5 Easy Ways to Improve the Atmosphere in Your House

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Your house may look good on the outside and it may also be well-furnished inside, but how does it make you feel when you step in? What’s the atmosphere in your home like? If the first couple of things that come to your mind are the words ‘stressed’ and ‘tired’, then you need to fix the atmosphere of your house straight away. Here are some easy ways to do it.

  1. Install a water fountain. Installing an indoor fountain can do wonders for the atmosphere of your home. It’s beautiful, it’s relaxing to see and hear, and it can serve as an air purifier and humidifier. There’s also the fact that your guests and visitors will not be able to stop themselves from being bowled over by its impressive look, especially if you go for a particularly fancy wall fountain model, where the fountain itself is integrated into one of the walls of your house. This type of fountain saves space and appears as an art piece rather than a simple humidifier or air purifier.
  2. Use scented candles and scent diffusers. Improving the atmosphere of your house can also be as simple as giving it a new and refreshing scent, one that’s light enough to be pleasant but also strong enough to mask any mustiness that any house usually gets. One great way to do this is by keeping a couple of scented candles or scent diffusers in key places inside your house, such as the living room and some bedrooms. This will keep the scent circulating in your house without it being too overpowering. Scents that are perfect for improving moods and masking stuffiness and mustiness include citrus and subtle floral scents. For your safety, never leave burning candles unattended.
  3. Control or modulate your lighting. Bright overhead lighting can help employees focus in an office setting, but it’s terrible at setting a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Either set up your indoor lighting so that you can adjust its brightness, or replace your harsh fluorescent bulbs with those that can output softer, warmer light. You can also look at light diffusing fixtures if you want to keep your existing lamps and bulbs.
  4. Eradicate dust. Houses naturally gather dust over time, especially if they have a lot of belongings and furnishings that clutter up the place. Excessive dust not only affects people with dust allergies, but it also drastically lowers the air quality inside a house. There’s also the fact that keeping your home interior dusty makes you look lazy and neglectful. To resolve this, dedicate a day every week to dusting surface tops and cleaning your home. You can also set aside an entire weekend to de-clutter your house. Having less clutter means having less things to dust! Finally, if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, replace it with wood, cork or tile; these are not only easier to clean but they don’t harbor dust the same way that carpets do.
  5. Open your windows. Sometimes, all it takes to get some good air inside your house is to open your windows and let the air circulate. Not only does this ensure that fresh air will always be flowing into your house, but it also prevents your home from having that hot, stuffy feeling that houses tend to have when air has no way of escaping from it. Your lungs will thank you, just as your family and guests will!

Improving the atmosphere in your house may seem like a tricky and expensive project, but with these 5 ways to help you get started, you should be well on your way to making your house feel like a home again.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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home-3005270_640Image Credit

Whether you live in America or China, we all have a very personal and unique idea of what “home” looks like.  Indeed, when we travel to faraway countries and set up a new life, the concept and moreover, the feeling, of home is particularly important.

The saying “tidy house tidy mind” describes this well, but the concept shouldn’t be limited to cleanliness or home organisation.  Like the engine room of a ship, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when trying to ensure a consistent feeling of “home” within your abode, which is particularly important if you have children, and are living abroad; as this sense of stability can have a profound effect on their emotional development.

This article looks at how to ensure a consistent feeling of “home” no matter where you live in the world, as unless you’re a property developer, focused purely on the financials and spending your time looking into things such as lendinghome reviews, a home is much more than the bricks and mortar that keep the four walls and a roof above your head.  Home is where the heart is yet there are some very practical things needed to create a happy harmonious home whether you live in China, America or anywhere else in the world.


Keeping up with household bills can be stressful if money is tight, but you want your home to feel like your castle – a sanctuary from financial stress – not a situation where each time you go past the mailbox you dread receiving another bill.


If you have a garden it’s important to keep it well maintained as if you come home each day to an overgrown garden or paint peeling off the fences it creates a feeling of chaos and things being out of control.


If you live in physical clutter and chaos, it affects your mental state, and creates an inner sense of clutter and chaos too.  Keep things organised within your home so that you can feel more at peace and calm within yourself.


Keeping your home clean and tidy sounds simple enough, but often, this can snowball out of control when left for a few days, becoming such a chaotic mess, that you don’t know where to begin.  The trick here, is to either employ a cleaner that undertakes a moderately deep clean, each week, or for you to do it yourself, little and often.


No matter how hard you try, not everyone is getting to get on with you, particularly if you’re living as an expat from another culture.  However, if you can get on with your neighbours to the point there’s a sense of warmth and community between you, this will pay dividends on facilitating the feeling of “home” you crave.

In summary, no matter where you live in the world the idea of take care of your home and your home will take care of you seems true.

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Speed Up Household Chores With These Cleaning Hacks

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Wish you had more time to spend on yourself and with your family? I’m sure that there are a few ways you can make a bit more time for yourself. For instance, why not think about cutting back on the amount of time you spend on your household chores?! Even if you think that you are always busy with the cleaning and laundry, I’m sure that there are a few hacks and tricks you can use to get things done a lot quicker. Here are some to get you started.


Create A Schedule

Do you just take care of all your cleaning whenever you have a spare hour or so? That’s quite unorganized and you might find that you start spending too much time on your chores. Instead, you should create a set schedule. Plan your chores around your other tasks and make sure that you stick to this plan. That way, you can efficiently split up your time so that you leave enough time for your family and socializing.

Use Baking Soda

Are you sick of spending hours trying to remove all manner of stains from different surfaces and materials? If so, you might be pleased to hear that there is a nice little solution you might want to start using – baking soda. If you make a solution using equal parts baking soda and water, you can apply this to most stains. The soda will lift the dirt and grime right the material!

Use Vinegar

Baking soda isn’t the only wonder ingredient that you might have in your store cupboard. Vinegar is also useful in cleaning as well! It’s a great stain remover just like baking soda, but it can also really freshen up your work tops and surfaces as well. Use some fresh lemon juice afterwards to add a pleasant fragrance to the surface so that it doesn’t just smell of vinegar!

Touch Up Woodwork

Many people think that they need to spend hours fixing up their worn-and-torn wooden furniture and any other wood work in their home. However, that isn’t always the case. There are lots of materials and tools that can help you clean up wood and remove any scratches in just a matter of minutes. You can learn more by clicking the link. Touching up your woodwork in this way will save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on expensive and unnecessary maintenance processes.

Add Dryer Sheets To Your Laundry

Are you sick of cleaning hairs and dust from your skirting boards? If you have a problem with this, then it could be worth adding dryer sheets to your laundry. These are mainly used for removing static from dried clothing, but they can also remove any hairs and particles that got caught up the wash. These will cling to the sheets and won’t end up being blown throughout your home.

You won’t be spending too much time on your chores and cleaning once you start to use these hacks in your home!

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Turn a House into a Home

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girl-1561943_640Image Credit

If you’re in the process of moving, or have moved recently and are feeling a little unsettled, this is understandable.  See, home is not a place it’s a feeling and a sense of belonging that brings comfort and stability to your soul.

A house is a physical commodity that can be purchased in many different ways; whereas a home is something you must nurture and create.  In many ways, “home” is the feeling that is contained within the four walls of your house; it’s a sense of belonging that transcends the value of the bricks and mortar.

One of the greatest tips with regard to turning your new house into a new home is to take immediate action.  The best time to get started, is straight away, as the longer you leave things cluttered in boxes the more overwhelmed you will feel; and eventually, one day, you’ll end up with a room devoted to all the boxes you never got around to sorting.

There’s a saying that poses the question and answer; “how do you eat an elephant… one bite at a time”.  The principle being that you should chunk big tasks into more manageable segments. For example, rather than having 15 boxes to get through in one room; separate them out into three piles of five boxes.  Then, use the power of short burst activity to quickly blast through five boxes – then the power of momentum will start to kick in.

Of course, moving home can be a real upheaval and many people choose to use professional moving services to help with their move, because it takes away a huge amount of the strain and stress.

Once you get the keys and move in, it’s important that your house begins to feel like it is your home.  There’s a strong chance your new house will have remnants of the previous owners tastes and preferences in terms of its style.  The house might be stripped back to the basics but there’s still likely to be a feeling of it belonging to someone else. This is why you need to make your mark.  Similar to how a dog will mark his territory, you need to mark your territory in your new home in order to feel a secure sense of belonging.

Everyone has certain items they feel a strong emotional connection with and attachment to; indeed, just like a child with a teddy bear, there’s often a few pieces of furniture that just feel like home… whether that’s an old coffee table you’ve had for many years or a painting that’s been in your family for generations.  Whilst it’s important you don’t clutter your new home in the first few weeks, whilst you unpack, it can be a nice symbolic gesture to put out a few photographs that allow you to immediately start feeling more at home in your space.

In summary, once you move into your new home utilise the power of momentum, chunking big tasks into bitesize chunks and short burst activity to blast through your boxes; then immediately add some touches that make it feel like your home rather than a mere house.

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Kerb Appeal: How To Sell Your Home Before A Buyer Even Steps Inside

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pexels-photo-709831Image link

Your home may be amazing on the inside, but what is it saying on the outside? Most of us tend to lavish care and attention on our interiors, but have you ever stopped to consider the exterior? Home have a little factor referred to by estate agents as ‘kerb appeal’, and if you are trying to sell your home, a lot of prospective buyers are forming impressions from the moment they pull up outside. If your home doesn’t make the right impression, then it will have to work much harder to win them over. But a few simple touches to the outside can set a great tone and have them deciding to bid before they’ve even crossed the threshold.

If a home looks sad and unloved from the outside- even if that isn’t the true story – buyers are more likely to assume that essential maintenance and repairs haven’t been seen to. Therefore they may be more likely to lowball you with a lesser value offer. Often when we live in a house, we can become blind to what the outside really looks like. As we pass in and out each day, we don’t take the time to really look and assess what the exterior condition is. Here are the top points to take care of:

Refresh Paint, Windows and Doors

Do the colours and paint condition of your home let it down? Often it’s surprising quite what can be achieved with a straightforward paint job. Ugly brickwork, dingy cladding or peeling wooden accents can all be brought to life and modernised quite simply. Going for a simple wash of neutrals gives an understated, modern look or a bright pop of the right colour masonry paint can distinguish your property from the rest. Consider your exterior doors and windows- are they tired and dated? Either consider power washing, repainting or replacing to really have an impact. Replacing garage doors and resurfacing pathways with a fresh lot of gravel, slate paving or even new borders can really make the house of your house shine and provide a welcoming entry point to the home.

Upgrade Your Front Door

As the focal point of your outside space, a good front door can go a long way to transforming the look of your house front – it also provides added security for the home that is also attractive to potential buyers. When selecting a new door, it’s important to choose one that is in-keeping with the overall design of the house. Warm woods like oak can add a heritage feel while modern glass doors bring additional light and a contemporary feel. Considering colourful detailed glass panels or different colours of paint finishes can give your property it’s own unique identity. For a seamless look, refinish the window frames in the same or a complementary colour. The devil is in the detail too. When refinishing a door consider the metal finishings too – locks, handles and pulls, knockers and numbers can all be redone. Antiqued brass gives a heritage vibe while modern chrome can provide a streamlined look. Don’t forget the garage door while you’re at it- adding panel garage doors can make a property look more well cared for and secure as well as improving it’s appearance.

pexels-photo-704570Photo credit

Think About Landscaping

Plants and foliage can really do some heavy-lifting when it comes to face-lifting the front of your home. There are so many options to soften hard edges, provide a splash of colour or add structure. So the the planting scheme should be very much a part of your considerations. Want to create more of a welcome? Go for beds or wooden planters packed full of bright, blooming perennials that will look cheerful and welcoming. A quick fix can be had by introducing containers that hold small shrubs and bushes such as camellia. These are portable, and also provide an ingenious way of screening those ugly but unavoidable functional things, such as electric meters or extractor fans. Add a sensory dimension to your planting scheme with fragrant herbs like rosemary and lavender as well. If the front of your house looks too harsh, soften it up by training some climbing plants such as wisteria or ivy up trellising.

Alternatively, evergreen shrubs can provide year-round interest and structure. Clever topiary becomes a talking point, while simple box hedging can help to define borders and pathways, adding a symmetrical design that looks ordered and modern.

A Pathway to Perfection

Having a beautiful, clearly defined pathway not only frames the front entrance beautifully but provides a warm welcome. Sometimes it can be as simple as power washing old slabbing and replanting soft borders. But you can also replace tired paving slabs with gravel or slate chippings. Consider picking out the pathway with solar powered stake lighting as well. Using lighting at the front of the house is a style statement as well as helping you to find your keys at night! You can also use lighting to highlight the best features, both architecturally or with your planting scheme. It’s a subtle detail but can make a big impact when done right.  

What’s In A Name?

Did you know, studies have shown that giving your house a name can increase its value? So keep the house number visible but consider adding a name to the property as well. You’ll need to notify utility companies, the land registry, your mortgage provided, the Land Registry and the local council but you may attract higher bids, especially if you add in a smart slate plaque with the house name. A name can also make it easier for your property to stand out from the others in the minds of potential purchasers.

Consider Adding a Porch

If you can build a small porch at the front of the house, it can have great appeal. It gives an extra sheltered space for occupants and visitors to remove coats and shoes, and leave wet weather gear such as umbrellas, raincoats and wellington boots to dry. Again, this structure can do a lot to change or enhance the exterior – bold glazing for a modern look, timber cladding to add warmth or brick to make things more traditional.


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Chic and Stylish Revamps For Your Tired Home

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You feel comfortable enough in your house, but sometimes you feel as if something might just be missing. You often flick through popular home design magazines and long to have a classy and elegance atmosphere like they do. You wish to have a timeless feel to all of the rooms in your home, as it will never go out of style. You are hoping to invest some time and money into revamping your home from top to bottom. From small bits of DIY around the house to full on redecoration you are ready for the challenge ahead. Even on a small budget you will soon notice glimmers of glitz sprinkled through your home in no time.

Innovative Inspiration

When giving your home a much deserved makeover you need to browse around for some exciting inspiration to decide what you like. Look online for affordable interior design ideas and you will soon have a clearer vision of what you want to create within your amazing abode. Create an online mood board which highlights you favourite styles and color palettes, this will provide you will the ongoing inspiration you need to make the chic changes to your home.


Light and Bright

The lighting in a room can really make a huge difference to the overall ambiance. Invest in some new dimming lamps, which will allow you to adjust the brightness according to the time of day. You want to allow as much natural light into your rooms as possible, so choose light drapes to frame your windows. Having as many options as possible when it comes to light means that you can truly adapt to your daily needs and live contently with beautiful lighting all round.

Wall Wonders

Keeping your walls plain and simple is the key to creating a room full of light lustre. With neutral walls you will have more options for elegant artwork; choosing eye catching pieces of art is much simpler when you have a blank canvas to place it on. Steer clear from busy wallpapers, although they might seem attractive at the time you will soon grow tired of certain patterns. Keeping your walls minimalistic and chic gives you more creative freedom when adding the finishing touches to your rooms.

Clean and Pristine

If you’re looking for a sleek vibe in your home then you need to make sure you are staying on top of your house work. Lighter décor means that dirt and grime will show up more predominantly, which means you will need to have a spring clean a little more frequently. If you often struggle to find the time to keep your home neat and clean, then you might want to consider hiring a cleaner. This will free up a lot of your time and you won’t have to worry about staying on top of the housework all the time.

Floors Feeling Fab

Although carpets can warm up a room, you might want to consider investing in hardwood flooring. With excellent quality wood you will really be able to feel the different when you walk on it. Carpets can also fall out of fashion much like wallpaper done, so chic and dark colored wood flooring will completely transform the entire look of your home. Remember to go for the best quality that you can find, as cheap versions will soon wear away and become damaged more quickly. Rugs are an excellent addition to wooden floors so seek out some beautiful neutral colored one to really add the finishing touches to a room.


Accessories Aflame

Classic accessories can truly make a statement when added correctly. When your accessories are bold and eye-catching you really notice the difference in the room. All you need to do is tread carefully and not get tempted to throw too many bold pieces into a room all at once. Less is more when it comes to sophistication and style, so choose one important area to focus one. Whether it is an interesting picture frame, a flamboyant cushion or an intricately designed candle, use your imagination and choose the items which suit your personal style and taste.

You deserve to have a home which oozes glamour and charm, so make sure you take on board this advice and get to work! Some of these ideas are relatively small and cost effective, but will have a huge impact on the entire aura of your home. Your guests will be inspired by your new home make over and you will be proud to present all of your efforts to create elegance.


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How Your Home Can Help Others

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Your home is more than just a house. It’s a shelter, a haven of peace, a warm bubble of happiness. Home is the place where you feel safe, the place where you can relax and be yourself, the place where you are loved. It’s no wonder that the saying insists that home is where the heart belongs. But, for some homeowners, home is not just their special place, it’s a place that is special to others too. Indeed, your home can help others to overcome the difficulties of their lives, whether it is stress, financial issues, or even family or health related. Your home does have to provide shelter only to you, but you can extend its protective roof to stop the metaphorical rain from falling onto the head of those around you too. Your home can be the light at the end of a tunnel for someone who is feels lost and confused.

pexels-photo-914890Invite a friend who needs support

Declutter and donate

Do you sometimes feel a little cramped in your own home? That’s precisely what spring cleaning is about! Now is the best time to go through your home and run an in-depth decluttering process. Over the winter, it’s not uncommon to accumulate items you don’t need, such as seasonal home decor, unused lighting elements from chandeliers to lamps – they are a popular purchase when the sunlight is at its lowest in winter – and maybe that DVD player you got for Christmas but haven’t used yet. But if you can’t use them, maybe someone else can. That’s the idea behind habitathm.ca, an organization that helps the public to fight off poverty housing issues. Your donation can help change a life.

furniture, retro, old, wooden chairs, stacked, street

furniture, retro, old, wooden chairs, stacked, street

Your furniture can help people

Make your friends and relatives feel at home

Do you have a friend who is going through a rough patch? Sometimes a change of decor can help them to focus their mind and find a way out of their issues. Or if it doesn’t, it can provide the break they need to recharge their batteries. You can choose to invite them to spend a few days with you. Make your home comfortable for your guest. You don’t need much to make it work. Creating positive feelings in the house, with bright decorative items for instance. A friendly home can help someone to find their balance again.

Offer a room to those who need help

kitten-1517534_640Want to foster kittens?  

Welcoming a friend is one thing, how about giving shelter to a child? There are nearly 400,000 children in the foster care system in the U.S. These children need someone to look after them during a difficult time, whether they’re dealing with abusive parents or whether they can’t stay with their family for another reason. If you have a bedroom to offer and a lot of patience and attention, you could become a foster parent and change their lives. If you are not confident about your parenting skills, how about becoming a foster for paws.org? You can foster an animal that is yet too young to be adopted, an animal that needs medical attention before it can be given to adoption or even a future mother-to-be.

In conclusion, your home is more than a house. It’s a hope bringer for others.


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What’s Missing To Make Your Home Truly Cozy?

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Who doesn’t want to be as comfortable as possible in their own home? If you find that you are somehow not managing to achieve this particular aim, it can be for a number of reasons, and you might need to approach it from a few angles at once in order to get it right. As it happens, there are a few especially common areas to look at in this respect, and that is what we are going to do in today’s post. With that in mind, take a look at the following ideas if you want to make your home a much more comfortable and cosy place to live in no time at all.

A Comfortable Bed

For most people, the bed is the most important place of all for gaining cosiness in the home. As long as you know you have a comfortable bed to go to at night, you can be sure of feeling happier about the home in general, and when you’re sleeping in particular. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your bed’s comfort levels. For a start, consider getting Amish quilts or something similar to add some extra plumpness – but you should also think about the actual mattress and whether or not it is as good as it could be. You can also improve its comfortability by making sure that the whole room is comfortable, something which a lot of people forget about. Do all of these, and you will have a much cosier time in your home at night.

Communal Areas

Just as important as the beds are the communal areas, even if you actually live alone. The living room and so on are especially vital if you want your home to be cosy, as they are your best opportunity to introduce as many comfortable elements into her home as you like. The basics – choosing a sofa you can enjoy comfortable, utilizing cushions and so on – are an important part of this, but so too is ensuring that you are including elements which you find personally comfortable for you. You need to make the space yours if you want to be comfortable in it, and this is something that is commonly overlooked. Yet it is hugely important if you want to be comfortable.

Warmth & Light

It’s not just about the objects in the rooms – you also need to pay attention to the warmth and light levels as well. If you get this just right, it can really affect your ability to be comfortable in the home, and make your home much cosier much faster too. The truly cosy home is the one which is warm and has the right amount of light as well, so make sure you do not overlook these essential qualities and elements if you want to be as cosy as possible in the home. Get this right, and you will find it5 makes a huge difference in the long run. Remember this if you are struggling to be zoy in your home.

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Practical Measures For That House On The Hill

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Life is about hard work. It’s relentless, and it can feel like you’re purposefully putting the blinders on to get toward your goals. There’s no shame in admitting this to yourself as it’s something that is actually quite normal. But what is it all for is the question many people begin to ask as they get older. All those hours, days, months, years and decades of working hard and providing for yourself and your family; what’s it for? In reality, it’s the simple things that make a happy life. It could be great health for your loved ones, a nice sporty car and the ability to not worry about your finances. One of the biggest desires the majority of people have is their humble abode be grand and marvellous. That big house on the hill is what dreams are made out of. But how could you shift your life into a pathway that gets your nearer or implements these aspirations?

architecture-white-villa-mansion-house-building-1147652-pxhere.comSource pxhere

Pin down the location style

The location of your dream home is just as important as the actual house itself. What an absolute shame it would be to move into what you perceive to be as a magnificent home, only to find you’re in danger of flooding or perhaps forest fires. If you are married or with a long-term partner, both of you need to sit down and discuss the location. You could aim for a snowy environment whereby you’re a little isolated or in a small village in a part of the country that experiences long winters. You could aim for the opposite by only giving homes in sunbathed areas the time of day. Sometimes you’ll view homes that are practically perfect and just what you’re looking for, but the elements might keep you and your wallet on your toes. Get a good understanding of the local weather, natural disaster potential, wildlife and advances in logistics such as broadband etc.

2224917035_88115fd957_zPhoto credit TheMuuj

The often overlooked challenge

Moving into your dream home isn’t like any other move. There’s a different mentality in the air that changes your behavior. Moving into an interim home has its own stressful scenarios, but the physical move has a less serious undertone. There are moving companies that can help you with the organization from top to bottom, big and small. A non-permanent move sometimes means you won’t bother to take the larger kitchen appliances or large furniture with you. Moving from apartments, shared houses and the like have their own moods because you’re not making such a big move. Your dream home, however, you’re making serious moves such as transporting heavy objects such as refrigerators, washing machines, and sometimes even air conditioning units. Don’t overlook the challenge in front of you when making a truly permanent move into a dream home.

There aren’t many things in life that have such a high prestige in many people’s lives. But the goal of chasing your dream home, that house on the hill, is a noble cause. Working hard all your life to then finally buy a home that you’ve always wanted is not out of reach. You just have to make the first few steps of planning foolproof. Look beyond or in fact around the home to survey the landscape and location. Be prepared to rip your current living space apart in order to move heavier appliances with you.

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Make Your Bed the Coziest Place on Earth

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Your bed is supposed to be your sanctuary and the place where you can go to relax and retreat from the rest of the world. It should also be there to help you get the vital restorative sleep that you need every night for both your physical and mental wellbeing. If it is not doing these things, it may be time to make one or two adjustments. Check out these tips to give you a helping hand in this area and turn your bed into the coziest place on Earth.

pexels-photo-279746Photo Credit

Invest in a Mattress Topper

Perhaps you have recently invested in a new mattress recently (in which case you should check out how long to air out new mattress) or you have had one for a while and you are looking for ways to make it that little bit more comfortable. One way of doing this is by getting a mattress topper which could be made of memory foam, feathers, or egg crate foam. This adds some extra support to your body and increases your comfort levels.

Choose Your Pillow Carefully

You will have undoubtedly noticed that pillows come in varying degrees of fluffiness and firmness. So, here is a general rule of thumb to follow if you are wondering what is the right kind of pillow for you. If you generally sleep on your side, you should choose a firm pillow; if you prefer to sleep on your back, a medium pillow is right for you; and if you like sleeping on your stomach, opt for a soft pillow.

Find a Good Comforter

A down comforter is especially nice during the long winter months, and the best kind feel both warm and breathable. And as an additional plus point, it can also help to make your bed look that little bit more stylish and inviting.

Add Some Extras

pexels-photo-763148Photo Credit

There are plenty of extras which you can add onto your bed depending on your personal preferences. To start off with, add some blankets and throws. You will probably want more during the winter months but you can easily start to remove them one by one as the weather gets warmer. Next, go for a few throw pillows. You may want to remove these when you are actually trying to drift off at night, but they are great for when you are lying in bed reading a book or watching a movie. On this note, a headboard can also be very good for these particular occasions. Use task lighting to create a reading nook for yourself.

Go for a Fluffy Rug

There is nothing worse than when that first step out of bed is onto a freezing cold wooden floor. So, try getting a fluffy rug to make your walk to the bathroom that little bit more pleasant.

Try using a combination of these different techniques to make your bed so cozy that you will never want to leave!  

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