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If you like playing games online, you’ll love this fun website I discovered called   Crowdini is a FREE question and answer contest.  Each day there is a new question for members to answer.  The questions aren’t anything difficult.  They are multiple choice questions like What is your favorite tea flavor? (black, green, or chamomile), When I go to lunch I usually have this to drink? (water, tea, soda, other), or Which is better? (M&Ms or Skittles).
If you choose the same answer as majority of the other users, then you move on to the next round and answer another question.  The winner is the last person left.  Every contest has a prize that ranges from electronics to services.  They have given away iPad’s, cellphones, subscriptions and gift cards.  If you didn’t pick the same answer as the majority of the other users picked, don’t worry, you’ll get to start a new contest with a new question.
Crowdini has become my new addiction.  I love waking up in the morning to check my e-mail and see if I received an e-mail saying I answered with the majority and moved on in the contest from the day before or if I didn’t answer with the majority and I need to start in a new contest.  So far the furthest I have gone is 3 days in a row.  I am hoping to win on day but meanwhile it’s fun trying.
Crowdini is easy and can be played by anyone 18 years or older living in the US.   See if you win a prize!  Good luck!
You can also connect with Crowdini on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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