Bow Snappers- Product Review

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Some companies contact me and ask that I review their products.  With Bow Snappers, I contacted them because I loved their product concept and wanted to try them out for myself.  Bow Snappers is a neat interchangeable bow system.  Each bow has a snap in the middle, hence the name, and they all snap together so you can mix and match your bow styles.  You can layer as many bows as you like to match your outfits.  Then they have Bow Toppers that finish off the top of your bow so you can’t see the snaps.

Here is my younger daughter with a 5 layer Bow Snapper including a bow topper.

My girls love picking out what bows their are going to wear each day and they get so many compliments on them.  Bow Snappers are so versatile be they make so many different products to attach your bow snappers to.  They have horseshoe headbands, pony tail holders, alligator clips, French clips, side combs, lace headbands, stretchy headbands, crocheted headbands, beanies, caps, and more.  They even have bows for tote bags, socks, hats, and even sleeve snappers to accessorize your outfits.  Plus they have scarves for pets, too.

I just noticed that the bow was upside down when I took the picture.  Oops!  But you can see how you can change the look so easily from one bow to several layers.

Want to buy your own Bow Snappers?  Go to and use code CCC25off to get 25% off!

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  1. My favorite product is the chunky bows!

  2. sheri grennille says:

    i like the jingle snappers, but i’d let my daughter choose her fav if i was ordering.

  3. I really like the chunky bows…they are super cute.

  4. christi baham willie says:

    I LOVE the Jingle Snappers….To Cute!!!!

  5. I like the Double Knot Spiked Bows – especially the hot pink/zebra one.

  6. Nikolette B says:

    I love the flowers!

  7. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I like the Red Poinsettia bow.

  8. I liek the tiger one. Thank you

  9. Rhonda Heusinkveld says:

    My niece would look so cute in these. They would make a great Birthday present.

  10. Rhonda Heusinkveld says:

    I like the butterfly snappers

  11. Judy Bradley says:

    I like the princess set!

  12. Larissa brunken says:

    Cross loop bows

  13. Elizabeth Braun says:

    I like the Double Knot Spiked Bows

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