Cuddle Barn Sassy Sally and Talking Friends Talking Ben the Dog Product Review

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Have you seen the Talking Tom or Talking Ben apps?  With 500 million downloads and counting, Talking Friends characters like Talking Tom the Cat and Talking Ben the Dog are among the hottest entertainment characters in the world.  Sound n Light Animatronics brings the characters to life, transforming the animated favorites into fun interactive plush dolls for the holiday season.
Just like the app, when my kids press Ben’s foot and talk to him, he repeats what they say in his own funny voice.  Standing at 12 inches tall, Ben is one cuddly dog.   My girls got such a kick out of him copying everything they said.  I think they had the most fun when they turned on the radio to have Ben repeat songs.  If your kids like the Talking Tom and Talking Ben apps, they will love the plush versions from Cuddle Barn.

Cuddle Barn also makes a line of adorable, cuddly singing plush animals that sing popular songs such as beaver singing Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby” and a cow that rocks out to “Moves Like Jagger”.  We received Sassy Sally the dog who sings “Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez.  Sally is so adorable as she sings along to the song.  She has a pretty dress on and a pink bow above her ear.  What’s great about Sally is that you can turn her off and use her as a cuddly, plush doll to sleep with, too.  As a mom I like that it includes the whole song but you can turn the song off just by pressing the button.  So often children’s toys don’t play the whole song and leave kids disappointed.  Sally sing the whole song but if you want her to stop just click her button.  Want to hear more?  Click her button again.

Both Talking Ben and Sassy Sally would make fun holiday gifts.  Make sure to check out all the great toys from Cuddle Barn.

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