Celebrities Who Have Taken Surgery Too Far

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Celebrities usually have more money than they know what to do with. This is why many of them have plastic surgery. Not just one procedure, but multiple procedures until they look like a really weird, shiny version of their former selves. Here are a list of celebrities who have taken surgery too far – learn from their mistakes!

Jackie Stallone

Jackie Stallone has had a number of surgical procedures, including botox, face lifts, and lip fillers. Her lips are now very puffy and misshapen, while her face almost doesn’t look real due to the amount of procedures she has had!

Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall has admitted to having problems with her mental health in the past, which is probably the reason she chose to have so many surgical procedures. She’s had breast augmentations, lips, and other procedures multiple times, which have all left her scared and even lumpy in places. You can tell that Alicia didn’t go to a reputable place like ROXY plastic surgery for her operations. Many reputable surgeons wouldn’t have continued to operate on her, so she found a shady surgeon who would!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has only had lip fillers that we know of. That being said, she’s only young and the amount of filler she has had injected looks colossal. Although the results don’t look misshapen yet, if she continues on this path, they will. Her lips have ballooned and it may only be a matter of time before she decides to have more treatments. Everybody tried to emulate her look with those plastic lip suckers – just don’t go and get lookalike surgery!

Katie Price

Katie Price, AKA Jordan, has had multiple boob jobs, a nose job, and botox. She went from a modest C cup to a ginormous F cup. Since then, she’s had surgery to reduce the size. Who knows whether she’ll get more? This woman has always been unpredictable!

Lil Kim

Lil Kim has had a nose job, lip fillers, and botox that we know of. Her eyes now look small and squinty, while her nose is an unnatural shape. The aging rap star looked much better before she started getting all of these procedures done!


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson used to be a very natural but pretty girl. She had straight brown hair and a pretty, almost angelic face. However, she wanted to be a model so badly she spent thousands on breast implants and lip augmentations. It’s hard not to wonder what she would look like now if she had continued to embrace her natural beauty!

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace doesn’t even look like the same person anymore, with peroxide hair and a tight face. Her lips are huge too.

What do you think of these celebrities who have taken surgery too far? Do you think anybody else should have made the list? Plastic surgery can be fine, providing you do it for the right reasons and you don’t take it too extremes. Come back for more soon – bye for now!


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