Dog Owners Beware! 5 Mistakes That Could Make Your Life Hell

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Owning a dog can be beneficial to us in so many different ways that it is hardly surprising that (according to ASPCA statistics) there are between 70-80 million dogs owned in The States. They can be fun for the family, a friend for the lonely, and a helping hand to the deaf and the farmer alike. Unfortunately, not every doggy tale is a happy one, and some people have had a nightmare with their dogs. So what is it that can go wrong with dog ownership, and is it all the dogs fault? Here are a few of the most common mistakes dog owners can make that can turn their lives upside down.

Choosing the Wrong Breed

This is a certain way to make your life a nightmare. Consider your choices carefully before you bring a dog into your home. You will need to consider things like size, temperament, energy levels and ease of training. However you should also think about the cost and time of maintenance, as a dog that leaves you with no spare cash or time is probably a bad choice.


This is a major problem for dogs, especially those who have no area to burn calories off. Follow the recommendations for your breed, but cut down their meal sizes if they lay around all day. Treats need to be handled carefully as well, as these are the usual culprit when a dog puts on weight. Use a treat as a training aid or when the dog has been particularly good; not because it is sitting by you when you cook dinner. A fat dog will cost you money, will be difficult to motivate, and will be an irritant in your life.

No exercise

A dog that has no way to use up its energy frolicking around in a field or on a long walk, will need some other outlet for its energy. This could mean hurtling around your house, chewing up your furniture, or even being aggressive. If you do not live near an open space, dog walking in the countryside is a great answer. A 5 minute walk to buy milk is not the answer, but a long walk around the neighborhood should give most dogs the exercise they need. Constantly trying to control a hyperactive animal is one of the main reasons that people give up on a dog, but it needn’t be.


This is a simple rule; socialize your dog when it is young. It needs to learn how to behave with other dogs and human beings, and if it has no socialization it cannot find its place in a hierarchy; be it dog or human. Dogs often become aggressive if they don’t know how to interact with other dogs, and this can spill over into human relations too; so get your dog socializing.

No Training

There are many dog training tips on the internet, so if you have not trained your dog, you have no right to expect it to act properly in your home or outside. Dogs may sit naturally, but not necessarily when you want them to. There are basic dog training commands such as sit, lie down, and come, that will help you control your dog, but you will also need to toilet rain your puppy and train it not to eat your house and home. An uncontrollable dog is a nightmare for any owner, so make sure your dog knows what you want, and that you can make it do it.

Most dog owners love their dogs with all of their heart, and their dogs become part of a loving family. If you want to have the same feelings with your dog, you will need to pay attention to these tips; and avoid a doggy hell.

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