Beauty Musts this Festive Season for Busy Mom

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As astounding as it is to say, it really is nearly Christmas. That’s right: in just over a month, kids nationwide will be waking up early to see whether they’ve been good enough for a visit from Santa this year. Yet, what of mom (and dad)? For parents, the festive season starts somewhat earlier (not least in respect of gift buying and wrapping, and hiding). Indeed, winter and its accompanying holiday celebrations come even at the nearing of November’s close, what with Thanksgiving; a veritable whirl of a party cycle (whether it be at the office, with friends, or relatives). To this end, wives and mothers know how important it is to look their best, but don’t always have spare time enough to take extra care of themselves.

Your Nails

As shallow as it seems, appearances really do count. Everyone knows that; it’s an accepted fact. Therefore, if you’ve skipped the trips to your manicurist for the last few months, now is either the time to book an appointment or get to grips with shaping and painting your nails at home. If you have daughters, why not make it a bonding session? If you’re meeting new people at those functions filling up the calendar, there’s always that handshake that reveals you to be a polish perfectionist or a nude no-hoper in the self-care stakes. It’s worth the time and effort (plus, a mood-lifter to boot).

Your Smile

Meeting new people in full party swing also demands a smile or two, of course. To this end, you again have a choice of a professional dental session (though, quite pricey and there’s the fact of having to leave the kids in the waiting room unattended) or using an at home teeth whitening kit. Just remember to forgo the red wine until after you’ve revealed your magnificent, and friendly, pearly whites to strangers; offset with a nice dark (newly bought, of course) lipstick for even more effect.

Your Hair

Finally, is one’s hair. Though men will profess a concern with their own, it’s been accepted almost since time began that a woman and her hair are in a lifelong love-hate relationship. As with your nails, if you’ve neglected your do recently, and if there’s only one thing you treat yourself with this festive season, it must be a trip to the hairdresser. Not only is it a wonderful, spa-like indulgence to have one’s scalp massaged (piped chill-out music playing in the background) and products employed that you can never seem to find in stores (or, if you do, they never seem to work the same), but a hairstyle can lop years off your look as well (always a bonus when you’re operating on motherhood-induced sleep deprivation).

The Finished Package – Nicely Wrapped

Of course, to cap the effect of your mini makeover, how can you not vindicate the purchase of a new dress for the season logically? See, Christmas really does seem to come earlier and earlier every year.


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