Can Your Home Be Green and Warm?

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Making your house warm and keeping healthy can be a challenge at this time of year. People often tend to fall back onto whatever options they have inherited with their home. This means making do with outdated systems that are inefficient and sometimes unhealthy. It is a good time to consider how our heating options are working for us. There are real green options for the home that can keep us warm and healthy at the same time.

A healthy home is an insulated home.

Ensure that your home is well insulated. Check up on the roof space and ensure that there is a good thick layer of insulation fitted snuggly between the rafters. All exterior walls of the house should be insulated. Older style houses may need to have their walls lined. This is especially true if there are no cavities in the wall. Houses that are built with stud walls can have insulation fitted. It might mean that the walls have to be re-lined. This is quite an extensive job. But it will make a huge difference to the energy efficiency of the home.

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Floors should be sealed or covered.

Timber floors can look aesthetically pleasing. In the winter, they may be prone to draughts and leaks. This can let in the cold and prevent you from warming your house efficiently. Laying a carpet or rug will help the problem. Another solution would be to seal the floor. It might be possible to insulate the floor from underneath. This is fiddly but not technically difficult and an ideal DIY project.

Windows should be double glazed.

Double glazed windows help reduce heat loss. They will also prevent the cold from coming in. Installing double glazing is vital for an energy efficient home. It will also means that there is less condensation in the air and less moisture. This will also mean a healthier home. Another way to take moisture and excess condensation out of the air is to use a dehumidifier. These work away quietly, and it can be astounding to see the amount of moisture they collect.

Install an up to date heating system

There is no doubt that modern heat pumps are one the best most efficient and cleanest ways of heating our homes. They cost less to run and use less energy. The heat they produce is better for us. They are all round cleaner and quieter systems. Many modern houses incorporate them. Make sure that if you have a heat pump it is regularly serviced by an Enhanced HVAC Contractor. They will be well placed to advise you on the best way to look after your system and enable you to get the most from it.

Passive Solar Heating

Solar heating is another way to produce both heat and hot water. Underfloor heating systems and passive heating solutions are changing the way we are thinking about houses. Solar roof panels are serious options for most homes.

Ultimately running a greener home is all about using natural energy. It is about efficiency but is also about technology helping the process. There are very real options for you to explore if this is a road you would like to travel down. The result could well be a cleaner, greener and warmer home for you and your family.

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