Disney’s Frozen Is Coming To Theaters Soon! Check Out The Trailer!

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Disney’s 53rd feature film, Frozen, is coming to theaters November 27th and I was lucky to be a part of the 1st group to see a preview of it.  It was directed by Jennifer Lee, the first female director of a Walt Disney Animation Studios theatrical feature, who co-wrote Disney’s Wreck It Ralph.  There were over 400 people who worked on the film based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.  There was a lot of research that went into the making of Frozen including a trip to Wyoming to research snow.  Even men wore dresses to see what it was like to walk in a dress in the snow.  They went to an ice castle in Canada to observe how colorful, reflective, and refractive ice is and the look of Frozen was inspired by the buildings in Norway.  The power, beauty, and danger of ice they observed is reflected throughout the movie.
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Frozen is the story of two princess sisters, Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Irina Menzel).  Elsa, the older sister was born with the magical power to make ice and snow.  When Elsa hurts Anna accidentally as a child, trolls heel her but make Anna forget about the powers.  Elsa tries to keep her powers hidden by wearing gloves and keeping emotionally distant.  Anna wants to connect with Elsa but she won’t so Anna pressures her sister which causes her to loose control of her emotions.  Her emotions end up creating an eternal winter in the kingdom and she retreats to live alone in a castle high above the mountain line.
We then meet a fun cast of characters including a reindeer, a mountain man, and a lovable snowman.  Want to know what happens next?  Check out Frozen in theaters this November.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this movie.  I remember first seeing story boards for it last year so to see it finally come to the big screen is exciting.  The preview I saw was amazing.  It gave me chills.
And if that isn’t reason enough to go see it, the movie short that is being shown before Frozen is!  Get A Horse, directed by Lauren MacMullan is one of the best pieces of film I have ever seen.  It took a year and a half to make and an AMAZING thing about it is that the voice in the short is actually the voice of Walt Disney.  How cool is that?!?!  I won’t tell you more about Get A Horse because I don’t want to give anything away but be prepared to be surprised.  It really is incredible.

Meanwhile, here is a preview clip:

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