ClosetMaid Pantry Cabinet Review

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A few months ago we moved into a new house that was a little smaller than our old house.  We were able to make due with the size except for one area- THE KITCHEN PANTRY!
I am not sure who designed the pantry in our new kitchen but I am pretty sure they:
1. Don’t cook
2. Don’t eat
3. Don’t COUPON!

The pantry in our new kitchen is 6 inches deep.  YES, I said 6 inches deep.  Most boxes such as cereal boxes are deeper than 6 inches.  Packages of paper plates hang over our shelves and get in the way of the doors.  It’s CRAZY!
I knew I had to find something else.  We put some plastic shelved that we had in our old office, into our new kitchen but they were just so unsightly because you could see everything on them and they didn’t match.
That’s when I found the ClosetMaid Pantry and reached out to the ClosetMaid company.  I was so excited when they sent me a ClosetMaid Pantry to review.  I choose the white model to match our kitchen but it also comes in black, espresso (dark brown), and alder (a maple color).   It is made of laminate wood and has matching handles.  It stands 59 1/2″ tall, 24″ wide, and 12 1/2″ deep.  That is more than double the depth of my current pantry!
Assembly was very easy.   I like that the shelves are adjustable so I can move them to the height I need depending on what I need to store.
It is a free-standing cabinet but it does need to be mounted with a bracket (that comes with it) to a wall stud for safety.  That is the only thing I wish I had known beforehand.  The wall we had planned on putting the pantry on has a window across it so attaching it to that wall wasn’t possible.  We ended up changing the room around a bit and were able to properly attach the bracket to the wall stud behind it. (SEE PHOTO BELOW)
The cabinet is sturdy and holds a lot.  It would make a great addition to any kitchen, playroom, children’s room, or utility room.
You can check out all the products that ClosetMaid makes, design a room, and lots more on the ClosetMaid website.  You can also find ClosetMaid at many of your favorite local retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home Depot.
Want to learn more about ClosetMaid?
You can find them here:
ClosetMaid on Facebook
ClosetMaid on Twitter
ClosetMaid on YouTube
ClosetMaid on Flickr

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