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Do you have an old T-shirt that your child just can’t seem to part with?  Why not make it into a tote bag with this easy craft.
First cut off the sleeves and collar.  Use sharp scissors to get an even line.  Folding the shirt in half vertically and cut both sleeves at the same time for more identical cuts.  You can then either cut the bottom of the shirt off, too, or just tuck it up inside the shirt.P1130445Turn the shirt inside-out and sew it across the bottom.  If you don’t want to sew it you can also use iron-on fusible interfacing.
P1130436Turn the shirt back the right way and enjoy your new tote bag!P1130451



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  1. What a fun idea, thank you for sharing. my daughter has a few shirts that she just wont part with this is a great way to save them


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