Celebrity Fashion Inspiration for Regular Girls

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We all look to celebrities for fashion inspiration from time to time. However, celebrities can usually get away with wearing more outrageous things than we’d dare to step out in. We can still use their look for inspiration though, although in some cases you might like to tone it down a little to make it more suitable for a night out. You may even like to play it up more, if that’s the kind of dresser you are. The following fashion trends are loved by celebrities and will look great on the most regular ‘girl next door’:

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The Long Gown

If you’ve got a party or a night out, you can’t go wrong wearing a classy long gown. If you’re going out dancing, you can tweak this look a little by making your dress midi – that way it won’t drag on the floor and get dirty as you dance. If you’re going to a bit of an up market event, make like Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis, and Blake Lively and wear a stunning floor length gown.

The Tailored Suit

Many women will have felt intense fear reading the sub heading here. Women don’t wear suits; they wear pretty dresses…right? Wrong! If Blake Lively can step out in a tailored red suit looking gorgeous, then we can too! All you have to do is make sure yours fits properly. A suit that’s shapeless or too loose will make it look as if you’ve rifled through your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to try this celebrity fashion trend…you’ll look unique while everybody else wears a dress!

Floaty Blouse and Short Shorts

This is a gorgeous look that you really can’t get wrong. Choose a sheer, floaty blouse in any colour you like. Then pair with a nice fitted pair of short shorts! Tuck in your blouse, throw on some stilettos, and you’ll look amazing. Perfect for a night out with the girls.

All Black Everything

Celebrities love ‘all black everything’. There has even been mention of this trend in rap/hip hop songs. Not only is black flattering, it can look fierce if you do it properly. Feel free to go for different shapes and textures – just make sure everything is black. Lauren Conrad recently stepped out wearing leather trousers, a black asymmetrical jumper, and black stilettos. She killed it!

Printed Trousers

Printed trousers add a fun element to any outfit, and you can dress them up or down – whichever you prefer. Go for flowers, animal print, or something even crazier to grab attention. You can wear them with a blouse, a t-shirt, or a jumper depending on the weather.

Leather Skirts

Leather skirts are hot…you can’t deny it. Kate Hudson knows it. She’s stepped out in one of these beauties multiple times, pairing it with something new each time!

You can find more useful fashion posts here. You’ll soon have a celebrity inspired wardrobe to be proud of. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things, and have fun with it!


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