Choosing Vacations the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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Planning a vacation when you have children involves a whole new set of considerations. Not only do you have yourself and your other half to think about, but you now have one or more kids who may have very different ideas of what constitutes the ideal trip away. Having a couple of kids who are close in age but like highly diverse activities is difficult enough, but it gets even harder if you have kids with an age gap. After all, toddlers and teens rarely want to do the same things! If you want to book a vacation you can all enjoy, have a look at these options.

Mountain towns and leisure resorts

One way to ensure you will be able to keep everyone happy is to stay at a leisure resort that gives you access to a variety of activities all in close proximity. For example, if you visit a mountain town resort, you have facilities such as swimming pools, spas, shopping, cinemas, and so on, right next to thousands of acres of trails and a range of outdoor sports and activities. You’ll find that ski resorts like Deer Valley in Utah transform into first-class summer vacation destinations, where you can stay in one of the hotels on Main Street in Park City and take advantage of being adjacent to both the town and the wilds.


Going on a cruise is perfect for families because there are so many activities on board the ship to cater to everyone’s tastes, plus you will be visiting new and interesting places every day or so. Onboard entertainment may include the shows and cabarets for which cruising is best known, but there are plenty of alternatives, such as sports facilities, a gym, swimming pool, cinema, shops, a library, and of course, there are the fine dining and twenty-four-hour buffets on most ships. The kids will very likely find other children to play with, and if you select your trip carefully, you will find there’s a good choice of child-oriented entertainment too. Choosing a themed vacation where you get to visit a range of interesting places means everyone should be able to find a location that they will enjoy, and living on a ship is always a great adventure for kids.

Glamorous camping

Or glamping, as it’s better known, is a perfect compromise between all-out camping and staying in a luxury cabin. That means the adventurous ten-year-old who wants to experience the thrill of living under canvas and exploring the wilderness can satisfy their desires, while the fourteen-year-old who hates the thought of sleeping with bugs and not having a hairdryer can retain the feeling of being somewhere more civilized. Glamping sites are the ideal combination of being close to nature without giving up your home comforts.

You might not be able to keep everyone happy all the time, but if you all get a turn participating in your favorite activities and no-one has to make any unpleasant sacrifices, you’ll find the trip will be a happy experience for the whole family!

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