DIY Balloon Bracelets

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IMPORTANT- Make sure to keep balloons away from small children and pets!!!

balloon bracelets
My girls went to a Girl Scout event this weekend and they learned a really cool technique to make balloon bracelets from a local balloon entertainment company, Balloonmasterz .  It is amazing how great these bracelets look and how simple they are to make.  If you have left over twister balloons (the long balloons used to make balloon animals) this would be a great way to upcycle them once they are deflated.  We didn’t have any twister balloons at home so I bought a package at the party supply store but you could also contact a local balloon artist and see if they would save you some of their balloon scraps.  I spoke with Alyssa Diamond co-owner of Balloonmasterz in South Florida and she said, “We started this activity as a way of going green since we don’t always use the full length of a balloon when sculpting. I have tons of scraps from all of our events! It is an easy way to re-purpose and kids love making them.”

UPDATE- I totally forgot to mention that these would be great in your favorite team colors, school colors, etc.

balloon bracelets2

What you’ll need:
Twister balloons
Optional- You can use elastic string to put the balloon pieces on or you can use another balloon.  We didn’t have elastic string so we just used another twister balloon.  Since the balloons were all the same width, I took a piece of tape and wrapped it around the tip of the balloon we were using as the base of the bracelet to make it easier to slide the balloon pieces on.

 balloon bracelets3
Choose the balloon colors you want for your bracelet.  You will need 1 balloon for the inside of the bracelet unless you are using elastic string.   Each bracelet uses 3-4 cut up balloons for the outside of the bracelet so choose accordingly.  Snip the ends off of the balloons you will be using.  Save the open end pieces to make a ring style balloon bracelet***.
balloon bracelets4
Cut up the balloons you will be using into about 1 inch pieces.  I found it easy to put the balloons on top of each other and cut the pieces about the width of my thumb.
balloon bracelets5
If you are using a balloon as the center of your bracelet I found it easier for my girls work with if I taped one end of the bracelet similar to the end of a shoelace.
balloon bracelets6
Tie one end of the inner balloon so the balloon pieces won’t slide off.  Choose your color pattern and slide balloon pieces onto the long balloon or elastic string.
balloon bracelets8
Scrunch the pieces of the balloon down as you go.  My girls said that if they pulled the inner balloon a bit tight as they worked it made it skinnier and easier to slide the balloon pieces down.

balloon bracelets7
When your bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist, tie the ends together, trim any excess balloon or elastic string, and hide the knot inside the balloon pieces.
This is such a fun and easy craft to take with you, too.  We now keep a baggie with cut up balloons and long balloons with tape on the end ready to make bracelets when we have time time to kill waiting for doctor appointments, waiting at restaurants, etc.  Just make sure to check your area before you leave to make sure that you don’t leave any balloon pieces behind for another child to choke on.
Balloon Bracelets to go
My girls kept busy while waiting at the pediatrician’s office yesterday.
balloon ends bracelet
***With all the saved balloon openings you can create a funky balloon bracelet so save those scraps!
balloon pony tail holder
They look cute as pony tail holders, too.  Just be careful as they can and probably will pull on hair when you try to take it out similar to pulling a rubber band out of your hair.

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  1. These are adorable! Just one question – since broken balloons tend to break down easily, do you have to worry about pieces falling off that are choking hazards?

    • Hi Jen! Great question. I wouldn’t use “broken” balloons. We used new balloons but if you do get balloon pieces from a balloon animal “professional” the ends they should be giving you are the ones they cut off from the animals they are making when they don’t need a piece the full length of the whole balloon, not from “popped” balloons. If the balloons are cut straight across and aren’t all stretched out then they shouldn’t break, especially since they are all scrunched down to make the bracelet, know what I mean? Of course if they started feeling brittle I suggest getting rid of it.

  2. What a great idea and inexpensive craft! My girls would love these.

    • Thanks! It really is a great craft that you can throw in your purse since it doesn’t take up much room and doesn’t weigh much. And the best part- it isn’t electronics! LOL

  3. I wouldn’t even have known those were made from balloons if I hadn’t read the entire article. These are adorable! It’s definitely going on my to-do list once my two year old granddaughter returns to her mom once her mom returns from her deployment . . . she’s still putting EVERYTHING in her mouth!

    Thanks for sharing such a cute craft!

    • Thanks! Yeah, when I first saw one I was so surprised, too. They almost look like those coral bracelets you get in the Bahamas only colorful.

  4. Those are so cute. I’m heading to Disney in May and my teen may even like these in black and red.

    • Great idea! I totally meant to write that you can match them to your favorite team, school colors, etc. Time to edit the post! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Cute! My daughter would love making these.

  6. Cute idea, do you have any pictures of what you mean by ‘hiding the ends inside the balloon pieces’? I’m a visual learner, lol.

  7. What a cute idea, who would’ve thought. Balloon bracelets! I would have never come up with this in a million years.

  8. These are so simple and so cute! Love them and pinned them!

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