Cori’s Coupon Corner’s Hallmark’s Text Bands Product Review and Giveaway

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Hallmark introduces Text Bands.  With text bands children can create messages up to 10 characters long and then share these messages by fist bumping, high five-ing, or shaking hands with someone else with a Text Band.  My girls loved swapping secret messages with each other.  I am not concerned with my own children writing profanity but I wouldn’t want another child to be able to pass bad words to my children.   So as a parent I really love that there is a filter so children cannot write any profanity.  Text Bands can be changed, too.  Each module can be removed and put into another band to match your wardrobe or mood.  When my girls are feeling sad it is nice that they can send each other encouraging messages.  And when one of them has a great achievement in school or at sports they can praise each other through their Text Bands.  It’s so cute to see them trade messages.
Here’s more about Text Bands:

Text Bands can me found at local Hallmark Gold Crown Stores nationwide.  They retail for only $14.99.
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  1. Marin Mandrick says:

    I like that they have a bad word filter

  2. Tiffany Overton says:

    How easy it s to change bands, how easy they are to use and Iove how they have a bad word filter. These look awesome!!

  3. I love that you can change the bands to match your clothes. My daughter would get a kick out of that!

  4. My daughters would love these. There favorite thing besides typing secret messages would be all the different colors and styles of bands available.

  5. stephanie fletcher says:

    I like how they can exchange messages with a fist pump.

  6. bianca roman says:

    I like that you can interchange your bands to make your watch even more fun!!!!

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