Bringing Far Away Lands Straight Into Your Home’s Interior Design

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The home is the space that you don’t see really occupying, but rather exist in. Occupying would mean the living space is purely temporary and without and connection to you and your way of life. To exist in your home is to live in among surroundings completely of your choice and thus reflective of your personality and possible outlook on life. To make big changes to your home, you have to be willing to express yourself without any holding back. Bringing far away lands back home to your interior design is one of the bravest yet fascinating decisions you can make. Whether you’ve been on holiday to these distant lands and want to remember them forever, or you simply want to make a few changes in your home, that would shrug off the boredom. Bringing about such changes isn’t out of the ordinary, and actually, you have a plethora of choices for your interior style regarding this.

Low-back_armchair,_China,_late_Ming_to_Qing_dynasty,_late_16th-18th_century_AD,_huanghuali_rosewood_-_Arthur_M._Sackler_Gallery_-_DSC05918Image by – Daderot

Chinese living room

Bringing the Asian country of China, into your home is a splendid boast of being cultured and in tune with such wonderful history, regarding interior design. You could hang up calligraphy paintings, by artists who do wonderful drawings of the local wildlife and vegetation where they live. The excellent, smooth, thick black lines come from artists who have been practicing this amazing pastime for years and years, sometimes decades. You may also find that small, Chinese wooden chairs, with a deeper-set structure, made from a dark hardwood, would be excellent to accompany your living room. The cushions are often stuffed with wool, and the sharp and very-detailed floral prints are a masterful display of the love of nature the Chinese culture expresses. The unique, spiral and rhomboid wooden carvings along the back of the chair, are finely on show.

7514067582_3657dfa127_zPhoto by – Maja Dumat

Tropical bedroom

Of all places in the home, your bedroom should be giving vegetation a home. You can have a large leafed areca palm plan with wonderful sprouting long and wide leaves or a wide and flat-leafed prayer plant from tropical regions of the world. These accompanying plants should be met with an assortment of beach furniture tailored for bedrooms. With drawers and lounging chairs, with a design influence taken from the southern hemisphere, the delicate colors of bronze and brown could greatly impact your mood. Choose from the Bali Hai, Island Fusion, Ivory Key and many, many more styles and variations to bring in a harmonizing effect into your bedroom. The sense of being in a far away, mugging, moist and hot climate, is almost palpable when you have this kind of interior design for your sleeping quarters.

Jamaican lounge

Jamaica is a land of funky music and a vivid love of the exuberant and boisterous nature of the human condition. For your lounging area or room, you could incorporate a bright red, sofa made out of fabric or leather. The walls could have tribal inspired reggae music and artists performing with passion and excitement. You can also paint the walls in brighter colors too, such as sky blue, impactful oranges as well as the yellow and green of the country’s flag. Spruce it up a bit with a sense of liveliness and joy.

Bringing home far away lands so that they may be infused within your own home is a great alternative to the modern interior design route. You can play with the furnishings and decor a lot more since the styles are open to being completely customized without veering off track so easily.


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