How to Co Parent like a Superstar

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Starting your own family is one of the most rewarding parts of life, but raising children can sometimes be a handful, especially when we have so many other responsibilities to coordinate. The last thing we need after an exhausting day filled with encouraging, loving, supporting and cleaning up after our kids, is a lack of support from the other parent. It is easy to co-parent more effectively if you take the time to respect each other’s differences: here are some tips to do so.

Prioritize the Rules

There is no way to prepare for bringing up children with someone: although the subject will have been covered, the reality is often that opinions vary about the exact ways you wish you bring up your offspring. One of the biggest challenges for parents is the introduction of rules for their children. We all know that rules are for the benefit of our children and encourage them to grow up to be better people. However, implementing them can be very difficult, especially if you don’t agree with the rules you are enforcing. You should spend some time each week discussing new and existing rules, and then be vigilant not to break them.

Respect your Relationship

You may try to hide arguments with your partner for the sake of your children. However, if there are a lot of disagreements within your relationship, it will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of your co-parenting. Therefore, you must ensure that you separate your personal relationship from familial duty. If you do not respect your personal happiness within a relationship, it will eventually result in unhappiness for everybody in the family. Plus, if problems persist, there may come a time to consult a divorce solicitor in London. The ability to co-parent to the best of your ability does not require you to exist within a traditional family unit.

Don’t Hold a Grudge

It’s ok to make mistakes. But when your partner makes mistakes that hurt you, it can be difficult to move on from them. What you need to do is to be nuanced in your response to a situation, whether they forgot to pick up the kids one evening, interrupted you during an important meeting unnecessarily, or have just let you pick up the slack too many times. Resist the urge to chastise them for previous mistakes that are unrelated to your current disagreement. Co-parenting involves believing in each other to do a great job, not constantly critiquing past mistakes.

Listening is Key

Although it may seem like banal advice, the desire for your children to be the happiest and most successful they can be, can result in a very ‘black and white’ view of how to raise them properly. Stop for a second to remember that whatever your view of your partner may be, your children would not exist if it were not for the other parent. A simple action such as listening to each other shows a commitment to your whole family.

Life is filled with ups and downs, and even the best parents have disagreements, but if you focus on parenting in harmony, the positive results for your children will be worth it.

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Tips to Help Your Kid Choose a Career Path

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Choosing a career is one of the major dreads students and their parent’s face. There are so many hinges on this decision which, leads to major stress and worry. Some take it to be a life-death situation as some just copy other’s preference. Choosing a right career path is not a make or break moment but surely helps to attain desired academic success.

A career path according to the student’s interest, having a good scope and long-term relevance can help simplify the roads to aspirations and dreams. The best tips which can surely help you and your kid to chalk out an interesting and effective career path are on a rundown below.

Know Your Child’s Interest

Following a student’s interests to select his suitable career cannot be stressed more. It is of extreme prominence if you want them to blossom and achieve their desires. So if your ward likes music, search for the best music school or institutions to let him follow his interest. Another example is automechanic, if your kid has exceptional motor skills then he can choose to follow this path. Well, you can explore Best-Automechanicschools.Com in order to get detailed information about this career and no doubt it a unique career for your child.

Many and many (really huge) numbers of parents pressurise their kids towards what they deem fit for them notwithstanding what the kids like. This can be really regressive to a child and is a major reason for unsatisfactory results afterwards. A career path according to a child’s interest can empower him to develop and build his expertise.

A Vision Must Be Devised

A vision is another facet extremely necessary for deciding a right career path. Lots of parents and students miss up on this which leads to issues such as dropouts, failures etc. Planning out the basic steps or tasks you will have to follow in a specific career can help know the hindrances beforehand. Selecting a career and ditching it halfway through because of the roadblock you didn’t anticipate can be prevented by knowing all the efforts, it would require learning the ropes or excelling in a specific stream.

Anticipating The Scope

This should not be a major influencer but must be taken into account. A career path is valuable according to the lucrative jobs or opportunities; it provides for many. Gauging the scope of a career field can ensure that; the selected career doesn’t have negligible demand and will not require an extremely long struggle for your child to breakthrough.

A Goal-Oriented Career

A footballer doesn’t shoot the ball to go outside rather he tries to aim it at the goal. So should be done in selecting a career field. Following engineering to the hilt and aspiring to become a doctor is the worst anyone can do with their aspirations, so a goal-oriented career is important. A career aligned with your child’s life goals can help ease the journey towards fulfilling them.

Importance of choosing a right career path that is tailor-made to your kid’s interest, goals and dreams are paramount. A parent or a guardian has to carefully weigh the options and take into account the child’s viewpoint. The tips provided in this post can be the measures by which a perfect career can be chosen for a dazzling future.



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Tips To Take Care Of Your Kids Health

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Children and health are two inseparable factors according to parents, as the most prime concern in life is to raise children’s healthy. Maintaining kid’s health properly is the foremost challenge of motherhood. Health is a habit! Yes, one cannot lead a healthy life overnight. It has to be inculcated as a lifetime habit with good eating, sleeping and exercising. Children’s health largely depends on their immune system; therefore parents can focus on boosting their immune system in order to maintaining a healthy physique for their kids. Developing immunity at young age is easily possible, because as they grow by, exposure to anti-immune properties becomes high! Listed below are some of the tips in order to take good care of your kid’s health.

No Stress Lifestyle

Children who are blessed to have an absolute stress free life have proven to have a healthy and happy life. Schools, extracurricular activities and the societal pressures start to impose stress even on budding minds. This definitely hinders the healthy life of young children, which has to be taken care of by the parents. A happy child and a happy childhood is the best secret to live a healthy life.

Creating a healthy routine in children can be easier when the entire family follows the same. So, make sure to bring any good habit as a family routine instead of just imposing the same only on children. A healthy routine might include a healthy eating, hygiene habits, reading time, proper sleeping time, a good pillow, mattress, standard wake up time. Well, you can explore Sidesleeperreviews.Com if you wish to buy the best pillow or mattress for your kid.

Good Eating Habits

Through advertisements and supermarket displays, children get exposed to all junk foods at a very early age these days. Therefore, implanting good eating habits and healthy food choices to children from the beginning will help maintain healthy life. Parents become role models in tuning the eating habits of young children, so create a healthy food time routine at home, which includes all the family members, will help nurturing a proper eating habit in children. Mothers are the pillow of comfort for children, so any good habit or structured behaviour starts from a mother. A family that eats at least one meal together with the whole family finds it easy to raise good eating habits in children.

Staying Hydrated

Generally, children do not know the importance of staying hydrated to stay healthy. Giving individual water bottles to children right in the morning and monitoring their liquid intakes is important, especially during summers. Fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and water can be alternated with each other at different times of the day. Better not to introduce aerated drinks for growing children, rather than stopping them from using, better to eliminate.

Shop Healthy

Healthy shopping will easily encourage healthy eating habits in children, as shopping is all about the fascination for kids. Always involve children in buying fruits and vegetables and other healthy food choices.

Well, how much ever a child eats healthy, the secret to a healthy lifestyle is to involve in various physical activities such as cycling, swimming and other activities of their choice. A good work out yields a healthy eating time and a sound sleep time, which are the secrets of living healthy. Parents must not just dictate, but lead to make children follow healthy living practice!

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Five Fun and Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to the Daddy-to-Be

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The moment you learn you are pregnant life instantly changes, everything that has been a priority up to that point suddenly shifts and takes on new meaning as you wrap your head around the fact you will soon have a baby to love and care for. So why not have a little fun with the moment and announce it to your significant other in an unexpected, creative, and fun way. It will help to make the moment all the more memorable.

Here are five fun and creative ways you can announce your pregnancy to the daddy-to-be and ensure that you both get to celebrate the moment.

A Care Package for Daddy

Here’s a fun idea that the website Preg Med came up with that is sure to surprise the daddy-to-be. You can put together a whole care package for daddy, topped off with a cute little letter that says something like “daddy I can’t wait to meet you”. You can include baby clothes, pacifiers, the pregnancy test, and anything else you want in the package.

Wear an Announcement T-Shirt

Why not act as the announcement yourself by getting a customized t-shirt made. The t-shirt can read something such as “baby on board”, “preggers”, “bun in the oven” or anything else that strikes you as cute. You can then surprise the daddy-to-be by wearing the shirt.

Say It with Food

Food is another wonderful way to convey a fun message, and again is something totally unexpected. You could choose handcrafted chocolates, cookies, a cake, or any other type of item that reads a message. It could read something such as “congrats daddy-to-be”, “you are going to be a daddy” etc. Keep in mind this one takes a bit of planning, so you’ll have to sit tight on your news for at least a few days.

Customized Coffee Cup

If you and your partner start off the morning with a big cup of hot coffee, then this can be your perfect opportunity to make the announcement. You can have a customized cup made with a message at the bottom. As he enjoys his coffee and gets closer to the bottom, he’ll start to see the makings of letters. From there it’s only a matter of time before the full message can be read.

Child Sized Fan Gear

This idea is perfect for those dads to be that are into sports. You can pick up a few baby sized clothing items with your significant other’s favorite team on, and present him with a gift package. Include a note that lets him know he’s about to be the dad of a new baby super fan.

Making a Special Moment Even More Memorable

Announcing your pregnancy is a special moment all its own, but adding your own unique and creative twist on how you make that announcement to the baby dad to be can help take it over the edge and make it even more incredible.

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The Benefits of Cooking with Your Children

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Bringing your children into the kitchen to help assist you with the cooking can bring you many benefits. Exposing your children to new foods and trying out a variety of recipes can help enhance their culinary skills. Here are some of the benefits of cooking with your children.

Developing Skills

One of the main benefits of having your children help you with cooking is all the transferable skills that they will develop. If you need to double a recipe, this will require addition or multiplication skills. If you need to halve it, it will need to be divided. Once your children get the hang of the recipe, they will be practicing their math skills without even realizing it. There are also many life skills that your children can benefit from when cooking. Having cooking lessons from an early age can help your child transition into adulthood with the culinary skills they need.

Boosting Self Esteem

Another great benefit of allowing your children to cook with you is to see how much it will boost their self-esteem. Cooking can be a wonderful way to take your child’s mind off school and any other problems. As cooking allows your children to get instant feedback, this will help them learn, develop and gain knowledge. Learning a new skill can help your child enormously and make them feel proud of their achievements, as well as boosting their self-esteem.


While some recipes may be easy to follow, others will have dozens of steps and instructions that need to be followed closely. Allowing your child to read and understand the instructions can help them get a better idea of all the components needed to make the finished food product. Reading comprehension skills will benefit your child in a huge way and give them a skill that they can take with them to adulthood.

Communicating Effectively

For your cooking experience to go as smoothly as possible, it is important that you can communicate effectively with your child. Being able to work as part of a team can help your child relax and be open with you. Cooking with your child can be a fantastic bonding experience and help bring you closer together. Communication is a vital element in raising a well-adjusted, happy and healthy child.

Having Fun

Most importantly, the entire experience should be fun and something different. There are many ways that you can inject a bit of fun into proceedings to ensure your child does not get bored and stays focused throughout cooking. Having fun with your child creates positive vibes and memories (along with great food). For your child to stay engaged, they will need to feel motivated and interested in what they are cooking. The age of your child will reflect in what sort of dishes you can cook up. Websites like can give you a ton of recipes to try.

With so many benefits and skills that your children can take advantage of, there are more than enough reasons to bring them into the kitchen and let them help assist you with cooking.

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A Closer Bond With Your Kids In Just 24 Hours? Here’s How

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pexels-photo-701014Photo credit

What could you change in just one day? Many of us accept the various status quo in our lives because we don’t feel that we have the time, energy to change them. But that approach couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, many things can completely change in the space of 24 hours, and we have the ability to affect positive changes in our lives even in such a small amount of time. One of the things a lot of people wish to improve is their relationship with their children – and even this is possible in a short space of time. Modern families tend to have fast-paced schedules, with jobs, school commitments and children’s hobbies leaving little space for simple togetherness. Focusing on reconnecting is hugely important amid all this rush –  and the good news is it doesn’t need a pricey vacation. It needs you, your child and 24 hours.

Get Involved in Their Games

Often, we rush through our lives ticking of chores, mealtimes, bath and bedtime like some robot. And while routines and consistency are hugely important for a child’s emotional development, so too is allowing time for unstructured play. Often, we are guilty of dismissing this as unimportant or inconsequential, but the truth is far from that. Creative play allows children to discover more about the world, work through their feelings and develop their thoughts. So next time your child begins a game of imaginative play, why not simply join in? Surrender to the moment and create some bonding time.

Take Them On A Day Out

Days out are one of the fondest childhood memories many of us have, so it’s only right to prioritise them using vacation time or weekends. A day out can range from a simple trip to the ice-cream parlour, or taking a picnic to the beach, to a theatre show or event. Use The Ticket Merchant to alert you to deals on exciting events coming up in your area, or think about ways to make the every day memorable. You don’t have to spend lots of cash – simply going on a bug safari or a trip to the library can be special if you make it.

Talk About Their Feelings

Helping our children to work through and talk about their emotions is a valuable gift, and can do a lot to make them feel closer to you. Many of us don’t feel comfortable talking about these topics, but we owe it to our kids to find out how to get comfortable with talking about emotions. They need our guidance to successfully navigate complex situations that they may not have words for. It will help them to feel understood, heard and supported and let them know that they can always come to you with any problems. Use easy-to-understand, age-appropriate examples from your own life to show them how to resolve their challenges.

Get Them Involved

If you do have urgent chores that can be put off, make sure you get the kids involved. Instead of being something you have to ignore them to get done, include them in for a shared sense of accomplishment and purpose. Give them a small, supervised part of the task to do themselves. It may end with taking a little longer, but it means you’re spending time together working towards a goal – and you get to tick a job off your list while spending time with them too.


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Why Parents MUST Fork Out For School Trips

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“Mom, mom, I need $50 to take to school tomorrow. We’re going on a school trip!”

The kids are always unbelievably excited to attend field days out of the classroom. Parents can never decide whether they are interested in the subject or whether they want a day off. Regardless, moms and dads are never as enthusiastic. Behind the mask are the questions that never seem to go away. Can we afford it? Is it expensive? Can they afford to miss it?

Sadly, looking after a family is expensive work and there is never enough to go around. Saying that below are four reasons to get their butts on the bus.

It’s Fun

There are educational and social factors to think about, and this post will get into them later. But, let’s face it – life as an adult is tough. There is a responsibility to burden, bills to pay, and small human beings to protect. So, kids should enjoy their time as cute little monsters while they still have the chance. Children deserve the opportunity to have fun, and days in the field ten to fit the bill. This is true of school trips by NST and specialist companies that work in the industry. Anyway, school is getting tougher and tougher, and it comes with its pressures. A tour is a way to blow off steam, too.

And Educational

Please, don’t see it as a day where they will play pranks with their friends and slack off. Those things may happen, but there’s a good chance that the kids will get involved. Great field trips are interesting and grab the imagination of the audience, and this only serves to aid learning. Think of the days in museums searching the premises for clues and answers to the questions on the sheet. When education and enjoyment come together, it teaches kids about the thirst for knowledge.

kids playingPicture
Bypasses Budget Cuts

As strange as it sounds, a day out is a fantastic way to overcome school restrictions. With budget cuts at an all-time high, the one-on-one time for students is getting lower. Even worse, there isn’t enough time or personnel to cover the syllabus, leaving gaps in their knowledge. A successful field day helps to conquer these issues by housing all the resources they need under one roof. Museums and art galleries and colleges are places of higher learning that aren’t subject to a shoestring budget. As a result, they have the tools to teach a large amount of info in one day.

Appeases Son/Daughter

Okay, parents shouldn’t do things solely for the love of their kids. As guardians, it’s up to us to make tough decisions which are for their own good. Still, everyone knows children hold grudges. They’re like an elephant with temper issues! And, they will happily let us know about for the rest of our lives, give or take. Sure, it isn’t the best reason to fork out, but seeing the look on their face is priceless. What’s the point of being a parent if we can’t make them happy once in a while?

Will you grant or deny their next request to go on a field trip?

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It’s Not Child’s Play! Bonding With Your Child Over Gaming

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If your experience of gaming were those retro games from at least 25 years ago, gaming has changed so much since then. If you’ve got young kids, it’s natural to feel concerned about the the type of game your kid is playing. In fact, for many kids, gaming is actually a positive thing. It’s not like when you were a kid, and you were told that playing computer games, if you had the luxury, would result in you having square eyes, and completely withdraw from society. In fact, gaming now is a very sociable pastime. There are sites like Twitch, where are you can livestream games, or you can watch someone play a game. Now, this doesn’t sound like a good thing, and in fact, might sound particularly boring, but it’s very popular! And your child might be part of this. So, if you’re trying to bond with your child, video games is one of the best options now. So, how can you do this?

Picking family games

Nowadays, there are many different options for family oriented games. The Nintendo Switch is something that is specifically targeted towards multiplayer scenarios, so if your child has been hinting for a Nintendo Switch for so long, buying it for them might be the perfect in. And while there is a physical aspect to a lot of these consoles now, namely the Nintendo Wii, it doesn’t have to be all about the physical aspect. So, you want your child to get out an exercise, but if the goal is bonding with them, you’re going to have to make a few sacrifices, and not think about the overall impact on their physical state. We can discuss exercising further down the line, but for now, if you’re trying to instigate more communication with your child, multiplayer games are your way in.

Choosing the right console

Yes, the Nintendo Switch, or Nintendo Wii are good options for multiplayers, but, don’t underestimate the games that require a PC. While games like Minecraft are a solitary pursuit, there are many options to play with other people. If you are lucky enough to have a couple of PCs in the house, you can easily jump on one of them and play with your child that way. If you are struggling to get any sense of conversation out of your child, playing with then, albeit in different rooms, could be a very good start.

Have an actual interest in the game!

Kids know when you are being disingenuous. So, with something like video games, that is their own hobby, they can feel that you are hijacking it somewhat. So, instead of asking them particularly pointless questions, it’s better for you to have an actual interest in gaming, so, do your research before you sit down with them. This is going to be a much better way for you to instigate communication. And, they may be quite impressed as to how much knowledge you have as an “old person”. And you never know, it could start you onto your own unique daily habit. Don’t panic! There is nothing undignified about a parent having a healthy gaming habit. After all, gaming comes in various guys now, as well as your typical setups like Minecraft, or even games on social media, like Mafia Wars, there’s something a bit more mature, and gambling sites offer a SpinStation casino bonus so you can add that little bit more excitement and maturity to your gaming. Gaming doesn’t have to be an immature pastime, but if you’re trying to use it as a way to communicate with your child, it’s best not to put down any aspect of it. Offering comments about the game they are playing isn’t going to help. So it’s much better for you to have an active interest in the game.

Use gaming as an excuse to talk to your kids

By talking to your kids during a competitive game, such as the typical racing games, or sports games, you can take this opportunity to slip in the all-important questions. Asking them how school was, if they’ve got any issues, etc, will be a bit easier to sneak in while you’re both focused on something else. The big problem most kids have after a certain age is that they are reticent to answer anything, so this is why you have to build up their trust in your ability to be a good gamer. Once you’ve earned their trust in their domain, only then will they open up to you. But this takes a lot of time. You can’t expect to find out all their deep, dark secrets after sitting with them in front of their favourite game for a week or so. And what if they want to be alone? This is going to take even longer. If they pick games that are one player only, it’s very likely they are doing this on purpose. And because they don’t want to engage with you directly, it’s just going to take that little bit longer. But don’t lose faith, take as long as is necessary. Don’t forget, your kids will sniff out an ulterior motive right away, so it’s better for you to focus on the game playing, especially during the first few weeks. Gaming is quite an immersive experience nowadays, it’s not just a bit of fun, so it’s important for you, as the parents, not to belittle the whole process. So, if you are aiming to ask your kids questions about their school day and the like, it’s better for you to get stuck into the game and know what you doing first. This means you have to put in the hours, because if your kid is going to beat you every single time, this doesn’t pose a challenge. So, if you then build up enough skill at a certain game where you can beat your child on occasion, this is going to instigate them to come back and play again and again, so you can bond more and more!

It can take a long time, but if your child is particularly keen on video games, this could be the perfect way to build a proper bond with them. If you’ve been struggling for ways to encourage them to go out and play baseball with you, or go for a walk, or anything, video games might be the perfect option. But remember, it’s not child’s play!


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Top Tips For New Moms

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Whether you are having your first baby or welcoming another addition to your family, it’s hard work being a mom – especially now you are going to be looking after your newborn. A lack of sleep, feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed and cranky, will see your mood swings change and hormones soar. It may be hard working bringing home a newborn, and it may be overwhelming at first. However, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy those magical first few months. It’s crucial that you look after yourself and your baby if you want to keep you both in the best of health. Keep these top tips to hand, and you’re sure to enjoy motherhood.

Get the nursery ready

It’s going to be near impossible to get the nursery ready or finish any painting around the house once the baby arrives, so make sure that you take time to get prepped and prepared during your last few weeks of pregnancy. If that isn’t the case, and you are feeling a little lost, then worry not. There are a few quick fixes that you can use. First and foremost, make sure that the heating and lighting is right for your baby – too hot or too cold could cause colds and infections to spread. Next, stock up on diapers, you can never have enough! Finally, make sure that you invest in a crib that supports your baby. Sites such as provide reviews and information to help you choose the best option for you.

Sleep when you can

It might sound obvious, but once you are looking after your newborn, you are going to seriously struggle to get enough shuteye. If you are going to have enough energy to deal with the ups and downs of becoming a mom, then you might want to adopt a different approach to resting. You need to try and opt for quality downtime, over the actual number of hours that you sleep. Try booking a spa day, going for a gentle walk with your baby and even attending a Yoga class to help you rest and have a change of scenery.

Follow your gut

It’s a tough call being a new mom, especially if you don’t have any family or relatives nearby to help lend a hand with childcare. However, make sure that you aren’t too hard on yourself. If you can’t get your baby to settle, or find it hard to leave your baby when they are crying, then trust your gut to choose the right solution for your child. Remember, when it comes to childcare, every infant is different. So, what your mother or female relatives suggest, might not always work.

It’s hard work being a mom, especially if you are a new mom learning how to look after your first baby. However, make sure that you prepare your nursery, catch up on sleep and follow your gut if you have to deal with any tantrums or teething worries. Most importantly, however, make sure you enjoy the magic of motherhood!

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Don’t Let Everyday Stress Affect Your Kids

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When you have children, it’s only natural to want the best for them, whether this means sending them to the best local school or spoiling them for Christmas and at their birthdays. And while every parent is trying to make sure that they can afford to fulfil their kids’ dreams and to build a safe and healthy life for them, it’s important not to forget one key element of parenting. The best thing you can do for your kid is being a good parent, and that matters more than the toys you can buy. The qualities that you expect in a good parent is to be loving in such a way that your child can perceive your affection. You also need to be prepared, as children, unfortunately, require a lot of planning from keeping baby wipes in your handbag to considering writing your will. And finally, the most important of all is about managing your stress. Here are the three most common types of anxiety that children can pick up from their parents.

Woman Hug Child Love Baby People Kid Mother

Establish a safe relationship

Financial anxiety is linked to parents

More often than not, adults who worry about their finances have witnessed the situation first hand from their parents. As a result, they grew up believing that money matters were something to fear. While there are many unfortunate financial crises, they all have a solution, from getting in touch with a company about options for debt consolidation with bad credit to considering a more frugal approach to your household budget. If you learn to handle your money problems effectively and to find the help you need, then your child will not grow up learning that money equals stress. More importantly, children who develop a fear of finances may never learn to manage a budget effectively. In other words, fear of money leads to debts and unsolvability.

Low self-esteem issues learned from mommies

Having a child can be stressful, especially as you struggle to understand what your baby wants. Is it hungry? Is it tired? Why does it cry? Consequently, how you react in moments of uncertainty will affect your child. If your baby feels your fear, it will react to it and become more agitated. Remaining calm is the best approach when dealing with children. Admittedly, there are no perfect parents, and you will make mistakes too. But if you feel bad about yourself as a person and a parent, you’re likely to extend the negativity to your child. Negative self-esteem serves as a poor example for children.

mirror-2935728_640Love yourself so your kid can too

How do you tell your kid to stop?

There are days when simply you can’t take it anymore, and you find yourself shouting at your child to behave. According to a study run by the Harvard Medical School, shouting at children can alter the structure of their brains. Shouting at your child to obey is not only loud, but it doesn’t work. Besides it shows that you’re not in control. But, and that’s the worst part of it, it also implies that there’s no other way to communicate. And consequently, shouty parents have shouty children who, inevitably, find it difficult to express their feelings.

In short, children learn very early how to handle their fears, self-esteem issues and communication strategies by watching their parents. Being a good parent is about showing the best possible example for your child. Be a good mom/dad, and learn to relax, that’s the best thing you can do.


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