Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass Nintendo DS™ Game Product Review

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Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass (Nintendo DS™) offers on-the-go fun, featuring songs that include fan
favorites such as “Windows Down,” “Til I Forget About You,” and “Boyfriend.” Players follow along to
the beat of the selected tracks, using the touch screen to tap, hold, drag and scribble on cue to earn
maximum points. Fans can watch music-style videos to see behind-the-scenes views of the band in
action from on stage to the tour bus and more.
First select your profile.
Next choose your song from “Big Night”, “I Know You Know”, “Boyfriend”, “Elevate”, “Til I Forget About You”, “Windows Down”, and More!  The higher your score the more songs you unlock.The object of the game is to keep the beat to get Big Time scores.  Use your stylus to tap and slide the marks on the screen to keep the beat with Big Time Rush songs.  The better your score the more songs you unlock.
My girls love watching Big Time Rush on tv and have even been to one of their concerts.  They were very excited to get an opportunity to try out the Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass (Nintendo DS™) game.  They both enjoyed the Big Time Rush songs but found the game challenging.  To succeed in this game you have to hold your stylus on various circles and shapes as the outline gets smaller, etc.  It was hard for them to do this to the beat of the music so they got frustrated with the game.   It reminded me of my first time trying to play Guitar Hero.  I had a hard time keeping up with the cord changes because I have no rhythm.  I was easily frustrated because I couldn’t pass the first few songs I needed to move on to unlock other songs that I wanted to get to.  I think this is what my girls were going through with this game.  This game is rated E for Everyone but I think it would be better for older children, 10+ years old.  I am sure my girls haven’t seen the last of Big Time Rush: Backstage Pass (Nintendo DS™).  I think it will be great when they are a little older and have a little more rhythm.  Meanwhile, we’re having fun listening to the songs on the game. 🙂

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  1. Is it compatible with nintendo Dsi?

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