’t look outdated, it’s worth looking at the design possibilities that could be aging your home, revealing the blemishes and wear and tear of the years.

Weird Word Art

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You might remember back in 2000 word art around the home was all the rage. You’d find it on shelves in the kitchen and jutting out of the walls in the hallway. It might have said things like ‘Welcome Home’ or simply ‘Eat’ if it was in the kitchen. It’s perhaps difficult to understand how this was ever viewed as stylish but it certainly isn’t anymore. These days, you’re far better to leave the walls of your home bare if the alternative is to have intrusive word art.

Of course, if you still love this decor possibility, forget the big bulky lettering. Instead, invest in wall decals. These fit beautifully into a minimalistic design and can still convey whatever you want your home to say. You can even get stylish lettering that is a tad more subtle and just as artistic.

Big Beds

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There was certainly a time when bigger meant better in the world of beds. Stylish beds were often high off the floor, included phrases like ‘four poster’ in the description and were as large as they could be for ultimate levels of comfort. But things have changed, and beds like this or sleigh beds stick out in a modern design like a sore thumb. They will always age a room and ensure that your home looks at least a few decades behind the time.

Instead, you should be opting for a bed that is low to the ground and might not have a board at the bottom of the bed. It certainly shouldn’t have towering pillars at each corner and instead should be feature that doesn’t draw attention. By doing this, you’ll find that your bedroom looks like the perfect place for a good night of rest in the modern age.

Fitted Bathrooms

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Do you still have a bathroom that is fitted to the walls with no possibility of moving things around and making the most of the available space? In the past, it made sense to have your bath fitted in one place, your shower in another and the sink attached to the wall. But technology and architecture has evolved, and it’s no longer necessary to do this to hide the pipes and plumbing. Instead, you can have a freestanding tub and still keep your bathroom clear of piping. All the best freestanding bathtubs can be completely separate from the rest of the room and some homeowners even use it as the centerpiece. You might find you want to do the same when you discover some of the incredible designs available.

Or, how about a floating sink. There’s no need for a large trunk underneath your sink anymore. Instead, it can be fitted to the wall like a shelf with nothing underneath it. This looks tremendous and will certainly take a few years of the age of your bathroom.

Hanging Lights

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Hanging lights once again intrude into a room rather than complementing the surrounding aesthetic. As such, they are another feature that doesn’t fit into the modern home. Instead of hanging lights, you should consider purchasing fitted in spotlights. Simple yet stylish, these spotlights are also the perfect way to bring out areas of a room that  you want people to focus on.

As you can see, there are a variety of stylistic choices that can age your home. But once you recognize the issues, they are certainly easy to correct.

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