Brinno LCD Screen PeepHole Viewer With Image Recording and Knock Sensor Product Review

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Do you have a hard time seeing out of your tiny peephole?
Is your peephole too high for you or your children to see out of?
I’m only 5’0″ and I have always had to stand on my tiptoes to see out of most peepholes.  I was so excited to find the PeepHole Viewer by Brinno.  They make several models.  The original version of Brinno’s PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD Panel to display who is at your door.  It turns a hard to see image into a big, bright image that is easy to be seen by adults and children alike.   The Brinno peepholes are also great for the elderly as well with it’s easy, one button operation.
Brinno’s second generation PeepHole Viewer comes with a 3″ vertical LCD screen that shows a big, bright image but it also has an Image Recording function.  This is the version I received to review.  Installation was fast and easy.   It took no longer than 5 minutes to install it from start to finish.   No need to drill any new holes.  And it is so easy to use, even children can use it to see who is at the door.  My children know never to open the door no matter who is at the door, but now they can easily see who the visitor is and let me know.
When you press the power button, it will record the visitor’s photo on a MicroSD card (not included), too.

I was also given the optional knock sensor.  With the knock sensor installed, whenever someone knocks on the door, the PeepHole Viewer turns on and records a picture of the visitor.  Now I never have to wonder who stopped by my house when I wasn’t home.
 I LOVE our Brinno PeepHole Viewer.  I feel much safer knowing that my children and I can all see who is at the door.   This is a great product for anyone with a family.  It is also great for anyone who has trouble seeing out of a small peephole.

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Brinno also make a line of time lapsed cameras, too.
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