Divorce: A Simple Guide To Telling Your Children

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Once you and your partner have decided that it’s time to get a divorce, your lives will change forever. When you have a family, you have to figure out how to break the news to your children. If you have shielded your children from your arguments until now, the news of your divorce will come as a surprise to them. Before you tell your children, you should make sure you’re ready. If there is any chance that you won’t get divorced, you shouldn’t tell your children. Only tell your children when you’re sure that you will go through with the divorce. Here is a simple guide to telling your children.

Choose the right time to tell your children

Telling your children that you’re getting a divorce is hard. You need to pick the best time to tell your children about your divorce. Springing the news on them is never a good idea. Instead, sit them down in a calm environment and talk to them about the situation. You should make sure that you talk to your children together. The news will be difficult, but it needs to come from both of you. Be honest and tell your children it’s not their fault.

Plan what you’re going to say

Before you talk to your children, you need to plan what you’re going to say to them. You might not know where to begin when telling them about divorce. It is important not to babble. You need to be straightforward about the situation. Explain that you are going to remain friends after the divorce and reassure your children that you still care. Make sure you know what you’re going to tell your children before you sit them down.

Allow your children to ask questions

When you tell your children, you need to give them a chance to ask questions too. Parents who think that their children will be quick to accept divorce will be in for a shock. Your children will have many questions about your divorce, and you need to prepare yourself to answer them. It might be best if you plan out your answers before talking to your children. Some of the main questions your children will ask include whether you’ll get back together and whether one of you cheated. The latter question can be the most-hurtful. When your children ask you these questions, prepare what you’re going to say and stay calm.

Leave your emotions out of it

It can be tricky to leave your emotions out of the situation. The last thing your children want is to see you get angry or cry. If they see that, the entire experience will be traumatic. Save the minor details for your family lawyer in Perth, and keep things simple. Your kids don’t need to know everything about your divorce. For now, you need to be direct. Tell your children the situation and let them have some time to consider it. Your children will likely be in a state of shock when you tell them so don’t let their words hurt you. Kids tend to lash out when they are sad. Comfort them rather than getting into an argument.

Talk to them more than once

You need to talk to your children throughout the divorce process. Make sure that your children are up to date with how things are progressing. When you first tell your children, they might be in shock and not ask anything of you. In a few days, they might want to talk to you again and ask about the divorce. You need to allow time to talk to your children whenever they need you to. You shouldn’t think that once you’ve told them, you can keep them out of the divorce. Instead, talk them through the process.


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