Color Rox Hair Chox Product Review

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What little girl (or big girl) doesn’t like getting glammed up and adding some fun colors to their hair?  We found Color Rox Hair Chox by Fashion Angels and it’s been so much fun.  Color Rox Hair Chox are temporary hair color “chox”.

They have easy to hold grips that keep your hands clean.  My girls were able to use them by themselves so it’s easy for children.  Simply section off part of your hair and rub the chox through your hair.  It’s almost like using the side of a crayon to color.  Go as basic or as bold as you want.  Don’t worry, it washes out the next time you shampoo.  My girls had fun experimenting with different colors.  Color your hair in your school colors or for your favorite team.

Our set also included beads, a plastic threader, and colorful rubber bands to add beads to their hair.  Again even my 6 year old was able to thread the beads onto her hair.  Overall it was lots of fun.  Much easier than any other temporary hair color that we’ve tried.
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