Coping With Hair Loss: A Guide For Women

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As women, our hair is incredibly important to us. For women from across the globe – from the US to Vietnam, our hair is a symbol of our beauty, confidence, and personal style. But, sadly, for a growing number of women – up to a massive 30 million in the US – hair loss is a problem.

As a woman, I know just how important my hair is to me and how much I would hate to be without it. For women affected by hair loss, this can cause all sorts of emotional problems, including a drop in self-esteem and depression.

Hair loss, whether the cause is from medication, illness or stress, can be devastating. Especially for us women.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you may feel that you are struggling to cope – don’t worry, that’s where I come in. I have put together a few tips and ideas to help you get through your hair loss as easily as possible.

To help you cope with hair loss in a positive way, I have put together a simple guide to dealing with hair loss.

Don’t let your lack of hair define you

Many women with hair loss let their lack of hair define them. Don’t let your hair become the most important thing about you – hair or no hair, you are still the same person.

While you may feel that you hair represented a big part of who you are, remember that the biggest part of you is your personality. Just because you don’t have hair anymore, it doesn’t mean that you should change how you feel about yourself.

Be creative with your style

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For many of us, our hair is a major factor in terms of our personal style. If you are suffering from hair loss and feel lost in terms of your sense of style, focus on the other ways you can make yourself feel stylish.

One of the best ways to make yourself feel stylish is by focusing on your clothing and makeup. You may not have your hair, but you still have your face and body to play with. You may not believe it, but it’s amazing how much better you will feel in a nice outfit with a full face of makeup on.

Invest in a wig

You might have heard that wigs are itchy and uncomfortable, but that isn’t necessarily true. Sure enough, wigs from the past weren’t that comfortable to wear, but today wigs are much more comfortable, not to mention more realistic.

Before you decide you don’t want to wear a wig, at least go and try some on. You might not think wearing a wig is for you, but go to a specialist wig shop, and you might be surprised. Just make sure to choose a wig made of human hair – horsehair wigs don’t look anywhere near as realistic as human hair ones do.

Research your options

If your hair loss is not permanent and is caused by a medication, you are taking or by stress, then you should be just fine with a wig. But, if your hair loss is a permanent thing, then you may want to research your options and see what treatments are available to try.

Start off by visiting your doctor and asking if there are any treatment options they would suggest for you. Most doctors recommend restorative hair treatment, however, this isn’t suitable for everyone as it can be rather expensive. To find out the hair transplant cost for you, go online and compare the prices of different clinics.

If the cost of getting a hair transplant in the US is too high, don’t despair, consider going abroad instead. Like many cosmetic treatments, hair transplants are much less expensive when done abroad. Just make sure to pick a fully certified, reputable clinic for your procedure.

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