5 Secrets To Instantly Improve Your Appearance

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Looking good is an important part of modern society, and can improve your life in many different ways. Most importantly, though, it makes you feel good too.

Unsurprisingly, millions of us seek a better appearance. Many of us spend far too much time and money searching for the perfect solution. There isn’t one. However, you can improve your look dramatically in just a few simple steps.

Some of these steps can be completed in a matter of minutes. Some take a little longer. All of them are easy, though. Best of all, they don’t require weeks of starvation. Enjoy.

Improve Your Smile

Your smile says a lot about you and is one of the first things that anybody will ever notice. Consequently, it is a key contributor to your overall confidence. If you know there is a problem with your mouth, then it will impact the way you interact with others. In turn, that can elicit a far less attractive persona.

A lot of people will jump straight to teeth whitening, which is fine. However, those nasty looking fillings are often the most unappealing aspect of your smile. This can be rectified quickly with safe mercury filling removal, and will instantly improve that grin.

The Right Eyewear

Millions of people around the world wear glasses or contact lenses. It isn’t a big deal. What is important, though, is that you have found the right eyewear to suit your face.

A change of glasses can dramatically change your facial appearance. There are plenty of online resources to find the best pair for you and your look. Alternatively, you can always seek the advice of the receptionist in your local opticians. Or take a friend with you.

Get The Blood Pumping

Ever noticed how your body looks better and more toned after a solid workout? If you are in need of instant improvements to your body’s appearance, then a quick workout might be just the answer.

The improvements won’t be long lasting, but it will make you feel better for the short-term. Sometimes that’s all we need.

Treat Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it needs to be treated well. Good skin care can promote a whole host of benefits, but aesthetic appearance is one of the biggest.

There are many measures that can be taken to promote long-term improvements. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, then you should use an exfoliating cleanser followed by the right makeup application.


If you’ve not been sleeping well, people will notice. It’s easy to spot someone that hasn’t got their 40 winks, and tiredness doesn’t look attractive. Sorry to break it to you.

A good night’s sleep will bring plenty of benefits to your bodily functions. Nonetheless, an improved appearance is the most obvious reward. You’re supposed to get roughly eight hours of sleep per night, which should tell you just how important it is to your health and look.

Don’t let it pass you by.

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Top 5 Signs You’re Getting Older And What To Do About Them

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Taking care of our looks is what makes us feminine and beautiful. It has a huge impact on our mental and emotional health too. Our friends notice when something is wrong. It may be our hair needs combing, or the makeup didn’t get applied this morning. These are warning signs to our friends that something isn’t right in our world. Perhaps it’s just a hangover or missing the wake-up alarm!

Life does sometimes get in the way of a good beauty routine. As we get older and have other life responsibilities how we look may matter a little less. However, getting older has another awful side effect on how we look. Signs of aging include yellowed teeth, wrinkles, saggy skin, weight gain and poor complexion. Here are some handy tips to beat those  five signs as they start to creep up on you:

  1. Teeth – Teeth weaken and yellow the older we get. Start to protect them now with a really good hygiene plan. Floss and brush at least twice a day. Try to avoid staining foods and drinks like curries and coffees. Take care of your enamel with a good toothpaste designed to protect and enforce it. Keep away from fizzy water and pop drinks.
  2. Wrinkles – Our faces are the most important part of our look. We spend a lot of money on beauty products each year to keep our skin looking fresh and youthful. From our mid-twenties, wrinkles will try to become more visible. A good moisturizer keeps them at bay for a little while. Wrinkles may remain prominent without botox or treatment from somewhere like YMD Eye & Face. Crows feet and lines between the eyebrows are the biggest problems.
  3. Saggy Skin – Bat wings, tummy rolls, and flabby thighs are just some of the signs of getting older. Elasticity in our skin starts to reduce from our mid-twenties. Keep the skin moisturized and drink plenty of water. Exercises to tone muscles can help reduce the visual effect of saggy skin. Saggy skin is particularly problematic if you have lost a lot of weight. Try not to let weight fluctuate rapidly.
  4. Weight Gain – This is usually a big problem after pregnancy. Having a baby changes your body shape permanently but it also changes your daily routines. If you’re thinking about having children, get into a good exercise routine you can keep up even with kids in tow. Your tummy will be prone to storing more fat than before, and you may find convenience food easier to fall back on. Take care to consider a good diet in advance of family planning.

5388146683_2f9988f45c_z (1)Image from Flickr

5. Complexion – Age changes our skin texture. It dries and thickens, and circulation is reduced. Diet and exercise help improve these problems. Most importantly, choose skincare products relevant to your age as you get older. Steer clear of those blemish control products. They’re just too harsh on older skin.

Aging is so hard on our looks! Fortunately, we can battle against it for many years yet. Looking good is important, so take care of your body from the inside out to maintain your looks. Choose from cosmetic treatments or preventative measures to look good for decades to come.

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European Wax Center South Florida Summer Tip Sheet with Melanie Gilliland

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Ready or not, summer is almost here! But no need to worry, there is a European Wax Center (EWC) near to help you reveal your beautiful skin just in time to show it off.

This summer, confidently dare to go bare-with head to toe body care tips from Melanie Gilliland, beauty expert at EWC who has traveled around the country sharing her expertise for internal corporate development as well as industry events/expos. Attached is her guide to “Summer Lovin”, inspiring you to flaunt beautiful skin for a fun, fabulous and carefree season while feeling and looking your best.

10651154523_5a4208f1c4_zPhoto credit

EWC South Florida Summer Tip Sheet with Melanie Gilliland

Treat yourself to “Summer Lovin” with Melanie Gilliland, beauty expert at EWC who has traveled around the country sharing her expertise for internal corporate development as well as industry events/expos and European Wax Center for a Fun, Fabulous & Carefree Season!

Summer is one of my favorite seasons! What’s not to love, sunshine and fresh air? While many of us enjoy the outdoors, we also dread some of the beauty “must-dos” that come with the season, from dieting to revitalizing dull complexions and tidying up the hair down there. But getting glam in time for summer doesn’t have to be a hassle!

Follow this no sweat guide to revealing beautiful skin from head to toe, for the ultimate summer glow with the help of European Wax Center.

  • Goddess Glow: Beauty starts from the inside out. There is no need to go on an intense diet or cleanse, summer is all about fun and setting such rigid restrictions can be uninspiring and counterproductive. Instead, just incorporate more fruits and veggies to your meals and substitute sodas and juices with water. Drink plenty of water!  In the hot weather you’ll actually crave these eats and H20 since they are refreshing.  Not only will they provide hydrating relief, but when you incorporate these regularly into your diet you’ll notice a more luminous glow and BONUS: reduced bloating.
  • Tidy Up: Say farewell to the hair down there with a bikini wax. A bikini wax ensures you’re a smooth sight and lets you feel free to bare it all at the beach or any other setting that requires a little less attire. Be sure to reveal the beautiful skin around other areas of the body which are usually undercover like you’re under arms and legs. For a full list of services visit: http://www.waxcenter.com/waxing/women.
  • Show Off Those Curves: Hit the beach and strut your stuff! Go roller blading, enjoy a bike ride, just embrace your body and get active. Exercise releases toxins, again enhancing beautiful skin and it puts you in a good mood. When you feel good, your confidence shines through allowing you to have a fun, fabulous and carefree season.
  • Share “Summer Lovin”: This summer when you head to EWC to get glam, all first time visitors get a complimentary wax and even if it’s not your first time, anytime you share the “Summer Lovin” by referring a guest, you get $5 off your next service. They say sharing is caring, so what are you waiting for? Go get your summer waxing on!
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Going On Vacation? Don’t Forget These Beauty Products

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I loved to travel before I had kids, and as a mom, I still love to travel. I’m the kind of person who gets excited about booking my next vacation a few days after returning from my last, if I could, I would always be on the road.

As someone who has taken many family vacations, I have finally got to grips with the organization and precision that is needed to execute a successful family trip. However, there is one area of vacation planning that took me a lot longer to get my head around, and that’s my beauty products.

HA0478 - Journey Planning. Lifestyle Images Portraying The Three Main Elements Of A Journey: Planning The Route, Travelling And Reaching Destination.Photo credit

It might sound strange, but until a couple of years ago, I always use to struggle knowing what to pack, in terms of makeup and beauty bits. However, I am proud to say that I have now cracked it, so I thought I would share my knowledge with you, in case anyone else is the same boat.

Here’s my guide to all the makeup and beauty essentials you need to pack for your next vacation:

Beauty products:

Okay, so let’s start with beauty products. I use to really struggle knowing what to pack for my trip away and couldn’t get my head around how much of each product would be enough.

Shampoo and condition are, of course, a must. Depending on how long you are going away for and how often you wash your hair, a full-size bottle of each should be perfect.

While you could take your normal shampoo along, it might be more beneficial for you hair to take shampoo and conditioner formulated for holiday hair. Seawater, sand, sun, etc., all take their toll on your hair.

Shower gel is another essential. Ideally, you want to choose a shower gel that is mild and gentle and won’t irritate your skin should you fall fail to sunburn or heat rash. I always find that natural products are best for this.

To keep your skin soft and well hydrated, moisturiser is also crucial. For your body, why not invest in a bottle of Nivea’s in-shower moisturizer? It makes moisturizing much easier and avoids the issue of getting moisturizer everywhere.

If you moisturize your face every morning, as well as every evening, it might be worth investing in a moisturizer with SPF protection. That way you can moisturize and then go out in the sun without worrying.

To ensure that your skin stays healthy while you are away, facial scrub is another essential product. Ideally, you want to choose an exfoliator that is chemical-free and extra moisturizing, instead of an exfoliator that dries out your skin.

Makeup products:

The first thing to know about choosing makeup products for vacation is that is you intend on wearing them during the day; it is crucial that you pack products with an SPF factor.

Don’t pack foundation, in the warm weather foundation is a nightmare. Instead, opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer – BB cream is probably your best bet as it’s like foundation, concealer and primer all rolled into one.

The heat from the sun means that makeup won’t stay in place for very long. To help keep your makeup in place for longer; a translucent powder is essential. Ideally, you want a powder that is translucent but has a slight tint to it, like this Ben Nye banana powder.

Make sure that any eye makeup you pack, including eyeliner, eye shadow and 3d fiber lash mascara are all waterproof. Otherwise, the warm weather could leave you resembling a panda – not exactly, the look you want.

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Summer Hairstyles I Can’t Wait To Try Out

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There is something about the summer season that makes us all more experimental and creative with our clothing, makeup, and hair. The brightness and warmth seem to make us all happier and more confident in ourselves. I for one cannot wait to try out all the beautiful hairstyles I’ve come across recently on beauty blogs and in fashion magazines. From pleats to ponytails to curls, I’ve got a lot to get through! I hope you find some ideas in here that you too want to give a go this summer.


Braids (in all shapes, sizes, and directions)

Braids continue to be very popular with us ladies. And it’s not hard to see why. They are so versatile, pretty, and they suit everyone. I’ve come across some really intricate and tricky styles that look absolutely amazing, but a lot of work. If you are up for the effort, good for you. I think I’d find these styles too time-consuming and frustrating so I’ll be opting for easier but just as pretty braids. I love big bohemian side braids, especially when they incorporate ribbons or flowers. I think this is the perfect style for a festival, garden party or picnic at the park. Another look I’ll be trying is tiny braids dispersed throughout the hair. This gives a really beautiful laid-back feel and would be perfect for a day at the beach.


Beach babe waves

No summer would be complete without giving your hair the beach babe treatment! Most people think this look only works if you have long hair. But I think waves in short hair also look super cute.There are a few different ways to get beach babe waves but the one I intend to try out is this:

  • Use your curling irons to create a mixture of thin, medium and chunky curls throughout your hair.
  • However, don’t curl entire sections of hair. Leaving a little but uncurled at the bottom creates the best effect.
  • Turn your head upside down and shake gently to loosen up the curls.
  • Apply a sea salt hair spray to complete your tousled textured look.


Super sleek ponytail

I love a sleek ponytail; it looks so sophisticated. Also, this style is so versatile. It looks right at home with a casual weekend outfit, at work or on a glamorous night out. To get your ponytail as smooth as possible, it really helps to straighten your hair first. If you don’t already have one, I would recommend getting the best hair straightener you can afford, as the cheaper ones won’t do nearly as good a job. A quality hairspray will also help to keep flyaways at bay. The trend at the moment is low ponytails, but this style doesn’t suit everyone, so I think it’s best to position it wherever you feel it looks best.

Well there you have it, the hairstyles I’ll be wearing next season. I hope you have gathered some inspiration for your own locks. Here’s to having fabulous hair this summer!


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Four Top Tips For A Clear Complexion

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It’s very rare to find someone with a naturally clear complexion. Most of us have issues with our skin from wrinkles and blemishes to age spots and dark circles. These problems, because they are in such a visible place, can make us feel self-conscious and unhappy. But enough of all this doom and gloom already! We need to stand up against our skin bugbears and combat them once and for all. The good news is that are so many different things you can try, from simple lifestyle changes to specific treatments, any one of which could be the solution to your skin issues. Here are my top tips for a clearer complexion.

1. Speak to a skin care specialist

One of the best steps you can take towards clearer skin is to have it looked at by an expert. Everybody’s skin is different. The tips in this post are general. So as well as following this advice you should seek guidance that is specific to your skin. A skin expert will perform an analysis of your skin and recommend specific care. This could include hyperpigmentation treatment options, supplements and lifestyle changes. If you don’t know where to find such a service, try searching for skin care specialists in your area or asking your family, friends or colleagues for a recommendation. But remember to read reviews from previous customers before booking an appointment.

5388146683_2f9988f45c_zImage from Flickr.com

2. Clean up your lifestyle

There are many things that you may be doing that are contributing, or even causing, your skin issues. Such habits include smoking, drinking, eating an unhealthy diet, not wearing sun protection and not getting enough sleep. It’s important to educate yourself on what aspects of your lifestyle could be causing visible skin problems and taking steps to reduce or eliminate them.

3. Deal with stress

Stress causes skin problems. Think about it; when you have an important meeting or interview coming up what always happens? You get a HUGE zit! Stress has a tendency to linger under the surface. So take precautions rather than dealing with it after it has reared its ugly head. Make long walks, yoga and meditation part of your weekly routine.

4. Hydrate your skin

And you should do this both internally and externally. There are many benefits that come from drinking water, and a clearer complexion is just one of them. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins in your body, leading to brighter, fresher skin. But drinking lots of water is not enough to hydrate our skin properly. We must also hydrate externally by using moisturizers. This routine helps to minimize wrinkles, combat dry and tight skin and gives an overall even and soft appearance. Find a product that is right for your skin type (the skin care specialist should be able to advise on this) and apply morning and evening for the best effect.

So, don’t just muddle through feeling unhappy with your skin. As you can see, there are many changes and treatments to try. Start by speaking to the experts, and you will be one step closer to achieving a clearer complexion.

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8 Awesome Tips To Help You Look Younger Than You Are

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12372491545_8c49f45a3c_zFlickr: Alexandra Zakharova

Wouldn’t you like to knock a few years off your real age? Of course, you would. Every woman in the world would like to look a little younger than she is, and I am sure that you are no different. When you have children, it seems as though your beauty regime takes a back seat to the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are eight awesome tips to help you shed those years.

1. Wear sunscreen

Getting a tan might seem like an excellent idea, but science shows that it damages your skin more than you know. If you want your skin to stay firm and wrinkle-free, you need to wear sunscreen all the time. Wear a cream with an SPF of forty or more for the best results.

2. Get the right moisturizer

Your moisturizing routine should be simple and easy to remember. You need to use a cream that suits your skin, while making it appear fresh and new. The Lifecell All-in-One anti aging cream is the perfect example of an action-packed moisturizer. Remember, you need to use the cream twice a day so that your skin does not dry out at all.

3. Choose a flattering hair color

You might think that going bleach blonde will make you look young, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. If you pick a hair color that does not suit your face or skin tone, it will add years to the way you look. Ask your hairdresser for their expert opinion and take things from there.

4. Whiten your teeth

If you are a smoker or a coffee drinker, you might find that your teeth look a little yellow or gray. Look in the mirror and smile. Could your teeth be whiter than they are? If they could, you can get a home dye kit to whiten your teeth.

5. Perfect your makeup routine

Sometimes, the way you do your makeup can make you look old. If you have not changed your makeup routine in the last ten years, it is time to do so. You can get a free consultation at your local department store. The makeup artist will show you how to update your makeup in no time at all.

6. Brighten up tired eyes

If your eyes look dull and lifeless, you can solve that problem right away. There are now loads of eye drop solutions that help to put the sparkle back into your eyes. You should shop around until you find the right solution for you. Read the directions on the pack and make sure that you stick to them.

7. Stop eating salt

You don’t have to change your diet altogether, but there is one thing you should cut out. If you eat loads of salt with every meal, you will be making yourself look older than you are. Salt helps your body to keep fluids, and that means that you start to bloat and look fat. If you can, you should stop adding salt to your meals.

8. Get less sleep than you do now

You might think that getting loads of sleep will make you look youthful. In fact, studies have shown that people who oversleep look older than people who sleep just six hours per night. After a hard day at work, you might feel as though you need to sleep for hours and hours, but you don’t.


Every woman deserves to feel great about the way she looks. If you don’t like your current appearance, there is still time to change it for the better. These awesome tips will help you along the way to being the best you that you can be!

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Beauty Tips For Busy Mom’s

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kids-286834_1280(Photo credit)

Whilst being a mom is hard work, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. However, what with hectic work schedules, child care itineraries and after school routines. It can feel like you never have a minute to yourself, let alone time to fit in a beauty regime.

Finding the time for keeping up your beauty regime can be somewhat challenging when you are running about after the kids and cooking dinner. By the time you have a minute to yourself you are most probably exhausted.

To help you fit a beauty regime into your busy schedule we have put together a few quick and easy beauty tips below:

Tip 1: Get a good haircut

Ask your hairdresser to give you an easy to perfect hair-do. Explain that you want something you can let dry naturally that looks great even if you don’t have time to style it properly.

For a mommy-friendly do, opt for a style that rests between your chin and shoulders, preferably no longer. You want something that is not too long to manage, but can still be pulled back into a tidy ponytail or bun.

Tip 2: Invest in a good concealer

If you are up in the night with the kids, you are going to end up with dark circles under your eyes. Invest in a good concealer that is quick and easy to apply and gives you maximum coverage.

For excellent coverage try MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. It offers good coverage, looks natural and lasts all day long – so is perfect for busy mommies.

Tip 3: Take a shower at night

Swap your morning shower to the evening. That way you won’t be rushing and once the kids are in bed, you can spend as much time preening as you want to. Use your evening shower time to pamper yourself – wash your hair, shave your legs, exfoliate your face, etc.

An excellent facial exfoliator that is super gentle and effective is L’occitane’s Riz Rice facial scrub. For shaving your legs, Forever’s Hand and Face soap (can be used all over the body) is great – it is gentle and lathers well.

Tip 4: Use an in-shower moisturizer

Instead of moisturizing once you get out the shower, opt for an in-shower moisturizer. They are quick and easy to use, leave no sticky or oily residue and can be quickly washed off.

The simplicity and quickness of in-shower moisturizers make them perfect for busy moms. No more having to sit and wait for your moisturizer to dry before you can get dressed.

Tip 5: Take care of your body

If there is an area of your body that requires special care, like your pores or perhaps your post-pregnancy stretch marks, make time to take care of them. For instance, to help reduce your stretch marks, you could invest in a tube of the best Stretch Mark Cream.


It is important that you feel confident about your body, so make sure you make time to look after it properly.

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Beautiful Curls Easily with Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

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kiss instawaveDisclosure:  I received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.kiss instawave

As Moms, we don’t have all of the time in the world to get ready. I usually just brush my hair and go on my way. Or of course there is the classic mom pony. Ugh! I must admit, when I first was asked to try out the Kiss InstaWave I was really skeptical. I have a lot of hair that doesn’t like to curl easy. Plus, I’ve tried other curlers that were just so complicated and didn’t actually curl my hair and even worse, they tangled my hair!

kiss instawave 2Thankfully  the Kiss InstaWave super easy to use. And since I have A LOT of hair and it’s pretty long so I was worried it was going to be a tangled mess. To my surprise this didn’t tangle my hair at all. I have tried several other products and without fail, it usually ends in a tangled mess and with huge frustration. No thanks! With one touch of a button, the “Curl Dial” instantly and automatically catches your hair and curls it neatly. It did take me a few tries to master the techniques, but now I think I have it down to a science. To make my curls last longer I sprayed hairspray before and after each curl and that seemed to hold them in place. The Kiss Instawave makes nice, loose, beachy curls. My favorite!

instawaveWhile the directions on the website and the package indicate that you can achieve different size curls with the InstaWave, I’ve yet to figure that little trick out. But I refuse to give up! I will have this bad boy mastered in no time!

This is the perfect gift idea for a teen or even another busy mom. You can score this gem at  Ulta.com or at Target.com

kiss instawave quide

• Patent Pending Curl Dial: Creates Tangle-Free curls in both Left or Right directions
• Diamond-Ceramic Ionic Technology: Healthy, shiny styling results with less frizz and damage
• 420˚F Max Temperature: Professional grade temperature locks in curls
• Auto Shutoff: Automatically shuts off after 90 minutes
• Power Control Switch: High/Low Temperature Settings
• Good for use on all hair lengths and types

  • Number of Pieces: 1

  • Used For: Hair Styling, Curl

  • Hair Type: All Hair Types

  • Barrel Size: 1″

  • Features: One-Button Operation, Multiple Heat Settings, Ceramic heating elements, Swivel Cord, LED Indicator Light, Corded

  • Material: Ceramic, Plastic

  • Heat Maximum: 420 degrees

  • Heating Time: 30.0 Sec.

  • Number of Heat Settings: 2

  • Power Source: Electric

  • Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth

  • Battery: no battery used

My video

The professional’s video 😉

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Be Hair-Free With Silk’n Flash&Go

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Silk'n Flash&GoDisclosure:  I received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.flashandgobox

Silk’n Flash&Gois a revolutionary light-based system for permanent results at home. Now you can remove unwanted hair forever on your body and face – all with gentle pulses of light that disable hair growth. It’s the safe way to get smooth, beautiful skin. 

  • Removes unwanted hair with permanent results
  • Easy and safe to use on the body and face
  • Perfect for sensitive areas
  • Saves hundreds of dollars VS. professional treatments
  • No more waxing, shaving or plucking

Silk'n Flash&Go2Say goodbye to unwanted hair at home!

Silk’n Flash&Go is a revolutionary light-based system for permanent results. It’s perfect for sensitive areas like bikini lines but versatile enough for larger areas like legs and arms.

  • Removes unwanted hair on body and face with permanent results
  • Easy, safe and painless
  • Perfect for sensitive areas
  • Saves hundreds of dollars vs. professional treatments
  • Works on areas big and small
  • No more waxing, shaving or plucking

What makes Flash&Go different?

Flash&Go uses gentle pulses of light energy to physically disable hair growth. Light energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature. The result is a virtually painless process that eliminates hair and provides permanent results.

  • FDA cleared technology
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Can be used on body and face

Is Flash&Go right for you?

Use the chart below to see if Flash&Go is right for your skin color.

Your Flash&Go system comes complete with:
  • One handheld Flash&Go hair removal device
  • One preinstalled narrow lamp cartridge with 5,000 pulses and a spot size of 4cm2
  • Instructional DVD

My review:

I never wanted to wear shorts or tank tops because of the fear of “did I forget to shave?”  Not a good fear to have. Especially when you have darker hair. It’s much easier to see.  Plus, being the busy mom that I am I don’t have time to shave every time I shower. Who does? So I was super excited when I found out I would get to try out the Silk’n Flash&Go™.

I was shocked at how easy this system was to use. My biggest fear was the pain it might cause, but to my surprise it actually didn’t hurt at all. Some of the time there was a slight smell of burnt hair but it only lasted a few seconds.  No big deal. So far I have done my arms which were really hairy before and also my face and underarms.  I’ll be starting my legs and bikini area hopefully soon.

It is a simple “wand” that plugs into an outlet.  Once you turn it makes a quiet fan noise.  You basically put it on your skin and push the trigger button for the light to pulse in the area that is touching the tip.  Easy enough! Then you move the tip to the next spot and “zap” it again.  Each tip has a set number of pulses before you need to replace the tip.  I like that it covers a larger area than another system I previously tried which means I get done much faster since I can cover a larger area at one time.  The only drawback is that with a limited number of pulses per tip, I am limited to the number of different places I can treat right now.  I am treating a few areas now and once I am done treating those areas I’ll start with other areas.  I just didn’t want to only have a few sessions done for each area and run out of pulses.  Of course I can always buy another tip with more pulses but for now I am sticking using it on the most important parts of my body to get hair free!

It’s going to take a few months and multiple cycles to tell if it is working the way it’s fully supposed to though. I will have to keep you posted!

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