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Secret of the Wings is the story about when Tinkerbell meets her sister, Periwinkle who was “born of the same laugh”.  In stark contrast to Tinkerbell, Periwinkle is a Winter fairy and yet as sisters they have a lot in common, including both wearing pom poms on the tips of their shoes.  As the mom of 2 daughters and having a sister myself, I found this story even more touching.  It was amazing to see the beauty of the winter world and hearing about all the research that went into creating it.   Check out my full review and interview with Director Peggy Holmes.
I was so excited when we received a DVD copy of the movie recently and I was able to experience the movie again with my daughters.  I immediately got chills as soon as the movie started.  As anyone with children knows, a child could watch the same movie over and over again.  This is one of those movies and yet it is so enjoyable that I would be watching it right along with my girls, over and over again.  This movie draws you into the world of the fairies and takes you along for the ride.  The DVD has bonus features that include music videos from Zandaya and the McClain Sisters as well as a sneak peek of the next Tinkerbell movie coming in 2014.
Here’s a little more about The Secret of the Wings:

The Secret of the Wings is out on video now so purchase your copy!
Want more fairy fun?  Check out the Disney Fairies Website: www.disneyfairies.com

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