Do You Compete With Your Kids At Online Games?

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With so many great apps available for free right now, it’s no wonder some are going viral. Whole families compete against each other on their individual devices to see who can get the highest score. This new way of spending time with each other has raised some issues and questions about community, culture and families. But if you are like the millions of other people out there who just enjoy a quiet few minutes trying to beat their best score, it probably doesn’t bother you!

There are several games that are among the most popular for friends, families and even colleagues to get mega competitive over. Angry Birds, Minion Rush, and Bejeweled have all had their time. Dozens of new apps become available every day, but only a few make it into the viral game hall of fame. What does it take to make a game that is popular enough for millions of people to want to download?

6798184016_265ed1a4f6_zWhere do you game – image thanks to Flickr

Candy Crush continues to top the league tables of favorite games for all ages. It’s not exactly high brow, and it seems to be quite repetitive on the face of it. But it has kept us tapping our smartphones for a few years now. Kids, teens and adults have posted their high scores on FaceBook. Some have even tweeted about it. The best thing about it is it gives us a reason to talk to each other, if only by posting messages on the internet!

Wherever we are in the world (or the room), these light entertainments keep us connected. Never before has it been so easy to strike up a conversation with a distant relative or even a complete stranger. And it is something we can do anywhere anytime. It gives us all something in common. Because it is a game, the kids are more than happy to tap or swipe away. Perhaps if you can’t beat them you should join them!

Of course, it is easy to cheat some of them, or at least get a little prompt. You can get tech logo quiz help online and hints and tips for most of the quiz games out there. Wordstorm and other anagram games are becoming hot as they have an educational element to them. Zynga provides a number of games like Scramble that push to learn new words and improve your spelling. Other games are just harmless fun. Or are they?

Lots of parenting websites recommend limiting the time on the internet and TV for children. The truth is, we live in an age where our entire lives are online. It is hard to restrict the time for activities that can be fruitful, educational and useful. Admittedly there are more important things in life than gaming, but if a half an hour session in an app helps a family bond and improve temperaments can it really be a bad thing? The choice is yours as a parent. Some parents would say anything that keeps them calm can’t be too bad. Others would say that time should be spent studying or playing outdoors. Can there be time and opportunity for both?

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