Could You Fall In Love With France?

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Could a holiday abroad change your life? It might start when you are looking for the perfect vacation spot. It’s been a long year and you’re looking for somewhere to go where you and your family can forget about life for a while. You might already have been to a number of different places in the world but you may never have been to France.

There are two types of holidays that you can take in France. One is to head to the North of the country. There you will find the wonderful romance of Paris, the dazzling city of lights. For the adults, there are plenty of chances to get lost in the swirling streets. For the children, there are a couple of great theme parks, just a train ride away. If you’re looking to spend some time with the kids, the North is great and you should certainly check out Disneyland.

On the other hand, if you want a more relaxing adult trip head to the south of France. This is where people take those pictures of rolling green hills that seem to stretch for miles. Villas from a forgotten era still stand but fit in beautifully with the aesthetic of the landscape. It’s a beautiful dream that you could discover next year. If you start researching online, you could find a wonderful little villa, tucked away in privacy between the slopes. It could be the perfect place for two weeks vacation where you can relax away from the world. You might love it so much you’ll want to stay for a lot longer than one vacation.

Stunning Views In The Country

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Before you even reach your destination, you will be captivated by the sights all around you. If you haven’t been, you will never have seen anything quite like it. It can be described as travelling through an oil painting from decades ago. Or, perhaps travelling through a foreign film. If you’ve ever been to America, you’ll know it’s nothing like how it’s portrayed in the movies. But France is completely like hundreds of directors have captured it. A quiet country with sweeping hills and friendly roads that take you exactly where you want to go.

Luxury Accommodation

When you arrive at a French villa, in the country it will be perfect. It will be just as it had looked in the pictures which isn’t always the way when you go on holiday. Sometimes you book a villa only to find the picture shown was taken a few years ago. While there was once a gorgeous view of the ocean, now there are several houses blocking it. That won’t be the case in France. The villa will be just private and secluded as it had been advertised. The pool will be filled with water like liquid crystal. The whole property will be stunning, and you might discover then that you never want to leave. You might start thinking about retiring here in your twilight years. You may even start to think about how to do it. But first you can enjoy the first two weeks of your vacation.

French Cuisine

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Each morning, you can wake up and cycle down to the butchers and bakers. They will only be a couple of miles down the road in a sleepy little village. The ride will be wonderful in the cool, crisp morning that never ends. When you return to your villa, you can cook breakfast with all the local, freshly made delicious ingredients. At least for a few days, you might find yourself living on bread and cheese. Then, of course, there is the wine. You should take a trip to one of the many wine vineyards and buy several bottles. That way you can keep one as the souvenir of the perfect holiday

In the evening, sit with your feet dangling in the pool as the sun sinks beneath those, lush green hills.

Of course, some days you can spend exploring the region and find wonderful restaurants. After all, you can’t travel to France and not try the food the chefs have cooked. Everything melts in your mouth to the point where you simply can not savour it enough.

Days Out

You might spend a number of days taking the rented car out on adventures. You could stop by one of the many beaches, perhaps going for a swim in the ocean. Allow yourself to gaze up at the sky and wonder, how you can make the holiday last forever.

One of the things that you might notice most about the local setting is the gorgeous architecture. You might be interested enough to have a look at some of the stunning homes around the local area. It’s there that you could discover a gorgeous French chateaux for sale. With sweeping high ceilings and beautiful marble stone floors, it will be a luxury property, that much is guaranteed. You could find yourself dreaming about buying it wondering if it’s possible? Despite the price tag attached there is a way that you can afford a home like this one.


If you find a home that you want to buy, that you love, it could be seen as a moment of serendipity. This beautiful word means a chance encounter of fate that was destined to happen. You were destined to buy a home here. You fell in love with the region, so how could you not want to stay? But the price is still holding you back. It could be far beyond how much you have in the bank. Even if you did sell your house, you might still struggle to buy it. But the answer is simple.

Before you think of the property, as a dream come true you need to first see it as a business investment. Before you move in you can pay for it by using it as a holiday home first. There is the issue of how you buy the place in the first place. But you will discover that it is possible to purchase a holiday home buy looking into portfolio loans. These loans will allow you to borrow a large sum of money that you can then use to buy your home. The best part is that these loans come with low interest attached. That means that you will not have to worry about the amount that you borrowed rising out of control.

The problem is that obtaining a loan like this often takes some time. So, you may not be fast enough to get the house you saw on sale while you were on vacation. Instead, you will need to look at a real estate website when you get home. There you will discover many similar properties on sale, perfect for you.

You will have to understand the responsibilities of becoming a property owner. Essentially, when you rent out a property abroad that you now own, you will be a landlord. But this part of the process shouldn’t stretch on for too long. If you buy in a popular tourist destination like the south of France you can expect to make thousands each week. You will make the amount back that you spent on the home in just a couple of years. In that time, you will still be able to use this property as a place for many luxurious vacations.

Believe it or not, this is how many people begin their journey of moving into their dream home abroad. They fall in love with somewhere like France, find a home, take out a loan and never look back. Could you be the next tourist on vacation to follow this dream?

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