MLB Man Crate Review

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Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.package_crate_large

If you are looking for something different to get your spouse this holiday season, Man Crates is definitely where it’s at. A “Man Crate” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a wooden crate filled with all kinds of things for the man in your life. It even comes with a crowbar to pry that bad boy open. How cool is that?! There aren’t any ribbons, bows or directions. We all know how much men hate to read directions. There are many different Man Crates to choose from. They offer everything from Jerky & Meat Gifts, Hot & Spicy Gifts, Sport & Hobby Gifts, Zombie Preparedness or you can even personalize your Man Crate. We chose to get a MLB BARWARE CRATE. MLB

It’s time to ditch the plastic cups under the bleachers. Big league fans drink from these officially-licensed team pilsner glasses, the true chalices of champions. They double as trophies you can raise to the sweet taste of victory, and they make the sting of defeat easier to swallow…because a beer tonight beats “there’s always tomorrow.” With four glasses, you can load the bases with three other worthy fans, or go it alone and hit for the cycle.

man crates What was included in our Legends of Baseball Man Crate?

  • 4 Officially Licensed MLB Cooperstown Pint Glasses
  • 4 Numbered Jersey Coasters- the greatest players on the team immortalized in coaster form
  • Authentic Wooden Man Crate
  • Man Crates Crowbar
  • Classic ballpark style peanuts
  • Beer Nuts Original Peanuts
  • Box of Cracker Jacks
  • BIGS Sunflower Seeds

My husband LOVED his MLB Man Crate!  The snacks are perfect to munch while watching a game.  The glasses are perfect for beer or soda and then best part, the wooden coasters also have bottle openers on the bottom of them!  No rings on your furniture and a way for your man to open his favorite beverages. Man Crates are the perfect gift idea for just about every guy in your life. This is total one stop shopping at it’s finest! For more information on Man Crates check out their site and let us know what you think!

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IdealBoost Weight Loss and Appetite Support Energy Boosting Drink Mix Giveaway

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Disclosure- I received samples of IdealBoost Weight Loss and Appetite Support Energy Boosting Drink Mix to facilate my post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

An addiction to diet soda is a hard one to break.  Trust me, I know!  But there are many studies about how diet soda can actually make you fatter so I’ve been trying to kick the habit.  I recently discovered IdealBoost Weight Loss and Appetite Support Energy Boosting Drink Mix.  They are delicious drink mixes that you add to water and they help curb your appetite and help you lose weight.  I’ve been adding them to my water and they have helped suppress my appetite and increased my energy.  Other drink mixes might flavor water but they don’t have the same benefits as IdealBoost.   And they are so yummy and refreshing, too!  Choose from Raspberry Citrus or Pineapple Strawberry!
Order IdealBoost Weight Loss and Appetite Support Energy Boosting Drink Mix HERE!


Boost #1: Slendesta + Fibersol = 3 hours of craving control

*A new study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that people who drank diet beverages actually gained weight! Why? Well those weird ingredients we mentioned before aren’t helping. But here’s the real reason: people who drink diet beverages like Diet Coke actually eat more calories on average. The drinks themselves might come with a zero-calorie promise, but they don’t stop you from splurging excessively on other calories throughout the day. In fact, those diet drinks actually seem to make cravings worse. If you can’t control your calories and cravings, you can’t lose weight. End of story.

IdealBoost contains Slendesta, the same all-natural hunger blocker that we use in our shakes. It keeps you feeling full for up to 3 hours, so you stay in control of your cravings between meals. And when it is mealtime, you’ll feel satisfied enough to eat just the perfect portions. And for that extra boost, IdealBoost contains Fibersol, a soluble dietary fiber, to decrease hunger and aid in healthy digestion and regularity.

And it gets better…

Boost #2: Green tea + green coffee bean extract + raspberry ketone = energy & fat burn

IdealBoost delivers about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee — just the right amount to get you through the day or pump you up for a great workout. But it gets even better. Caffeine is a proven aid in boosting metabolism and helping the body efficiently convert fat into energy. Green coffee bean extract is also a “fat burning powerhouse” because of its extremely high concentration of chlorogenic acid. And raspberry ketone is a compound of red raspberries that’s exploding in popularity for its ability to regulate metabolism. So that’s a triple-charged fat burning boost!

Boost #3: Vitamins B3 + B6 + B12 = better health & mood

Because we all need a little health and happiness boost! Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 contribute to healthy cell function, improving everything from our skin to our metabolism to our mood. B vitamin deficiency can result in depression, high blood pressure, cognitive impairment and more, so it’s essential to get more in our diet. Green coffee bean extract has been shown to improve blood health. Green tea contains antioxidants to help the body fight disease.


IdealBoost is more than a “water enhancer.” Those drinks are just flavoring, maybe with an energy zing if you’re lucky (more likely, just a sugar rush). None have the hunger-blocking and fat burning benefits of IdealBoost.

In convenient stick packs, it doesn’t get more convenient. Each box of 30 packets will last you 2 to 4 weeks… then anytime you need a boost, grab a stick pack from your bag, add water and let IdealBoost go to work.

Curb your appetite and replace your sodas and energy drinks… all for under $1.50 per drink!

ideal boost

Want to win your own box of each flavor IdealBoost Weight Loss and Appetite Support Energy Boosting Drink Mix?
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Superior Source FALL Family Vitamin Health Pack Review and Giveaway #SuperiorSource #CoriReviews #Giveaway

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Disclosure- I am a Superior Source Vitamin Ambassador and I am compensated to share their offers with my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.

Superior Source FALL Family Vitamin Health Pack Review and GiveawaySuperior Source Vitamins just announced their Fall Family Vitamin Health Pack.  This pack has something for everyone in your family.  I am especially excited for their 2 “energy” formulas- Quik Fix Instant Energy and Just Women’s Pep ‘n Energy.  I am always feeling tired and sluggish because of my Fibromyalgia and I am always looking for a more natural energy boost.  I asked about this differences in the 2 energy formulas and this is what I found out:  The Women’s Pep n’ Energy has more herbs in the proprietary base and a very small amount of caffeine, as naturally found in the Guarana seed extract.  The Quik Fix Instant Energy has less ingredients in the proprietary base but it contains a small amount (30 mg per serving) of added caffeine in each serving.  I have tried both and both gave me a boost of energy but the Quik Fix Instant Energy did give me more energy.  The Women’s Pep n’ Energy tastes like when you put powdered cinnamon on your tongue because it is made with cinnamon and the Quik Fix Instant Energy has a bitter orange taste.  I love how fast they dissolve under my tongue and how I don’t need water to take them.  They are great to keep in my purse for those days I need some extra pep in my step.

Superior Source FALL Family Vitamin Health Pack 

  • Quik Fix Instant Energy
  • Just Women’s Pep ‘n Energy
  • Vitamin C “Tangy” Orange Melts
  • Children’s B Complex with Vitamin C
  • Men’s Multi-Vitamin Complex

So what makes Superior Source Vitamins different?  Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® – “Under the Tongue Technology” works fast, as they are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds – NO pills to swallow! By swallowing supplements, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.

  • “Under the Tongue Technology” means no pills to swallowing
  • GMO FREE and Sugar FREE
  • 90% smaller than regular vitamins
  • No chemical binders or fillers

Superior Source FALL Family Vitamin Health Pack Review and Giveaway 2FALL Family Vitamin Health Pack (an $85 Value!)

1. Quik Fix Instant Energy:Quik Fix Mirco-Tablets provide Instant Energy by dispersing their special formulation on contact and then heading straight into the body. Quick fix provides more energy with less caffeine than liquid shots or regular energy tablets and capsules.

2. Vitamin C “Tangy” Orange Melts: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body, therefore it must be replenished daily. Vitamin C also provides support to the body’s immune system, very helpful in a season where people catch colds and flu. No sugar is added, these products are only sweetened by stevia; this is preferable to most ‘chewable’ vitamin C products that are typically loaded with lots of sugar.

3. Just Women Pep ‘n Energy: These tablets are formulated to stimulate your natural energy reserves and jump-start your pep with a combination of vitamins and herbs. Try our natural energizer today to help you perform at your best all day long!

4. Children’s B Complex with Vitamin C: Children’s B-Complex with folic acid, calcium pantothenate and biotin is formulated to provide the nutrients that support optimal health for the production and main- tenance of new cells, supports nervous system health, energy metabolism, and healthy heart function.

5. Men’s Multi-Vitamin Complex: Our One Daily Value Multi Vitamin contains the vitamins and nutrients a man’s body needs for optimal health, including B vitamins for energy metabolism as well as vitamin C and A for antioxidant protection and immune support.

Superior Source has several awesome promotions going on right now so don’t miss out:

EVERYONE WINS– Free Product when you “LIKE” the Superior Source Facebook Page

FREE Vitamin B-12 – 60-Day Supply – 1,000 mcg (only pay $3.95 S&H)
FREE Vitamin D – Any D product (baby, child, adult) (only pay $4.95 S&H) 
BOGO – FREE Vitamin C (Sour Cherry or Tangy Orange) – 500 mg– Buy One Get One Free!

Where to Buy: You can purchase all Superior Source Vitamins at major retailers nationwide like Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe and major online retailers like, Vitacost, iHerb, Puritans Pride, Swansons and Lucky Vitamins.

Get Social with Superior Source:
Facebook Promo:

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Smile Brilliant! Teeth Whitening Review

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Disclosure: I was given a Smile Brilliant! Professional teeth whitening kit in exchange for a review, but the opinions are 110% my own! Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.10.51 PM I am an avid Green Tea drinker. Because of this my teeth aren’t as white as they should be. Thankfully I was able to review a Smile Brilliant! Professional teeth whitening kit. I was a little shocked to see how much stuff there was to do to customize your whitening trays, but after reading the directions I found it to be super easy. teeth-kit In the kit I found 6 jars of “putty”, 3 blue and 3 white. You only need 4 of them, but the other 2 are in case you mess up. Thankfully I didn’t need the extra set. I simply mixed 1 jar of the white and 1 jar of the blue together in my hand for about 2 minutes until well mixed. putty Place the mixed putty into the tray provided and let sit for about 30 seconds. photo 6 After it has settled I firmly placed the tray against the top row of my teeth carefully. teeth-kit2 I did the exact same thing for the bottom as well. photo 8 I sent the molds in the prepaid envelope that came with the kit and had my custom fit trays in less than 2 weeks! photo 2 They are super light-weight and you can barely see them. I usually wear them while cleaning the house or doing some commuter work. They are super comfortable! photo 9 Yes I have them on in that pic above! And here are the results: Missi I have always been one to use the whitening strips. They are pretty pricey and they aren’t customized to YOUR teeth.If your teeth could use a makeover I highly recommend using the Smile Brilliant! Professional teeth whitening kit. I’m hooked and refuse to use anything else from now on! Quick facts:

  • Teeth Whitening Trays – 2 Custom-fitted whitening trays (upper and lower teeth)
  • Carrying Case – Compact case holds both your whitening trays
  • Impression material to make your own dental impressions (plus extra material included)
  • 3-Way, pre-paid postage – all postage between you and the lab is covered (2-way for international orders)
  • 1 set of custom dental models – created by our lab technicians from your impressions
  • Professional teeth whitening gel – Dentist-strength 22% Carbamide Peroxide in 3ml syringes.
  • 2 year teeth whitening tray replacement warranty
  • Detailed instructional brochure – Simple guide to creating your custom-fitted teeth whitening trays
  • 30 day satisfaction gurantee!
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Back to School Made Easy with Mabel’s Labels!

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mabel's labels

For the most part school is back in session for everyone.  Have your kids already lost some school supplies at school?  Mine are always losing stuff.  How about their folders or binders?  Oh, and I won’t even talk about the countless sweaters and hats!  Kids are very forgetful and so thankfully I was able to find Mabel’s Labels.

If your kids have unique names walking into a novelty store, where they might have personalized items for kids might not be the easiest thing.  This is why I love customized items.  I chose to just get our last name and let my 2 girls share their labels.  I am not a proponent for putting first names on things that other people will see (like on the front of a shirt or on a backpack) because I am always worried that people will then know kids’ names and try to kidnap them BUT these labels go on the inside of clothes, shoes, etc. so they are great. 


These labels also help if other kids in your kids’ class share the same name.  It gets a little tough to distinguish some school stuff like backpacks, folders and pencils!  Simple create them a super cute label from Mabel’s Labels so there won’t be any more confusion.   I ordered the Ultimate Back to School Combo.  You can get all of the awesome information about this combo below.  Totally worth ordering. Instead of things going into the lost and found at school, now teachers will know who the items belong to.  Which will totally save you money in the long run.  No more buying all new stuff. 

Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo
mabel's instructions

This bestselling kids’ school label combo pack includes all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep belongings out of the lost and found. Available only until September 30th, our awesome kids’ labels for school are a must have on your back-to-school shopping list!




Choose from 4 limited edition solid palettes or 40+ multi-coloured designs, plus 3 special back-to-school motifs (bus, books and apple)!


  • 40 Skinny-Minis™
  • 50 Tag Mates™
  • 16 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Teeny Tags™


  • Skinny-Minis™ are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Tag Mates™ are washer and dryer safe, apply to a clothing care tag
  • Shoe Labels and Teeny Tags™ are waterproof and UV resistant
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Skinny-Minis™: 38mm x 8mm (1-1/2″ x 5/16″)
  • Tag Mates™: 21mm x 10mm (13/16″ x 3/8″)
  • Shoe Labels: 33mm (1.3″)
  • Teeny Tags™: 30mm x 20mm (1-1/4″ x 3/4″)

  So go take a look around! These awesome labels are great for labeling school supplies, labeling books, clothes for camp or slumber parties and so much more!  The possibilities are truly endless! 

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My Little Pony at Build-a-Bear Workshop! #MLP #BABWMLP

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Disclosure- We received the Build-a-Bear plush characters mentioned in our review below to facilitate our review.  We received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% our own.
MLP 3 Ponies Build-a-Bear Workshop has added to its My Little Pony Collection with 4 new ponies.  Introducing…Applejack, Apple Bloom, Zecora, and Trixie Lulamoon.  Princess Twilight Sparkle can’t do it all alone, so she needs her beloved pony friends.   Help us celebrate the magical power of the My Little Pony’s friendship!

Applejack is known for her honesty and integrity. Apple Bloom is a school age Earth pony and Applejack’s younger sister.  Zecora is a female zebra first appearing in the episode Bridle Gossip – she is an online exclusive.  Trixie Lulamoon (an online exclusive Build-a-Bear Workshop plush character) is a female unicorn and traveling magician.

MLP SISTERSBoth of my girls are My Little Pony fans and of course love Build-a-Bear Workshop so they were both so excited to hear about these new plush characters.  We received Applejack and Apple Bloom (the 2 sisters) which is fitting since I have 2 daughters.  We also picked out a Rarity plush character with a cape because that is my daughter’s favorite My Little Pony character.
mlp accessoriesThey are all adorable and we love the attention to detail that Build-a-Bear Workshop takes with the characters and accessories.  The cowgirl hat and boots for Applejack are so cute!  All of the My Little Pony Build-a-Bear characters are cuddly and would make a great gift for any My Little Pony fan.

Some ponies below shown with optional clothes and accessories:
applejackApplejack is down-to-earth, resourceful and dependable. Rodeo is one of her greatest passions! This Applejack plush makes the perfect gift for a fan of the rodeo-roping My Little Pony star. Personalize an Applejack plush with clothing and accessories for the perfect unique gift.
applebloomMY LITTLE PONY MINI CUTIE MARK CRUSADER APPLE BLOOM plush looks tutu sweet in a Build-A-Bear Buddies™ Rainbow Tutu! Make a magical gift for a fan of MY LITTLE PONY with this sweet mini Apple Bloom plush!

trixieThe great and powerful Trixie is a traveling magician unicorn. Give a gift filled with enchantment with this Trixie plush! Personalize a Trixie plush with clothing and accessories for the perfect unique gift.

zacoraOnline exclusive! Zecora, the zebra, is a friend to all the ponies in ponyville. Personalize this sweet Zecora plush with clothing and accessories for the perfect unique gift. 

Retail Value: Applejack $25, Apple Bloom $15, Zecora $35, Trixie
Lulamoon $25 (not including accessories)
Available in the US, UK and Canada

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NeoCell Beauty Review & Giveaway

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Disclosure- I received the products mentioned below to facilitate our review. All opinions are 100% our own.



With the sun and chemicals from the pool, my hair has definitely taken a beating this summer. I was noticing it was getting really frizzy and just really dull looking. I tried all kinds of expensive shampoos, cheap shampoos, leave in conditioners… Nothing seemed to be working. Just as I was thinking about getting all of my hair chopped off I found Neocell.

Neocell offers a wide verity of wellness and beauty products. I was able to review Keratin Hair Volumizer, Biotin Bursts Soft Chews and Super Collagen +C. All of which I was very excited to try out. I am all about trying new health and beauty products.

Keratin Hair Volumizer


What Is Keratin Hair Volumizer?
“Keratin hair volumizer is an all-natural solution for strong, lustrous, and thickhealthy hair that starts from the inside. Dry, brittle,thinning hair is associated with a lack of nutrients thatare essential to strong and resilient hair. Keratin HairVolumizer contains clinically proven ingredients toenhance hair strength and reduce normal hair loss.”

I have been taking Keratin Hair Volumizer for a little over 2 weeks and I can already see the difference in my hair. I have some pretty curly hair and this has made such a difference. I don’t have to use as much styling product which cuts my “getting ready time”. All I have to do is take 2 pills twice a day. Super easy!


I am going to continue to take the Keratin Hair Volumizer and let you know what happens. I can only imagine nothing but good things. I love BIG hair!



What is COLLAGEN +C – 6,000MG?

“Provides specific amino acids necessary to replenishing the body’s collagen supply helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and improves elasticity in the skin builds and supports bone matrix, corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds thickens fine hair, adds body and slows down hair loss repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity; improves circulation; promotes wound healing glycine builds lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.”

That being said, who wouldn’t want to take this product? I’m sold. The description totally speaks for itself. I think this is definitely something you need to take daily and long term to see the full effects. So far I like what I see. I have yet to break a nail. Total bonus! I spend a lot of time in the sun and don’t always remember my sunblock. EEK! Hoping this will help reduce some of the sun damage my skin might already have so I can fight aging. Who doesn’t want that?

Biotin Bursts Soft Chews

“Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high potency beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew. Formulated based off of scientifically proven ingredients NeoCell Biotin Bursts offer a delicious alternative to your daily biotin regimen. Each chew is low in sugar and was especially formulated to be as readily absorbable as possible in delicious Brazilian Acai Berry flavor. Healthy hair and skin were never this easy, or sweet!”

By far my favorite of the 3. I keep my Biotin Bursts Soft Chews in the fridge and I remember to take them every morning before breakfast. Such a yummy flavor and I am a big believer in Biotin. I used to take it a long time ago, but I had to take a ton of tiny little pills at once and that was a pain in the rear. These chews give me 10,000 mcg in one little chew. Score! These should be apart of everyone’s daily routine. So many benefits in such a tiny chew!


About NeoCell
“The therapeutic benefits of collagen have been widely recognized in Europe and Asia for decades. At NeoCell, we are proud to say that we introduced collagen to the Americas.”

“Since our founding we have been continually enhancing our manufacturing processes so we are able to offer our customers the most bioavailable and bioactive collagen peptides on the market. We are proud to say millions of people have benefitted from our efforts and are now living a more youthful life.”

“Today, NeoCell is the #1 collagen brand in the world and a leader in the field of nutritional science. While we have grown considerably over the years, one thing has never changed – our commitment to finding the most innovative and effective nutraceutical supplements.”

Enter to win a NeoCell Beauty set of products:

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Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones: Giraffe Review!

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Discloser- I received a Tummy Stuffer from the Wild Ones Collection for my daughter at no cost in exchange for our honest review.


My 2 year old is so in love with giraffes. She has the little plastic animals, a backpack, clothes and anything else with giraffes on it. But, what she didn’t have is one of those awesome Tummy Stuffers she was always seeing on T.V.


Until now! We were super excited when we found out she would be able to receive the GIRAFFE for review. It’s so soft and cuddly. They are much bigger than I imagined. It’s big enough for her to put all of her other giraffes in it’s tummy. Hence the name “Tummy Stuffer”.


And a truck! When she has toys out in the living room and it’s time to clean up, she just fills the belly of her cute giraffe Tummy Stuffer and carries it all to the toy room without making multiple trips. Score for me because after the second trip of carrying toys, she forgets she is suppose to be cleaning up and starts playing instead. We all know how that goes.


Another thing I love about the Tummy Stuffer is how easily it comes clean. I just tossed it in the washer after a slight chocolate milk incident and viola! It was as good as new again! There are a ton of Tummy Stuffers to choose from. Check them all out and see which is best for your little ones. They will love them!

The best-selling Tummy Stuffers collection features furry plush pals that double as the cleverest and cuddliest clean-up containers a kid could ever love! Terrific for helping children of all ages keep their bedrooms, playrooms and even camp bunks neat and tidy, Tummy Stuffers’ mouths open wide to keep kids’ things inside – and they “eat” everything right before their eyes! The brand-new Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones line-up features six fun and funky styles, including a spotted Dalmatian and Blue Leopard, polka-dotted Bunny and Giraffe, purple and pink striped Cat, and awesome argyle Monkey! Kids and tweens can store it all in the new Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones, from clothing and toys, to blankets, books and much more!

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Prize Candles Review #TMMPrizeCandle

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Disclosure- I received a Prize Candle to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.
prize candlesLooking for the perfect gift idea for the person that has everything? The Prize Candle story began with the collaboration of a team that shared a passion to create an eco-conscious candle line that is sophisticated and refined, yet, affordable & festive. Pulling their talents from the fashion, design and tech industry to develop Prize Candle, the result is a beautifully packaged, all natural soy wax candle in fragrances that will enhance your environment with the added bonus of a prize in every candle!

prize candle collage

I’m so in love with the way my Prize Candle smells. It’s absolutely amazing! The candle smelled so good I actually rubbed a little on my hands as perfume to take the scent with me. Shh… Nobody has to know.
PC_640x640-3 copy

It is a little smaller than other candles with jewelry and has no lid, but it did come in a cute little box. I didn’t have the patience for waiting, so I burned the candle a little while and then dug out my prize. Don’t judge! Who can wait when something so beautiful is calling your name?

prize candle ring collage

The ring inside my candle was only worth $10 but it is really pretty.   It was a bit small for me, but it did fit my daughter. I like that unlike other companies with Prize Candle you can enter the code given with your candle on their website to find out the value of your prize.  No need to guess!  Love that!

The candle burns nicely and the the wax melts down evenly. That’s a big deal. I hate it when my candles burn unevenly and I have to waste some. Total drag.

Quick fact check:

  • Our 9 ounce all natural soy candles are designed to burn up to 40 hours and contain a 100% cotton vegetable dipped wick.
  • Our candles will not smoke if the wick is properly trimmed and your candle is not in a draft.
  • Candle will not perform properly in a draft.
  • Trimming the wick to ¼” maintains a proper flame and keeps your candle burning evenly and maximizes the burn time.
  • Do not burn candle for more than four hours at a time.
  • Never burn while sleeping, unattended, nor near children and pets.
  • Candles should always be burned on a flat heat resistant surface to prevent damage.
  • Allow candle to completely cool before moving and never relocate while lit or when the wax is liquid.
  • All natural soy candles can be affected by hot & cold temperatures and may show characteristics of sweating, frosting and shrinking. This is common with soy candles and in no way hinders the quality of the product.
  • Simply allow your Prize Candle to return to room temperature after opening and enjoy!
  • If you reside in areas of high heat, please ensure you are home to accept delivery of your shipment.
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JORD Wood Watches Review #JORDWATCH #CoriReviews

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Disclosure- I received a JORD Ely Black style watch to facilitate my review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.

jord ely wood watch review

I recently had a chance to review a JORD Wood Watch. This is one of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen! It fits my wrist comfortably. I really like that it’s not heavy like other watches. Plus, they have great selection in various wood colors and watch styles so I’m sure there is something for everyone. 

jord ely watch

Each JORD watch is designed to be splash proof but is not intended for complete submergence in water.  Due to the nature of the wood chosen for each unique timepiece, colors and grain pattern may vary from photos which I love because it makes every JORD Wood Watch unique. 
jord ely black

“Wood watches by JORD are manufactured with a variety of natural woods from around the world. Each product is different and we are constantly sourcing unique and sustainable product with which we hand-craft every watch. Some of the wood we use include bamboo, maple, sandlewood, blackwood, cherry, and teak.”

I especially like that JORD products are made using 100% natural wood with stainless steel clasps.  They do not use any toxic chemicals to treat or protect them.   Wood watches by JORD are produced with all natural and untreated woods.

I am so in love with this watch that I now want to get the maple one to go with my lighter outfits.  It is very unique and very special to me.  I’ve received so many compliments on it.  With the holidays approaching quickly, you might want to keep these watches on your list. I’m sure they would be a hit!


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