Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Look And Feel Fabulous

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Sometimes change is a good thing. Overtime the things we thought made us look good actually make us look out of date and tired. This is obviously something we want to avoid at all costs. But if we have been dressing or wearing out hair the same way for decades, it can be very difficult to get out of the cycle. The style we donned in our youth provides us with some comfort, even if it does embarrass our children. It can be scary to put away our 80’s blue eyeshadow and clothes and go for more modern alternatives. But it can also give you a new lease of life and make you wish you had made the change sooner. Follow these simple ways to reinvent your look and send your confidence sky high.


If you’ve been applying your make up the way for years, it might be time to mix it up abit. Head to your local department store and have a consultation with a makeup expert. They will be able to revamp your look and show you new techniques and styles to try. A good beauty expert will consider your skin tone and take your style into account. You can explain what kind of look you want to achieve and they can help your create it with suitable products and brushes. Don’t be afraid to go with their suggestion and try out new things too.

While you’re refreshing your makeup, also think about introducing a new skincare and beauty regime into your life. This could include weekly manicures, getting dental implants or heading to a spa to utilise their services each month. Whatever you feel will make you feel great, it’s worth doing.



As we age our hair loses it’s thickness and often it turns grey. It can be tempting to cut your hair short to make it look thicker or dye it to cover the greys. Sometimes the simplest change can make all of the difference. You could try parting your hair in a different position to add volume to your roots. If you want to make a bolder change, try out a new hair colour or style. Ask your hairdresser to help you choose a colour or a new cut that will suit you. It will be hard for people to not notice such a bold new look and you’ll have a permanent smile on your face.



Reinventing your look will not be complete until you have dealt with your wardrobe. You need to declutter and get rid of anything that you don’t wear or like anymore. There’s no point keeping them if they are going unused. It can be difficult to part with items that hold a sentimental value to you, so why not store them elsewhere.  Your wardrobe needs to be functional and this process may reveal items you love that you had forgotten about. Now you have made this additional space, get a personal shopper to help you get more up to date. They may suggest things you hadn’t dreamed of trying that may look fabulous on you. Be open minded and honest about what you are looking for and you’re sure to be clothed to perfection in no time.

Reinventing your look can be an exciting and enjoyable process. If you feel good about the way you look, enjoy it. It’s a world of possibilities so try and find what look works for you.

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Fashion Boutiques: How To Get Attention Online

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Are you planning to start a new fashion boutique this year? Getting attention online can be tough because it’s a crowded marketplace. With that in mind, you’ll need to try lots of savvy techniques to ensure people remember your brand. The ideas on this page should be a great way to start. However, you’ll need to design more individualized strategies as you move forward. Until then, the suggestions below should come in handy.

Responsive website

Before you do anything else, you must pay for the construction of a responsive website. People who buy from your brand might use lots of different devices to access the internet. So, it is critical that your site displays properly across all platforms. Any decent web design company should be equipped to handle the job. Just read some online reviews to find the best in the business.

19936003706_c88dc928c7_zJenny Agasandian

Professional imagery

Unless you are an expert in photography, you will have to pay an expert to take some good snaps of your range. This is a fantastic step if you want to run a successful fashion shop. People are not going to buy clothing items without seeing how they look on a model. Make sure every product listing on your website is accompanied by an eye-catching image for the best results. You should try to get more than one photo of each item so you can swap and change. That will help to make your website appear fresh without you having to work too hard.

Social media campaigns

Running competitions and offers via your social media pages will always help you to gain more attention. You could also create customized free gifts to promote better brand recognition. The sales team at Custom On It say lots of business owners use that method. People like discounts and they like free products even more. Maybe you could ask people to “like” and “share” your status to be in with a chance of winning? That would help to ensure all their other friends on the site see your offer too. Keep following the same process, and your audience will soon grow.


Celebrity endorsements

Lots of designers send their latest clothing to celebrities in the hope they will wear it on TV. That is a strategy that has worked well in the industry for a long time. It doesn’t cost much money to send them a couple of items, but it could get you a lot of publicity. There are even agencies through which you can pay for celebrity endorsements. So, make sure you research the subject soon. It could be the perfect solution for thrusting your boutique into the spotlight.

The only other thing you need to worry about is paid online advertising. You need to identify the best tools and websites for your brand. There are lots of banner advertising platforms you could use, and they tend to produce good results. Just make sure you don’t invest too much cash until you’ve found the best targeting options. Luckily, there is no minimum investment if you want to use Google Adwords. There are also many guides online that offer tips and advice. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. It’s good to know I’m managing to help lots of new entrepreneurs find their feet.

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Check Out My Top Tips For Drilling Your Man Into Shape!

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man-474125_1280file source

When it comes to fashion, men are way behind us girls! Women pride themselves on their appearance and their ability to keep up with the latest fashion trends. That’s why our wardrobes are filled with classic, timeless pieces that we can throw on at a moment’s notice at any time of the year. It is all well and good that you look amazing when you step out in public, but what about your boyfriend? Unfortunately, he is going to make you look bad if he doesn’t pull his finger out and take more care of his appearance.

Trying to make a man do something he doesn’t want to do is not easy. After all, men are notoriously stubborn. But, with the tricks below, you might be able to do it without him even noticing! Before long, he might look as good as you do. Well, maybe not that good!

Start With Baby Steps

As I have already alluded to, when he realizes you are trying to change him he will rebel. It is almost like every man is ingrained to fight back when their girlfriends try to make them better. So, to begin with you want to start small and work your way forward. Maybe just suggest that a certain piece of clothing looks nice. One positive comment and it will make him think twice about making a purchase.

Buy Clothes For Him

When it is his birthday or a special occasion, buy a couple of pieces of clothing that you think will look nice. As it is a landmark occasion, he can’t accuse you of trying to dress him like a little child. Plus, as a woman and his girlfriend, you know what suits him and what doesn’t. Add in the fact that you keep up with the latest trends and this trick is a winner. Because the weather is turning colder, think about buying him a men’s shawl collar sweater for the autumn. They look great, and they are practical too!

Compliment Him

When he tries something different, you should compliment him and tell him how nice he looks. Men are just like us girls in the sense that they need positive reinforcement to feel their best. In truth, there aren’t too many men who are comfortable in their skin, even though they all give off that impression. A simple compliment will push him to maintain his new found fashion sense and take more risks.

Make It An Enjoyable Experience

Men hate shopping because they find it boring, whereas women love it because it is exciting. It is easy to see why a dichotomy has evolved over the years! But, you can change it by simply making the experience an enjoyable one. If it is something the two of you do as a couple, it is more likely he will take shopping seriously. Bonding and having alone time is a great way to get him interested. And, once he is interested, you won’t be able to stop him!

The most important thing to remember is not to push him too far. Obviously, you want him to look his best, but you don’t want to shame or humiliate him in the process. After all, a small part of you loves him because he couldn’t care less!

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How To Choose An Elegant Ladies Watch: Excellent Advice

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If you’re about to buy a new watch, I have some advice for you that just might help. As you know, I love fashion and accessorising. When people get it wrong, though, it can be a disaster. Every lady out there should have an excellent watch that she can wear all the time. Sure, most of our modern gadgets now have clocks on them, but there is something beautiful about a watch. If you want to invest in a great piece, you should follow my helpful advice.

5556810405_60a03164f9_zImagery Link

Keep up to date with fashion

If you want to look your best, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. Take a look at my fashion wish list for everything you need to know. A watch is more than just a functional thing – it is something that you will wear as a style choice. That means that it needs to suit you well and look incredible. If you are not sure which piece to get, you should spend some time looking for the right one. Don’t buy anything until you are 100% sure that it is right for you.

Make sure that you get the correct size

Do you know what your wrist size is? Many modern watches have links that you can take out if you need to do so. That means that you can make sure that the watch fits you well. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting watch, and so you need to get this part of it right. It is worth trying on many different watches before you choose the one that will suit you. Remember, if a watch doesn’t fit, you can always take it back and get a new one. After all,  it’s only the right thing to do.

Choose a timeless piece

There are some primary fashion rules that you should always stick to when it comes to buying new things. You should choose pieces that you will want to wear for years and years. There is a vast array of ladies watches out there, and so you need to choose one that suits you best. Again, it is worth checking out loads of different pieces before you choose one. Before you get a watch, you should choose whether you want a gold, silver or plain one. Then you can start looking at watches in that style. Think about what will match your wardrobe. That will be a massive help.

Buy quality, rather than quantity

Whenever you buy something that you will use all the time, you need to make sure that you get quality, not quantity. You should not have to buy a new watch every few months. Instead, it is worth spending more than you’d like to get a watch that will last for years and years. You might get a super cheap watch, but you have to question if it will break. Thanks for reading my advice. I hope that it helps you when you buy your next watch! Good luck, ladies!


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9 Best Dressed of all time at the MTV Video Music Awards

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Check out 9 Best Dressed of all time at the MTV Video Music Awards

by ThisIsCori at Mode

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Back to School Fashion for the Little Rock Star in Your Life

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Check out Back to School Fashion for the Little Rock Star in Your Life

by ThisIsCori at Mode

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How to Pick the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

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The temperature is slowly warming up. The days are getting longer. The laughter of kids fills the streets. That’s right, you guessed it… summer is here! Undoubtedly, you’ve already begun to pull out the shorts, sundresses, bathing suits, and short-sleeved shirts to prepare for the sunny season. But, there’s only one thing that can make a sizzling summer outfit complete — a new pair of stylish sunglasses.

woman-422706_1280Royalty free photo

It’s no secret that different sunglasses look better on different faces. Finding that just right pair can be a brutal task. Searching through endless pairs of shades until you find one that looks great is definitely not an idea way to spend those long, lazy summer days.

However, scoping out the perfect pair of sunnies doesn’t have to be a chore. By knowing which sunglasses naturally work with your face shape, you can cut down hours of search the shops, and spend that time relaxing by the pool.

Here are a few helpful steps to guide you in your hunt for the perfect pair of shades:

Step 1: Determine Your Face Shape

Trace your face shape in the mirror and compare it with pictures of similar face shapes. Sometimes it might be hard to determine an exact match, but go with the shape that you feel most closely matches your own. With a few quick measurements, you’ll know your true face shape in no time. Knowing your face shape is the crucial step into narrowing down hundreds of possible sunglass candidates to a few optimal picks.

Step 2: Match Sunglass Styles to Your Face Shape

The basic rule of thumb here is to contrast the shape of your face with the shape of the frames, while still keeping size in mind.  For example, a round face is widest across the cheekbones, but narrower along the jawline and forehead. Oversized, rectangular styles such as Wayfarer, Cat-Eye, and Square frames all work well to offset the roundness. Square face shapes usually have strong jawlines, a wide forehead, and wide cheekbones. Soften these features with smooth lines and rimless edges. Good choices for square shapes are Aviator, Shield, and Round sunglasses.

Step 3: Find a Brand You Love with Different Options for Your Face Shape

Now that you know which styles look best on you, find a brand you love! Many popular sunglass brands are offering lines with a variety of styles to work with any shape. For example, Ray Ban offers a whole line of colours and styles that will make sunglass shopping a breeze. Check out their shades here .

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to compliment your face can take some time, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing the above steps will definitely help you in the process.  However, remember, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to sunglass shopping. Keep your face shape in mind, but also your individual style and personality. That is the winning combination for successful summer style.

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Homemade Jewelry vs Shop Bought Jewelry

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We all like to have the best jewelry possible to accompany our various outfits. But there are all kinds of options to think about nowadays when it comes to jewelry. There are high street retailers offering budget items; you have independent sellers creating things, and there are the high-end brands. On top of all that, you can make your own jewelry by hand!

So, how do you decide which to buy? Your budget and individual style will play a big part in that decision-making process. But if you’re going to make the right decisions, you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks of homemade and high-end jewelry products!

Homemade Jewelry

There are two kinds of handmade jewelry to think about. The first is the type that you’ve made with your own hands; the second is handmade jewelry made by independent sellers. There are advantages associated with both kinds.

Making your own jewelry by hand is a great way to create something unique. There’s no chance of finding yourself at a party where someone in the room is wearing the same necklace as you if you made it yourself! You have to be able to get creative and original with your designs though.

There are no limits on what you can do when you’re designing jewelry. And just because you’re making it by yourself, that doesn’t mean you have to make cheap items. You could make a diamond necklace if you wanted to! You actually buy just loose diamonds and get creative with the neck band, and you have a homemade diamond necklace.

Buying from individuals who make and sell jewelry can be a great idea too though. This is a good option if you’re not the creative type, but still want to buy something a little different. You’ll usually find that the prices are much cheaper than what you’d pay in a shop as well. So, what’s not to like?

necklace-390088_1280Image Source

Shop Bought Jewelry

There are some benefits to buying your jewelry from a shop though. For a start, you have a much higher level of quality assurance. These items have been professionally crafted and aren’t likely to break easily as might be the case with an item you make yourself or buy from an independent seller.

High street shops sell their own ranges of jewelry, and you can get some great bargains if you look in the right places. Some people don’t like buying from high street shops when it comes to jewelry, but don’t make that mistake. Some of the items you’ll find will become staples of your collection.

The high-end jewelry retailers don’t offer the kind of thing most of us can afford to buy very often. But once in a while, or for a special occasion, they can be great to buy from. One great piece can give your entire wardrobe a touch of luxury and act as a centerpiece of you collection.
They key is to mix and match, find the best jewelry for you based on what compliments your style. Sometimes that’ll be homemade, and sometimes it’ll be shop bought!

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Hey Good Lookin’: Finding the Right Attire For Your Wedding

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Getting married is one of the biggest things that you can do in your adult life. But, it can also be insanely stressful. It’s time to take a step back and relax. Getting married should be about fun and love, not stressing about the small stuff. When it comes to your wedding day, you want to make sure that everyone is suitably dressed.

There are some great ways that you can ensure that everyone has the right attire. It’s all about thinking about your theme, your key ideas and finding the right clothes to suit everyone’s shapes.

Finding a Bridal Gown

Finding the ideal bridal gown can be a daunting task. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. The key is to take heed of the advice of the bridal store owner. They are an excellent resource when it comes to finding the right dress for you. Think about your body shape and what bits you would like to show off or cover up. Think about jewels or plain gowns. If you are usually quite plainly dressed, going for all out sparkles may look odd. You need to make sure that you are finding a dress that suits your everyday style. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should not try on every single kind of dress in the store. Try dresses on that you previously would not have considered. The key is to keep an open mind, and the right dress will come along.

Another pro tip is to make sure that you get a dress that fits you. So many ladies choose gowns that are too small in the hope that they will get them. Don’t do this! Get a dress that fits you. You can always take it in if you lose weight.

The Groom (He Needs an Amazing Suit)

The groom is important too. But, think about his comfort and his overall style before deciding for him. The top hat and tails look is not for everyone. So, choose a simple yet elegant three-piece style if his look is more laid back. He needs to be comfortable after all.

bride-453950_1280G Palmisano Adm

Dressing Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

Bridesmaids are known to bicker about their dresses. Nip that in the bud. It’s your day, and you should have what you want. Trying to get everyone to suit the same style is not going to work. But, opt for the same material and colour of the dress for a cohesive look. That way, everyone will look fabulous but have the right styles that flatter their figure. When it comes to flower girl dresses, always choose a white color and incorporate a sash with your colour theme. Little girls never truly suit block colour. White and cream tones are the way to go.

The Best Man

The best man, typically, has a suit that matches the grooms. But, if you are not keen on this, request that he hires their own suit. Make sure that he wears a suit that ties in with your theme. So, if your theme is blue and yellow, as that he wears a blue suit with a yellow tie. It’s a simple way to include them in your wedding theme, without having to spend a fortune.

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Quick and Easy Fashion Tips for Newbies

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Let’s get this straight: you’ve never really bothered concentrating on your fashion sense before, but you’ve decided to give it a go. Great stuff! People can tell a lot about you from the clothes you wear. Concentrating on your style is the perfect way to express your personality. Use these quick and easy fashion tips to get you started:

Make Sure Your Outfits are Balanced

The first thing you should do is learn how to balance your outfits. A balanced outfit will always look in proportion. You wouldn’t wear a long coat with a long skirt, for instance, as it would probably look out of place. You wouldn’t wear a short jacket with a short dress either, as it would look too much.

Find a Signature Style

Most of the time, it helps if you find a signature style and try to stick with it. Feel free to try different styles and trends, but most people can describe their style in a few words. It might be girly, punky, hippy…anything. It’s up to you and your personality!

5942547087_69b35bbcbb_zpicture credit

Always Feel Comfortable

You should never feel uncomfortable in something you wear. Your outfits should be so you that you don’t feel anything but comfortable in them. If you don’t feel right in an outfit, then it just isn’t for you. Your outfits say a lot about you, so remember that when picking out Islamic clothing or another style that you like.

Find Out What Suits Your Figure

People have different figures and body types, and specific styles of clothing can either enhance that or make you look out of proportion. I recommend researching the different body types and clothes that suit them. Of course you can work outside of the guidelines, it just helps to know what flatters you and what doesn’t. The same goes for colors; find out what suits your skin, hair and eyes.

Scour the Web for Inspiration

I always like to read other fashion blogs and look on Pinterest for inspiration. There will always be information out there on how to wear a specific item, so you don’t have to feel confused ever again!

Read Up on Gok Wan

Gok Wan is a fashion hero; he helps ladies of all shapes and sizes to feel good about themselves. He has a lot of books and advice out there on the web, so be sure to research him and use some of his techniques.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Finally, step out of your comfort zone a little. I know I said you had to feel comfortable, but it might be a good idea to try on something you would never normally wear, just to see how you feel. I’ve done this with shoes before and ended up loving them! You might be surprised at the new styles and trends that you adopt.

Make sure you feel confident above all else and you’ll look amazing without fail. Leave your comments with any tips you may have.

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