Do You Understand The Health Complications That Come With These Common Habits?

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We all know that we need to have good levels of health and wellness. But it’s safe to say, that we don’t always know the best ways to go about getting them. One minute, we feel as if we’ve nailed a healthy routine, then something pops up to put a stop to all that and we’re back to square one again. So, it seems, the best way to stay healthy and avoid health problems is to keep things simple. When you stay simple, your health is easier to stay on top of.

But how do we go about doing that? One of the best ways is education. By knowing more about your health and how everyday things in life can affect it, you’ll be able to do your best at keeping poor health at bay. Because it’s often a lot of our most common habits that can be harming up the most. Learn to keep these in check, and you should find yourself with better health and wellness levels.

Eating Junk Food

A lot of junk food can taste good. And when you get yourself into the habit of eating it, you always want it more. But junk and fast food isn’t always the best nutritional choice for your health. In fact, it can often bring on a lot of health complications later on in life. Junk food can be high in saturated or trans fats, as well as salt. This can lead to high blood pressure to start with, as well as obesity.

Being Overweight

If becoming addicted to eating junk food and putting a strain on your organs wasn’t enough, overindulging in food can make you overweight. There are serious health risks linked to obesity. Heart problems including heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure and even problems with your breathing are all related to obesity. Plus, when your body is carrying too much weight, you can also put a strain on your joints and suffer from mobility issues.



During the summer when the weather is warmer, there’s nothing quite like heading out into the sun for a daily dose of vitamin D. But, persistent sunbathing can have detrimental effects on your health. We all know the risks of skin cancer that come with being out in the sun, so wearing sunscreen is a must, but that’s not all. Excessive sun exposure can age your skin prematurely, give you sun spots (also known as age spots), and create irreversible damage. So think twice about worshipping the sun if you want to care for your skin.


Then there’s smoking to think about too. It’s easier said than done when you decide to quit, but smoking brings on a myriad of health problems alongside the huge risk of cancer. Yes, you can get a range of lung diseases, but smoking also increases your risk of heart disease and suffering from a stroke, affects fertility, bone health, and can induce premature aging. But by quitting, you can reduce your health risks dramatically over time.


Drinking alcohol in moderation won’t overly harm your health on average. However, excessive drinking can be related to a large number of health problems. Again, it’s linked to a high blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease, liver disease, stroke and a range of cancers too. If you are struggling to stop, medical assistance from somewhere The Recovery Village could be what you need. Stopping or significantly reducing your alcohol consumption can often dramatically improve your health and reduce further risks.


Getting Stressed

Stress is something that we all suffer with from time to time. It’s not something that we always see as bad for our health, just simply an annoyance. But high levels of stress can significantly damage your health. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is released when we are stressed, or even scared or worried. And it’s this chemical that can provide long term damage to the body. Not only can both cortisol and stress lead to mental health problems and depression, but it can also cause digestive issues and weight problems, and have detrimental effects on your vital organs too.

Staying Switched On

Closely related to the last point is the negative impacts of being connected to tech all of the time. When you are forever staring at a screen or engaging with some kind of technology, it can impact upon your health. You can bring on stress by being connected to the world all of the time, suffer from a bad back or sore eyes, and even cause issues in your relationships too. So take a break!


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