Cutie Pops Product Review and Giveaway

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Cutie Pops by Jada Toys are just that…..Cute, Cute, Cute!  The dolls have interchangeable charms, hair, and even eyes.  Each doll comes with 2 eyes that are opened and then 2 eyes that look like they are closed so you can make your doll look like she is winking.  Adorable!!! You can mix and match and then change it all up again.   They also sell Cutie Pops Pop Packs, Fashion Packs, and Hair & Eye Packs so you can change the look of your Cutie Pop Doll as often as you want!
I am the mom of 2 girly girls, and they both love their Cutie Pops.

Look how pretty they are!
Not only can you change the hair but each hair piece has a spot that you can add your choice of bows, too.
They also make Cutie Pops pets that have have interchangeable tails, ears and charms, too!  My girls love trading pieces with each other to create different styles.
You can also purchase Cutie Pops bracelets with interchangeable charms.  We received one with bows, one with donuts, and one with ice pops.  My girls love wearing them and choosing a different arrangement of charms each day.
Check out the Cutie Pops website.

Want to win your own Cutie Pop Doll and Decoration Station Doll Stand?
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You can also enter to win one of 50 Hair and Eye Packs or even your own Carmel Cutie Pop Doll.

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  1. teresa koedyker says:

    Carmel is my favorite doll

  2. My daughter would love Candi!

  3. susan quackenbush says:

    candi is my favorite


    smores is my fav.

  5. tina demarco says:

    i like the movie night doll

  6. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I like Candy the most! My daughter would love this!

  7. Candy and Caramel are my favs! 🙂

  8. cathy zera-stesney says:

    I like Candi 🙂

  9. Jennifer sampsell says:

    My lol one has been begging me for the one called “cookie” n I have to admit they are definatly cute!

  10. I like Chiffon!

  11. Carmel is my absolute favorite. :]

    • But I also love the original version of Chiffon, with her pretty gingham dress and purple eyes. I do not like the newer version of her to be released in December though; the shiny pink dress and blue eyes are not as pretty as the original.

  12. Tami Vollenweider says:

    They all are so cute! I like Carmel Best!

  13. Audra Weathers says:

    My favorite is Cookie.

  14. I LOVE THESE (now) Thanks for the Great Review! I my daughter will love ANY!! !! i WANT this! 🙂 haha
    Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  15. Its hard to choose, but I think Cookie is my favorite! Love her curly brown hair!

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