Become A Whizz With A Toolbox: 12 DIY Tricks

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DIY can be a great hobby for both men and women. Whether you’re just looking to up your skill level or get some tasks done around the house, DIY can be very beneficial. But don’t jump in right away: there are some things you should know before you start expanding your skillset. Here are 12 DIY tricks that could very well make you a whizz with a toolbox:

Some Things are Better Left to Professionals

There are some things that are better left to the professionals. If something could have serious implications, then don’t touch it if you don’t know what you’re doing. For instance, problems with your pipes could result in a huge flood if you don’t know what you’re doing. A problem with an expensive appliance could be an issue too. Call up professionals and get quotes to find the cheapest one. Trying to save money by doing something unfamiliar on your own could end up costing you more money in the long run. That’s why this is the first and most important trick: if you don’t know what you’re doing and it could even be dangerous, leave it alone!

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YouTube Is A Godsend For Beginners

If you want to do something that isn’t so dangerous, try checking out YouTube for tutorial videos. You’re bound to find a video that will help you and give you invaluable tips. There are whole channels decorated to DIY’ers, some tips even come from professionals.

Your Tools Do Matter
Some say that your tools don’t matter, and that only a bad workman blames his tools. This isn’t exactly true. Your tools do matter to a certain extent. The better they are, the easier you’ll find the job and the better the result will be. It’s definitely worth investing in some decent tools, but tools you enjoy might be different to what the next person enjoys. You’ll usually find you get very attached to your tools. Once you’ve built up your kit, make sure you keep it under lock and key.

Rent Out Specialized Tools

Having great tools is a must, but there are some tools you probably only need to use once in a blue moon. See if there are any businesses or handymen who will rent out these tools to you for a small fee. You’ll save a fortune on actually buying them, and may even be able to pick up some tips from them.


Read Through Instructions Carefully

I can’t stress enough how important it is to read through the instructions before attempting something (if applicable). Read through them carefully, and then again just to be sure. You can never be too clear on what it is you’re doing. You don’t want to miss an important step, or find you don’t have everything you need. This could be disastrous.

Don’t Give Up When Things Get Tough

If you don’t get something just right the first time you do it, it can be tempting to give up and never try it again. If something is really hard, you might want to give up and call in a professional. But don’t! Get away from the project for a little while and have a breather. When you’ve relaxed, you can try to get back to it. Don’t let little things dishearten you. You’ll feel so proud of yourself when you’ve completed your project. If you do decide to get help in the end, make sure you ask for tips so you can find out where you were going wrong.


Take Things Slowly

Don’t rush things when you DIY. Take things as slowly as you need to. If you need to rush, you’re probably better off leaving this job to somebody who has more time. Rushing can cause simple mistakes and even injury! Take as much time as you need to get this right.

Don’t Let Mistakes Put You Off

Everybody makes mistakes, but you shouldn’t let it put you off DIY’ing in future. Learn from them and get better. You’ll improve your skills the more you do, so keep going.

Download DIY Apps To Your Tablet Or Phone

There are so many DIY apps out there that can help you to get better and improve your skills. There are apps that will give you tips, help you to save measurements, and even see what certain items look like in a room before you buy them. It’s like having a handyman in your pocket. Many of these apps are really cheap, and sometimes they’re even free!

Set Up A Rotation Schedule

If you have DIY tasks that you have to do fairly regularly, you can set up a rotation schedule to help you keep on top of everything and ensure things don’t slip your mind. When you have wooden furniture and other wooden items, for instance, it’s important to regularly protect them to ensure they can withstand different weather conditions. If you don’t perform log home maintenance, then your wood will whither away and won’t look as beautiful as it once did. Make sure you are doing it regularly and using the correct products.

Know How To Store Certain Items

If you’re wondering how best to store certain things, you can usually find a tip online to save your life. One thing many people struggle to store is paint. The lid can dry onto the tub. And it can be difficult to know what color is inside of the tub. Why not store your paint in glass jars instead? These are great for making sure your paint doesn’t dry out, and you can see what color it is right away. You can even use tape around the lid to make it even more airtight and stop the lid from sticking!

The more you practice DIY, the better you’ll get at doing things around the house. It won’t be long before you become known as a DIY king/queen amongst your friends. Have fun practicing and leave any tips that you’ve picked up below.


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