Chill Out! You Can Survive If Your Refrigerator Breaks Down

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One of the things that is bound to get you a little stressed and hot under the collar is when your refrigerator breaks down. After all, we are so used to having these conveniences that the whole way that we eat, cook, and shop revolves around using them. Something that means everything can quickly descend into chaos if they aren’t working. Happily, though it is possible for you and your family to survive if your refrigerator breaks down. Read on to find out how.

Clear it out

To survive when your refrigerator isn’t working the very first thing you must do is clear it out. The reasons for this that the last thing you want is all the food that is stored within it to start going moldy and stinking your kitchen out!

Prioritize getting rid of items that are perishable and close to their use by dates like dairy and meat. Cook them up, or freeze them if you have to but don’t let them go over if you can help it.

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Work out what’s wrong

Next, if you have had the bad fortune of your refrigerator breaking down, it’s a good idea to try and work out what the problem is. Sometime this will be obvious, other time no so much, and this is where using Google to search for advice on refrigerators can help.

Fix or buy a new one

Once you have an idea of what has gone wrong with your fridge, you can make a much more informed decision on whether to invest the money in buying a new one or get this one fixed.

Obviously, refrigerators are expensive items so you will want to get a professional to come in and fix them where possible. However, if you do need to go the whole hog and buy a new one and it can be helpful to look at one of the low interest personal loans available to pay for it, and prevent the cost putting a strain on your family’s finances.

Then you can replace the broken refrigerator with a good quality one and get family life back to normal as fast as possible, with the minimum disruption to your lives.

Alternative ways of feeding the family

While all this is going on and you don’t actually have access to a working refrigerator, you will need to feed the family in a slightly different way.

This could include a range of strategies, although most folks are likely to go for the takeout or eating out options. Unfortunately, this can be a pretty expensive way to feed you brood, so make sure that you consider making some meals with canned ingredients and freezer food as well.

Also if you fresh cooks meals are something that you just can’t bear to give up, even for a short time, then why not swing by the store on the way home from work each day? Then you can pick up exactly what you need each night, and cook it up as soon as you get in until your refrigerator is repaired or you have a new one.


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