Check Out My Top Tips For Drilling Your Man Into Shape!

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When it comes to fashion, men are way behind us girls! Women pride themselves on their appearance and their ability to keep up with the latest fashion trends. That’s why our wardrobes are filled with classic, timeless pieces that we can throw on at a moment’s notice at any time of the year. It is all well and good that you look amazing when you step out in public, but what about your boyfriend? Unfortunately, he is going to make you look bad if he doesn’t pull his finger out and take more care of his appearance.

Trying to make a man do something he doesn’t want to do is not easy. After all, men are notoriously stubborn. But, with the tricks below, you might be able to do it without him even noticing! Before long, he might look as good as you do. Well, maybe not that good!

Start With Baby Steps

As I have already alluded to, when he realizes you are trying to change him he will rebel. It is almost like every man is ingrained to fight back when their girlfriends try to make them better. So, to begin with you want to start small and work your way forward. Maybe just suggest that a certain piece of clothing looks nice. One positive comment and it will make him think twice about making a purchase.

Buy Clothes For Him

When it is his birthday or a special occasion, buy a couple of pieces of clothing that you think will look nice. As it is a landmark occasion, he can’t accuse you of trying to dress him like a little child. Plus, as a woman and his girlfriend, you know what suits him and what doesn’t. Add in the fact that you keep up with the latest trends and this trick is a winner. Because the weather is turning colder, think about buying him a men’s shawl collar sweater for the autumn. They look great, and they are practical too!

Compliment Him

When he tries something different, you should compliment him and tell him how nice he looks. Men are just like us girls in the sense that they need positive reinforcement to feel their best. In truth, there aren’t too many men who are comfortable in their skin, even though they all give off that impression. A simple compliment will push him to maintain his new found fashion sense and take more risks.

Make It An Enjoyable Experience

Men hate shopping because they find it boring, whereas women love it because it is exciting. It is easy to see why a dichotomy has evolved over the years! But, you can change it by simply making the experience an enjoyable one. If it is something the two of you do as a couple, it is more likely he will take shopping seriously. Bonding and having alone time is a great way to get him interested. And, once he is interested, you won’t be able to stop him!

The most important thing to remember is not to push him too far. Obviously, you want him to look his best, but you don’t want to shame or humiliate him in the process. After all, a small part of you loves him because he couldn’t care less!

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