Coffee-mate Girl Scout Cookie Flavors Product Review

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Girl Scout Cookie Coffee-mate
If you like Girl Scout Cookies, you have to try Coffee-mate’s 2 new Girl Scout Cookie flavored creamers- Thin Mint and Caramel & Coconut (like Samoas, my favorite Girl Scout Cookies).  I tried them both a few months ago when I went to BlogHer in Chicago and I have been searching for them at my local grocery store ever since.  Then a weeks ago my family and I went to a local museum and Coffee-mate was there sampling these two yummy flavors and I was hooked again.  Actually this time my whole family was hooked.  The Thin Mint tastes just like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie which both of my girls love and the Caramel & Coconut tastes just like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie, my favorite!  I don’t let my girls drink coffee.  We’re already short enough.  No need to stunt their growth by drinking coffee.  Maybe that is why I am hardly 5 feet myself!  I found that I can mix a little of the Coffee-mate with milk and create a yummy flavored milk.  Or for a more indulgent treat it can be used to make a milkshake.
girl scout thin mint creamer
When a representative from Coffee-mate contacted me to review the Girl Scout Cookie flavored creamers I jumped at the chance just to get my hands on more since I still haven’t been able to find it locally.  Two bottles of each flavor were dropped off yesterday morning and I am *almost* too embarrassed to admit that my family has almost gone through one entire bottle of the Caramel & Coconut flavor.  It is THAT good.
iced coffee
Hubby and I each had a few cups of coffee in the last 2 days with the Caramel & Coconut flavor and my younger daughter had me make her flavored milk with it.  My older daughter is camping this weekend ironically with her Girl Scout troop so we’ll have to save her some.
flavored milk
To make Girl Scout Cookie flavored milk I added about an ounce of Coffee-mate Caramel & Coconut flavored creamer, 2 cups of milk, and some ice and shook them together in my blender ball cup.
It was really yummy but then I decided to kick it up a notch and add a tablespoon of chocolate syrup.  It was AMAZING!  Next time I make it I am going to put some vanilla ice cream in it and turn it into a milkshake.  samoa milk
The creamers are really flavorful, rich, and creamy so they make coffee, milkshakes, and more feel like an indulgent dessert.  Now that we’ve almost gone through a whole bottle, I’ll have to hide it so it will last longer!
milk mustache
I think I might try baking with the creamer, too.  If I come up with any good recipes I’ll be sure to share them with you.  Do you have any creative recipe ideas using the Coffee-mate Girl Scout Cookie Flavored Creamers?

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