Daddy Cool: Tips On Bringing Your Man’s Wardrobe Up to Date

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As much as we love our men, their wardrobe tastes may leave a lot to be desired. You have probably looked through his wardrobe and thought ‘what the heck is that?’ It’s okay; we have all been there. If the man in your life needs some hot tips on how to dress, you are just the woman to do it. Here are some fantastic tips that you can utilize to make your kids daddy, cool.

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What is the Occasion?

Do you have a big event coming up? If so, you can’t go wrong with a dapper suit. Stick to classic black, in a tailored style, for maximum impact. He doesn’t need to invest in a tux, but a perfect suit that fits in all the right places is sure to wow. Add a crisp white shirt and a pencil thin tie. He will look the epitome of cool and sophisticated.

You may just want to update his general, day-to-day style. You cannot go wrong with a classic pair of dark denim jeans and short sleeve shirts. These look sophisticated and fashionable. What is more, this won’t is too much of a culture shock to him. If your man is used to dressing in comfy jogging bottoms and over-sized t-shirts, decking him out in skinny jeans isn’t going to work. You want to make sure that he feels comfortable in his new attire, but also update his retro-look.

Starting Small: Don’t Frighten Him!

You don’t want to overwhelm him with new wardrobe choices. You should seek to start small. Make small, subtle changes that he is sure to love. Is he a fan of a printed tee? If so, you can start by updating and modernizing the t-shirts in his collection. Aim to get him a new t-shirt every week. These subtle changes will make sure that he doesn’t feel like you are trying to change him. Add jeans, denim, shirts and ties when you see fit. Don’t remove his entire wardrobe in one foul swoop. He will notice and may be offended. Starting small is the key to yours, and his, fashion success.

Shoes Matter

For women, we love shoes. Men, on the other hand, are less than enamored with shoes. Update his sneakers with a cool pair of Converse. He will look down to earth and comfortable, but oh-so-fashionable in the process. In terms of more formal shoe wear, a classic pair of brogues is suitable for any occasion. Opt for black or brown and keep the wackier colors for the younger generations. Tan looks sophisticated and smart and will take him from office to date night in no time at all.

Compliment His New Clothes

Complimenting his new finery will ensure that he wears your carefully selected clothes all the time. Tell him that he looks handsome in his new clothes. He will be sure to wear them time and time again. After all, we all love compliments your husband or spouse is no different. That will make sure that your efforts are not wasted, and he looks the embodiment of daddy cool.

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